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Experience Africa & Cape Villas
May 2011

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Dear Bulgari

In 2009 you received a copy of our Coffee Table Magazine “Cape Villas” distributed with Conde Nast Traveler UK; your representatives contacted us with a view to Bulgari being the main sponsor endorsing our next publication. Detailed conversations were had between our researcher Amy and your representatives, Unfortunately Amy is no longer with us, this said I was personally briefed on all discussions.

The form of sponsorship discussed was not in the form of cash, rather placing your products in the venues we represented, particularly your bathroom products and sample perfumes, if I remember correctly it was also desired that company representatives wear Bulgari scarf’s and other such accessories. I personally consider Bulgari to be one of, if not the world most exclusive brand and saw an exceptional opportunity in your endorsement. My work on this project never stopped, please consider the two year time gap simply, extensive planning in all departments.

There were however two logistical problems.

1. Save 5% or so of the properties included in the Cape Villas Magazine, despite looking fantastic, the properties represented were not in line with your brands price structure. Quite simply most guests that stayed could not afford your product, so whilst it would look good and add to the Cape Villas brand, you would not see a good return on your investment and that’s not the way to create a long lasting business relationship.

2. The Cape Villas Magazine, whist successful, (one single booking generated $70,000 and paid for the printing,) was too localized and specialized. There are, after all, only so many people wishing to come to Cape Town, and only a few of those prefer villas to hotels. Hence we decided our next Conde Nast distributed publication would be of our then fledgling brand “Experience Africa” (wwwExperienceAfrica.com)

Experience Africa only contains Africa’s most exclusive venues and experiences, every client will appreciate your samples and more to the point all can afford to purchase products.

Alongside your standard advertisements, it is our desire to feature your products in some of the photographs and footage we shoot. Alongside a leading Men’s and Woman’s fashion house. Our next step is to create you some test shots and a pilot for your consideration.

Different Chapters

1. The Publications and Films we are producing
2. Treatments / Pilots
3. Distribution / Circulation
4. Bulgari Product Placement
5. Bulgari Exposure in Books Magazines & Films
6. Exclusivity / Other Advertisers
7. Editorial Control
8. Models / Casting /Contacts
9. Global Locations (Outside Africa)

The Publications and Films

We are producing

What are we creating?

1. Pan African Oversized Coffee Table Books
2. Coffee Table Magazines on same subject matter
3. Art Film on same subject matter

Pan African Oversized Coffee Table Books

An Art book of such splendor, it will be wondered at for years, decades even, designed to sit on a stand alone plinth or stand, situated in ones living room or bedroom, or pride of place in a classy restaurants bar or a hotel lobby. In a Harley street lawyers waiting room, or simply sitting centre stage on a Coffee Table.

We are passionate about this book, I am passionate about this book, and it will be a masterpiece, every page an exquisite piece of art.

There will be no shortcuts, absolute perfection on every page, interesting, exciting, exhilarating, and oozing with class and sophistication.

I’d expect between 30 to 40 locations about 8 pages each, many double page spreads, I’d prefer landscape, but logistics may not allow for it. With 3 or 4 days per location, 2 or more photographers and art directors we will be spoilt for choice and that’s how it has to be, no compromises. Not one!

The book will be an art book, no text save subtly writing the names of the venues in small text, no ads, near all pages however will feature product placement, for more see “Treatments”

The size will be A3 if not larger; I’m really looking forward to it. I did not wait two years to produce anything other than a masterpiece, I’m not sure about awards for publications but I expect to walk home with the proverbial Oscar for my endeavors.

Coffee Table Magazines

It’s a little early to give a definitive brief, it is my hope that we will not only be distributed by Conde Nast, rather that they publish the magazine and as such it will be in consultation with Conde Nast about the exact format. My love for landscape publications is unpractical for shop shelf distribution, and as such it’s most likely the magazine will be close to standard A4 prorate format.

