Dear Chris Cox

Dear Chris
Hi, I have addressed my presentation to you, for 2 reasons.


Having looked through the 12 company sectors on the FaceBook careers page, whilst there were 6 sectors that seemed relevant to me and S-World, product management seemed the most relevant, considering the quote from your advert for a new Product Manager.

“FaceBook is looking for entrepreneurial Product Managers to envision and bring to life new product initiatives that change the world!”

Well in S-World I have envisioned just that, and if you look at
As you can see, I’m not someone who wishes to sell an idea or ideas to FaceBook, I’m just looking for FaceBook to give it 100%.

To the products themselves, well we are really looking at 4 different products.

Firstly and the most revolutionary is FaceBook’s World or S-World 3D Virtual World.

The Virtual World is best described in Questions and Answer Session’s:

Next up is the business administration software and the CRM, whilst not as fun, utterly essential if we are to follow the path set in Q&A 2

Further reading on the subject…

After this is the general product “FaceBook Travel” and “FaceBook Realty” which are lightly covered in the Question and Answer sessions, further detail and dedicated pages which will be uploaded soon.

The second reason I have addressed this proposal to you is…

I really like this, Your words became my and S-World’s introduction to FaceBook.

“Were so far, far, far away from the vision of what this can be. Which is every thing you use, and everything you interact with.”

You continue….

“All the websites you use all the devises you use,” You just feel like there’s people there, and there’s conduits to people, that you know and that you care about, and that is an intense and compelling thing that we are out and on the verge of creating.

For the first time ever in history we can build all these new type’s of experiences, and the difference between what we are and what’s there is, a handful of people, a sense of determination and powerful imagination.

This is vision, and very similar to the way I think, I just throw in some spirituality.

S-World VIRTUAL WORLD has so much potential for interaction, so much has not yet considered, and I’d really love to brainstorm it with you and the team. Your words inspired me to write this; (Wednesday 27th July), which had been considered before but not in such a fun and wow fashion.

Back to you say:

“We built a product that boiled down and removed all of those features, except for one thing, which was tagging it! So we organised the photos on the web around people, and it completely changed the experience, “That was (click) just like that!””

That’s the teleport to GPS in S-World ,, that’s the tagging of Virtual Worlds, the thing that connects people. And it was “(Click) just like that”, a few months back when I heard a report on the news about GPS’s in phones.

At the time it inspired this which in turn inspired this, the first detailed explanation of S-World Virtual World all be it this was written under the false impression that Google had bought FaceBook,

Ok so I really hope you like what I’ve done, now whist its unlikely you will receive this before Tuesday 2nd August, if you have then I’d like to point out it my 40th birthday (all be it I feel more like 30) and no better present could I have than a Ticket to LA ? Oh and please ask everyone to Friend our FaceBook accounts.

Kind Regards
Nick Raymond Ball
+27 83 414 5922

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