About the FaceBook Gifts Idea

First please follow our demonstration, at www.s-world.tv/Facebook/home.html please read through the textboxes on the first 5 pages, and then choose a figure when you are asked the question “How much would you spend on gifts in a year” The demonstration ends with the words “Please tell Mr. Zuckerberg”

This idea was originally made in 2009 for a CRM I was designing (Consumer Relationship Management) program http://www.s-world.biz/Early_Tourism_plans/Page_5_CRM.html as a way to send clients presents for there Birthday’s, in the hope it would improve there chances of making a repeat booking and tell there friends. (Viral Marketing)

Step 1, The Birthday or event reminder: http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/home.html

Firstly this is not designed as an application for FaceBook rather a dedicated idea for FaceBook to use and incorporate directly into there website. Firstly as demonstrated it attaches itself to the FaceBook friend’s birthday reminder, by adding the word gifts (or presents….)

FaceBook has two methods of letting one know when it’s someone’s birthday, one: On the day, and two: For everyone whose birthday is coming up the following week, due to delivery times, the latter will be more accurate. It would be a good idea for FaceBook to set a group of friends event gifts reminder function, where it gives reminders for everyone in the group a reminder a week or so before, which stays there till cancelled.

Step 2, The Gift picker: http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/gift.html

When the birthday (or other event) reminder is clicked, up pops the gift picker, showing details of the person you are sending gifts two (which should include, information on gifts previously sent). As with most things, the simpler the better, here we have shown 4 gifts, when you click or mouse over a gift it shows a bigger view and more details. The back and next buttons will display more gifts. The “Cards” & “Flowers” buttons as seen will go to dedicated pages.

Much like in our original CRM diagram, we have used a floating window, above the normal FaceBook page as opposed to going directly to a dedicated gifts sending page, this has the effect on not disturbing the FaceBook users workflow or maybe playflow is a better word, if the gifts button is pressed by accident its simple enough to close the window and there is no need for the FaceBook user to navigate back to the page where he or she was.

Note. The sending of gifts via FaceBook is also meant to open the door to wider e-commerce, and this has proved to work nicely as a number of people who we have pooled have asked the question “Can I send a gift to Myself?”

What we have not displayed is the much larger e-commerce engine that is ideally required, where one can open a page with many more gifts, arranged by price and other criteria. Here we would like the facility of making ones own “Gift Set” (or Variety Set) as illustrated in the automation page. The general idea being one spends an hour or so looking through all the different gift options and makes a shortlist of 20 or so gifts that will be displayed in the easy gift picker.

This will have the effect of making FaceBook members fully aware of all the gift options and introduces the idea of direct shopping without immediately zapping FaceBook users with a shopping function, which may be considered un cool, and over commercial. By introducing e-commerce in a way popular with FaceBook members, one runs minimal risk of loosing membership. In fact as this function has seen a 100% approval rate from all that have seen it, and in many cases, “Wow I love it” it will most likely increase membership, certainly when people around the world start receiving presents and cards, with little FaceBook logo’s on, FaceBook will become even more popular.

Step 3, The Africards: http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/card.htm

Here we see the option to send a normal card or an Africard, for the second demonstration (to the public, not FaceBook) I think we will loose the option to send a normal card and lower the cost of the Africard to 3$. The exact cost of postage and card is the factor that determines how much is given to each child, I’d expect especially for automated (not last minute) cards the postage and cost of card can get to below 1$. Leaving 2$ per African Child. Obviously if things go really well, we can look at other continents.

Step 4, The Flowers: http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/Flowers.htm

The principal here is the need for FaceBook Gifts and e-commerce to sell at a competitive rate, preferably the best rates.

Step 5, Automated Gifts: http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/automate.html

Sending gifts via a reminder, is useful and will make money, but setting up a year planner of all friends and relatives birthdays and other events, not only increases the accuracy of the FaceBook members gift giving, making sure they do not miss someone, it also greatly increases the amount of money that will be spent on gifts each year.