What I can say is the images will be spectacular taken from the Book and the text as minimal as I can lobby for. We will be looking at 180 pages or so. I have a desire for semi recycled paper, which can be uncompromising all be it expensive if so, this said, I will not be restricted by costs in any way.

Art Film.

As a part of a wider project, we will be making a 15 to 30 minute film of every location, sweeping shots, some color some black and white. Beautiful models filmed in a stylish manor highlighting the attractions of each location, from the facilities of the Hotel or Lodge more often the scenery, nature and dramatic landscapes at sunrise or set.

From this footage we will take the most visually spectacular footage, edit it to about 3 minutes and lay it location by location into a movie to be shown in Imax and Art Cinema’s across the globe, everyone loves Africa and the way we portray it with your products, the audience will see Africa in a new way, with respect for an emerging continent, with respect for Bulgari for facilitating the awareness.

Treatments - Pilots - Venues

We have put over 2 years of research into finding out not which venues are really the best for the world’s elite to visit, if its expensive it has to be worth it, and if its inexpensive it has to be amazing.

We will be focusing on the surrounding landscapes as well as the architecture.

Either directly in front or entwined within the landscapes we will be featuring models and actresses; here are some treatments we are working on.

1. An Arabian Beauty riding on a white stallion at sunset in front of the pyramids.
2. A stylish near nude shot with the Great Wildebeest migration and Mt Kilimanjaro in the back ground.
3. A girl in a bikini, Rock Climbing Table Mountain, (believe me It happens!!)
4. A Girl Paragliding around Lions Head. (next to Table Mountain)
5. Elephant Riding
6. A shot in the cockpit, and if possible on the wing of a Leer Jet in front of a dramatic background.
7. In the desert in front of Rovos Rail (the Orient express of Africa)
8. Quad Biking in front of the Giant Dunes in Namibia
9. A number of South African Safari Shots.
10. Exotic Beaches in Mauritius, Seychelles, Zanzibar, and Mozambique
11. The Cradle of mankind ,
12. Victoria Falls,
13. Zimbali Lodge
14. The Drakensburg Mountains
15. Some beautiful Hotels
16. Some truly amazing Villas

As for the specific venues, we will make a selection from the various venues found within www. ExperienceAfrica.com

Pilot / Test shots

The pilot and test shots we will mainly be done locally in Cape Town, “The One & Only” will be featured as will certain landscapes. We will also approach Ulusaba, Sir Richard Branson Private Game Lodge in the Sabi Sabi.

Distribution - Circulation

As a minimum

Pan African Oversized Coffee Table Books


Distributed by Gold Key Media places in 6 Star Hotels, Top Lawyers waiting rooms, celebrity hairdressers and other such venues where the book will be read again and again in Hip cities across Europe, London, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague and Paris.

Included in the venues contained within the book, pride of place in every luxury suite lounge, preferably on a plinth/stand and of course in the lobby

Coffee Table Magazines


25,000 Distributed with Conde Nast Traveler UK
5,000 given to the venues contained within the book, magazines
10,000 for clients.

Art Film on same subject matter

As with any film or art film, one can not realistically predict its circulation until it is complete and the critics have had their say, all I can say is that it will be of such spectacular beauty with an awe inspiring soundtrack as to wow even the most critical of critics, moreover the world particularly the states has a love of all things African, and as such I/we have high hopes for its distribution.

Not as a minimum

It’s possible, more probable, that we will be producing far more publications than mentioned above, I’d really hope for at least 25,000 Books and for Conde Nast to publish the magazine, if they don’t, I hope at least to distribute it with Conde Nast Traveler USA that’s 70,000.

As for the film and individual venue footage, we will be looking to distribute to travel TV station networks, a best of luxury in Africa affair.

This said, far better to under promise and over deliver and hence, please use the above as a minimum predicted distribution until informed otherwise.

I’d be extremely interested to hear about any distribution methods you advise.

Bulgari Product Placement

Previously it was mentioned – “The form of sponsorship discussed was not in the form of cash, rather placing your products in the venues we represented, particularly your bathroom products and sample perfumes, if I remember correctly it was also desired that company representatives wear Bulgari scarf’s and other such accessories.”

