The Social Network 2 Chapter 5

Q&A 5: FaceBook Members Business Software.

Tell me about the FaceBook Members Business Software, in a way that does not bore the pants of me?

Wow, tough audience! Ok, I’ll try, its real name is Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access or SIENNA.GOV, its end game is to make a program that can run the world’s economy, looking to avoid “Chaos Theory” and lessening the Butterfly Effect of one economy buffeting the next. Further to this would be our attempt to better understand “Chaos Theory” itself.

What good would that do?

For one, we could change the weather and I’d imagine make more ecological and scientific advances.

Ok you have my interest, but what’s that got to do with FaceBook members?

Well everyone has to start somewhere, as of now we don’t have a government willing to implement this software, so we will make it work for FaceBook members businesses, in a very fun and simple way, the idea to make it understandable for anyone over the age of 14.

Ok tell me about it? What would it do for me?

Well just about everything, the idea is that a single person can run a home business to the same capacity of an office of 3 or 4 employees, via improved communication and automated accounting.

We start with the client enquiry, this is placed in your to do list, along with any other important communications, this is the CRM part of the software Customer Relationship Management.

Hold on, that’s where the FaceBook Gifts idea came from?

Yes, The CRM does everything possible to make your day easier and improve your relations with your clients, making product or venue suggestions, even sending them birthday cards. All communications are recorded, at the end of the transaction or booking, the client signs off on there purchase, so there can be no mistake in the order. Then all the information gets fed into the Financial Module, which is linked to your bank.

Linked to my bank?

Well at first a bank, probably VIRGIN Money, the point is your payment is recorded and the suppliers get paid automatically, it also works out your taxes and supplies audited accounts, so there is no need for financial staff or accountants, and your saving money on staff and avoiding the costly mistakes staff can make.

But what really makes it utterly indispensable is the reporting, you will know exactly how much your spending and earning and can see profit and predicted profit at the touch of a button, so you have exact information before one looks at expanding.


Yes the software will deal with employee admin such as salaries and PAYE, and at the touch of a button, you can see performance reports for your employee’s. For human recourses, a string of Psychological tests will be available for both the initial interview and general monitoring once they are at work.

There will be business school tutorials and blogs by experts in your field of business, discussing many topics including sales techniques, marketing & how to manage people.

Sounds like you’ve got it all covered?

Well there’s a lot more to it, particularly the tutorial game that teaches you how to make the most of the software.

Now that sounds boring?

Oh no, one on my finest works and coming on well, it mixes many forms of Game Play into one game, but I’ve not completely worked it all out yet, so you will have to wait for the spec.

So that’s it?

Well other than to say, once we have the basic structure as applied to small business we will apply the software to big business, which will really just be a case of attaching to many databases and tailoring reports.

And after that a Government?


Any Government in particular?

I like Greece at the moment, but any troubled first world economy will do.