One can either take each friends and relative on a case by case basis, or as displayed one can set up Friends and relative groups and use variety sets or Random sets. As illustrated in point 2, ideally one will have the option to make groups of gifts. Once one has selected 20 or so suitable gifts, instead of individually choosing gifts for all your relatives, one just sets up a group and relatives will be sent a gift contained within the Gift set one created.

It’s important to let people know that until the gift has been dispatched, it can be changed at any time.

NOTE: This function has a high chance of dramatically increasing FaceBook membership, my personal experience with relatives is that of the 20 or so, I would like to send gifts or at least cards to, less than half use FaceBook, I for one would certainly encourage the rest of my relatives to join FaceBook, simply so I can use the gift service, I’d even go to the trouble of setting up there accounts for them.

More on this, from people we have polled so far, it seems the under 20’s were not likely to spend much money on gifts. This said if they knew how to use FaceBook the over 50’s regularly sent gifts and would appreciate the function, again increasing not only membership but usage.

I’d like to point out once more, the gifts function greater purpose is to open up FaceBook members to the wider e-commerce capabilities, by introducing e-commerce in a fun cool way, hence recruiting and introducing FaceBook Gifts to the more affluent over 50’s is desired.

Step 6, How much would you spend on gifts each year? http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/The_Value_Of_Your_Gift.htm

It would have been nice to have more options here, particularly something around the $500 mark, people have generally hit, either $100 or $1,000 one has hit $10 one has hit $10,000

Step 7, How many of your friends would use this? http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/1000_USD.htm

Just about everyone has hit one in two

Step 8, How much more would you spend on gifts each year? http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/1_FB_makes_125b.htm

This page has seen criticism as there is no “The Same” button. The point we were trying to make was, if FaceBook gave half this money, in this case $62.5 Billion to the betterment of Mankind would it be more likely to make people use FaceBook for general e-commerce, travel and real estate purchases, but this message gets lost in the small print and a lot of people have said they would not spend more, for the simple reason, that as far as gifts are concerned, they are already spending as much as they have.

So as not to over complicate things, for our public demonstration, we will be loosing this page. The wow factor is already there in the amount of money that can be made and the African Children saved. And seeing as the general idea is to open up FaceBook members to using FaceBook e-commerce, by introducing the idea to them in a cool way that everyone likes, its probably best to just stick to the point.

Step 9, If FaceBook very publically donated this amount How many more people would join FaceBook ? http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/2_FB_makes_125b.htm

In general this page has seen people clicking 4 times and 10 times. As the previous page is being deleted, the text will change to “You have estimated FaceBook will make $125 Billion each year” in smaller text. Then “If FaceBook very publically donated $62.5 Billion each year to Charity, Ecology & Global Economic Stability” How many more people would join FaceBook?

One or two people have mentioned, they thought FaceBook was already used by everyone so, I’d like to make mention somewhere that there is substantial room for growth, 500 Million FaceBook users, 7 Billion humans on earth all be it only 2 Billion use the internet at this time.

NOTE: In general the point of step’s 8 & 9, were simply to illustrate to FaceBook the branding advantages of using half the profit for, the betterment of Mankind, has the effect of increasing profit in the long term, and I think the point is made, certainly when it comes to e-commerce in general if not specifically relevant to the gifts idea per say, as for increase in membership, well, increasing ten fold is not actually possible with only 2 Billion Internet users, but few would argue in the race to stay No1, increase not decrease, this practice is a sizable step in the right direction.

Step 10, Please tell Mr. Zuckerberg? http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/3_FB_makes_1tX4.htm

2 points to me made here. Firstly, this demonstration has been made to grab the attention of Mr. Zuckerberg so please try your best to get our communications to him, and secondly that this is just the tip of the iceberg, as one will appreciate when reading the S-World Q&A and further “The Social Network 2”