3D Village - Base camp - Ko Samui

There a many strategic reasons for creating 3D Village

1.      To make many popular  live TV channels for S-World.TV
2.      To stream these TV Channels within the S-World Virtual World
3.      To create a fun work place
4.      To make corporations rather come to us, to gain home advantage whist negotiating.
5.      By initially rendering 3G Village in S-World, we will show how S-World is used as a marketing tool in Real Estate
6.      By then rendering near by beaches, attractions and nightlife in S-World, we will expose the location to many S-World's, increase tourism, and so have a legitimate argument to ask countries governmental tourism offices to pay for the 3D rendering.

It will also demonstrate the next evolution in social networking, This does however need the creation of a Satellite tracked ID Card, which will act as the 3D Village access pass.

There will be a few options on this card

·         Locator OFF
·         Locator On
·         Display S-World profile
·         Display FaceBook profile
·         Display Twill details
·         Allow S-World live chat, so they can talk to web visitor if a S-World camera teams in there location
·         Turn on Celebrity function; this will pop up as a news flash to all web surfers, giving them an option to teleport to their
location, where there may well be live TV Feed, which can be seen.

Further to this an application for Cell Phone will be developed offering a simple “Show Location in S-World – with similar options to the above” for the general public phone, further populating S-World with Real People.

Koh Samui, Thailand - June to October

It has been suggested that we will be welcomed by the local government and certainly the big business leaders, but more than this it’s beautiful, private (if you wish) very spiritual whilst having nightlife akin to Ibiza in the 90’s and one of the few places you can go, “Out of Season” that has good weather. It rains every now again, but that’s nice. And of course being out of season, accommodation is, excuse the pun “Dirt Cheap” and as rich as our guests may be, everyone appreciates good value.
Why will guests wish to come and visit 3D VILLAGE?

1.    People like sunny holidays on beautiful  Islands
2.    People like things that are free
3.    People like celebrities
4.    People like beautiful women
5.    People like being on the guest list
6.    People like being seen on Television.
7.    People like entertainment
8.    People also like complete privacy when they wish it.
Where in Ko Samui 3D VILLAGE?

In Ko Samui, down a road that is hard to find, is one of many roads, down this road is an obscure road, then on the left what looks like a dirt track, drive down it and show your ID to one of 2 checkpoints and  you will find 3G Village.

What does 3D Village consist of?

3 new complexes of 7 luxury villas, adjacent to each other, villas are well sized, typically 3 bedrooms, air conditioned with open plan kitchen and living areas.

The 7 villas lead out to well sized palm tree filled gardens and sun decks, surrounding a beautiful +/- 20M swimming pool.
Each complex will offer contrasting attractions and experiences

Complementary food and drinks will be served 24/7

There will be 24 hour live filming within the village, but often only in one or 2 camps, offering privacy to those that wish it.

Complex 1 - Glam Village (Film & Celebrities)

·         For beautiful but cool, soon to be famous Models and Actresses, commonly referred to as “Starlets.”
·         Film Makers and production company executives.
·         MMA and Moi Thai fighters
·         Celebrities, if they wish, all be it there are many more private and peaceful villas close by.
·         Sports persons and governing bodies, FIFA, UFC for example.
·         DJ, playing soft commercial music from Wham to Lady Gaga
·         Cage Fighting

Complex 2 - Family Village (Family village)

·         Software developers, Business Executives, Guests with Children
·         The entire complex will be full of Kids toys, bouncy castles, toddlers outside and inside, supervised play areas,
·         Day schools with expert teachers
·         Many child minders
·         A safety fence around the pool and life guards.
·         Entertainment such as, Kids Circus, sports, day trips and excursions.
·         Baby sitting facilities
Complex 3 - Music Village (Music & Stage Village)

This village is dedicated to the 24 Hours stage production that will be the background to the announcements and updates made during the 24 Hour Auction, for shares within the BIG 16
The musical gender Nick wishes to create is a cross between Trance, including samples and live rerecording and  lyrical content of the 80’s Gothic music gender.
·         For music artists with special attention the 80’s Gothic movement and from the 90’s trance scene
·         Music Programmers and Producers
·         Live rehearsals, both music and stage show, including Fire dancers and Chinese circus style performances
·         Live Gigs and DJ sets
Where will the base camp move to in October?

Well before we get to that, it is expected that the Ko Samui 3D Village will simply carry on in its current format, most of the Villas would have been sold to landlords based on the excitement of the Base Camp.

The only difference will be that S-World management and the starlets move to a new location

Where that will be is undecided, it really depends on what offers are presented to us. There are many luxury holiday property developments in the world, nearly finished, that need marketing. So I’m sure we won’t be short of offers, we will also be looking into purchasing an entire development off plan.

“Note: celebrities will be given full editorial control, unless they are ok with it”

E-Commerce in 3D Village

To get the ball rolling we are going cheat, just a little bit.

3D Village will also be presented as a shopping centre, everything just the same, but the Villas represent different shops, currently proposed.

1.    A Thailand Travel Agency
2.    An African Travel Agency
4.    ARMANI
5.    A Real Estate Agent
6.    A Fashion Boutique
7.    S-World Store
8.    Music & DVD Download Shop
9.    The Sienna Foundation.
10.  A Recruitment Agency
11.  A Web Design Company
12.  A General Retail Store
13.  Investment Company.
14.  A Bank
15.  Computer and software Shop
16.  Charity shop
17.  Action house
18.  An New Ideas Venture Capital
19.  Super Cars, Yachts and Jets, new and second hand
20.  Property developments
21.  Islands or Large coastal areas property opportunities.

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