The Social Network 2 Chapter 5

Q&A 6: Global Economic Recovery

Global Economic Recovery! Are u serious?

The principal again comes from basic business sense; if people had more money in there pockets they will spend more on our products.

Are you hoping to achieve this with the previously mentioned SIENNA.Gov Software?

In part yes, Governments across the world are spending more than they earn, see that’s no way to run any business, or economy. If we look at “Chaos Theory” again, it states “Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes!”

If instead of just looking at simple rounding errors, we look at hundreds of thousands of people in governmental administrative positions, all making small and sometimes big mistakes, that’s not “Chaos Theory”, that’s utter chaos in itself.

So by making software that fully automates a government’s administration you expect to avoid these mistakes?

Yes and elevate fraud, and save billions on admin and accounting staff, plus the leaders of the country receive accurate reporting. So they can clearly see where they are loosing money and further they can see which new economic measures that have been implemented, work and which don’t.

Won’t this lead to unemployment?

No if one is in an accounts or administrative position, one should have a natural aptitude for mathematics and as such can be further educated in the sciences, which is desired.

And if their not good at maths?

Then they were in the wrong job to start with.

Ok, in the last set of questions you mentioned starting with Greece, why Greece?

Well for one it seems appropriate to start with Greece’s economy as the very word economy comes from the Greek word “OICONOMIA” (management of a household, administration.)
Also Greece appears to be Europe’s most troubled economy, by fixing Greece the nock on or butterfly effect could settle the rest of Europe and bring the world out of recession.

So what is your plan, use the money you generate to give them another bail out?

No Bail out’s with interest attached are a short term fix, with negative long term consequences. Our plan is to buy about 40 square miles of land in Laconia, the home of Sparta, where we will build a great City called “New Sparta”

How much will that cost?

That will have to be negotiated, as will its republic status, self taxing and self legislating.

Will Greece do that?

I hope so, there really is a lot in it for them, for a start added to whatever we pay them, over time we will be looking to house about a quarter of Greece’s 12 million citizens.

How will you do that?

Well even before we lay a brick, much of Sparta will be rendered in S-World 3D Virtual World, so one can see which properties are in prime positions, next to the sea or an Amphitheatre for example. Considering our many PR initiatives and FaceBook members having a looking around and playing games in the city, we will soon have demand from the public, and so property developers will want to buy chunks of land from us, all be it under the condition that for every 3 houses they build they build us one for free, its well within there margin.

So you house 3 million people at no cost, that’s awesome, will these citizens work in New Sparta?

Absolutely, and by so doing cutting Greece’s unemployment to zero and relieving social housing costs. We also wish to look at combining our ideas for penal reform with the Church of Scientology’s “Criminon” program and invest extensively in education, particularly the sciences.

That will certainly save Greece money, anything else going on in “New Sparta?”

Lots, but my personal objective is to see the city and vehicles within it run on alternate energy.

That sounds expensive?

Yes indeed and that’s where “The Auction of The Big 16 comes in”

The Auction of “The Big 16”?

Yes, we brake down world trade into 16 different sectors such as “Oil and Energy” or “Travel & Tourism” then make 16 S-World partner consortiums. Only companies that buy into “The BIG 16” will be allowed to trade in S-World, and as an added incentive each consortium company gets a 16th of the land in New Sparta, to sell of and make there base, most likely a tax free base.

Tax Free

Yes remember half there profit goes to Charity, Ecology, Science and Global Economic Stability, so it’s only fair that they don’t pay tax.

Let me recap, your intending to house millions, make “New Sparta” a truly ecological society, educate citizens in the sciences and improve Greece’s Economy. So “New Sparta” actually fulfills all of those objectives: Charity, Ecology, Science and Global Economic Stability.

Ye,s and as such I feel we are justified in allocating the vast majority of funds raised, to achieve this objective, and to back it up, I present what I feel to be my most impressive work so far, my attempt to prove “String Theory