9. Give Half Back

Technical Advances

Give Half Back

7. FaceBook Travel Agents and Reps Free Websites illustrates our method of how we wish to be the first company to connect all the ADS’s and create a new “Global Distribution System”. And with S-World Virtual World, we have a real shot at changing the way people search on line for travel services.

Both will happen at some point, others may be thinking along similar lines, all be it probably on individual advances not both not all the same time, this said, the fact remains others will either already be on there way, or they will get underway when they see our initiative.

So to make absolutely certain, that we are first to pass the finish line, and stay ahead when we get there. I’m introducing the branding exercise, “Give Half Back” where we quite simply use half of the profits from FaceBook Travel & S-World to go to good causes. Some charity to gain instant PR, but on the whole, Global Economic Stability then Ecology and Science

This exercise will make FaceBook Travel and S-World Virtual World, globally loved, it’s a lot of money, and the relevant PR departments will be sure to gain as much exposure as possible for all non profit ventures undertaken.

I here some FaceBook share and stake holders, disagree, not because there mean, because it’s really not the done thing in business. Well to put everyone’s mind at ease, I’ve been doing the math on this for a long time, and by giving half back, we will make over two fold turnover, have a quick look at this gifts idea I adapted from the CRM program http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/home.html . I’ve only showed it to a few people but all save one said they would spend more with FaceBook, if FaceBook used half the money to better mankind, they also said they expected FaceBook Membership would rise for the same reason. And at a time when Google has set out its stall to directly compete with FaceBook in Social Networking it’s not a bad time to come up with a whopping branding exercise, which keeps FaceBook as the only real Social Networking site till the end of time.

For those still sceptical, simply see it this way. I have come directly to FaceBook with the future of Travel, and possibly the internet itself. And what have I asked for..... a fair salary. I could make an easy enough argument that via this partnership, I should be an equal partner, but I have decided to give my half of the profits away to “Give Half back”, so FaceBook share holders and stake holders, loose nothing, and gain some awe inspiring PR.

Why am I doing this, well someone has to do the right think at some point, and I made a promise to my daughter, and that I intend to keep it.

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