Starting with your bathroom products, the exact quantities you wish to provide is up to you, as mentioned all the venues included in our publications are visited by clients that can afford your products, this said most have different room types, placing your products in the luxury suites makes good sense across the board.

For world class Game Lodges like Singita & Ulusaba, I’d advise placement in all rooms, all rooms are extremely luxurious. When we come to Hotels such as The One & Only for instance, again all the rooms are luxurious but with over 100 rooms, providing products for all would become expensive, so we will make recommendations for you, such as only rooms that cost $1,000 per night. The choice will be yours.

Some venues may have sponsorship deals in this department, in general when we come across this we will move on to a different venue, with over 100 venues deemed worthy by the research and development teams, and only 30 to 40 venues being included in the book, we can afford to pick and choose venues that are cooperative to the project.
The must have venues such as the previously mentioned Singita and Ulusaba, are small intimate affairs without the binds of corporate structure and they will be delighted with the idea of featuring your products.

Regarding reception and management & spa staff wearing Bulgari scarf’s and the like, if you would like this, it will be offered, some venues will be delighted, others will have their own ideas already in place.

Regarding possible Jewelry displays and or a sales Kiosk, if this is something you wish to consider, we will make the approach on your behalf, after which if a venue is open to such an Idea, and I expect a few will be, we will simply introduce them directly to your representatives to discuss the logistics directly.

Exclusivity - Other Advertisers

Exclusivity is the key word in our productions,

As mentioned the book itself will be so exclusive save the name “Experience Africa” the actual travel company will not even be mentioned, the venues inside hand picked without compromise.

We have a fledgling relationship with Armani and I can think of no better Men’s Fashion house to represent Men’s couture throughout the production.

As for women’s clothes, we thought to approach Chanelle, but this is far from a must, if you have a woman’s fashion house you are affiliated to or simply prefer, feel free to make suggestions.

Save the above mentioned in the Book the only other advertisers will be the venues themselves and possibly some transportation, product placed not adds, Aston Martin and Leer Jets and the like. The same applies for the Film.

As for the Coffee Table Magazine, we will be accepting adds, but not competing brands, there will be no other jewelry, men’s or women’s clothing companies represented. Any ads that do feature will be in line with the exclusive nature of the publication.

Editorial Control

We appreciate that when we initially discussed Bulgari’s endorsement, it focused around your bathroom products in rooms and Ads provided by you, your products placed in the photographs was discussed in detail.

We respect the brand Bulgari and appreciate you have your own ideas about how you wish you brand and products portrayed, hence the asking for test examples of the style of photography you prefer. Let us reassure you that you will be given carte blanche editorial control of all pages or film clips where your products are featured.

For each location hundreds of shots will be taken, we will present you with our final selections for your vetting and approval. No photos of your products will feature in the Book, Magazine or film without a Bulgari representative signing for your approval.

Models – Casting - Contracts -

Should you wish to feature some of your own models, we welcome their participation. We do of course have some very beautiful girls in South Africa.

As previously mentioned we will be doing local test shots and a short pilot for the Art film for your viewing, we will feature some of our preferred models, and cast some others. If you wish to see portfolios prior to our testing, you are most welcome. FaceBook and on line portfolios has changed international casting to a relatively simple affair.

For the main featured models, we will be looking into signing them up to a cooperative long term contract, as we have a number of other projects in the pipeline in filmmaking, plus other regions to cover. If we go ahead with this, we will offer Bulgari the option to take up part of the syndicate contract, should it be of interest.

Global Locations (Outside Africa)

This Experience Africa Book, Magazine and Film is the predecessor of some very well thought out Global Travel franchises. Hence the rather gun ho, no expense spared attitude.

In total 16 Global Regions have been selected and mapped out, six across Europe, four in the Americas, one in Africa, and 5 in other locations.

We will be performing similar Book, Magazine and Film productions in all locations, and will give you first option for participation in all regions.

We will keep you updated on developments in this regard.