The Social Network 2 Chapter 5

Q&A 4: What is S-World.TV?

Tell be about S-World.TV

Well I’m glad you asked, this is awesome, firstly I can see no reason why we can not syndicate S-World to TV stations across the world.

Will they want this, more to the point Is it possible?

I expect so, if we go back to early S-World, 2003, in the form of a Virtual Tour, myself and Dumani Mandela met with Africa’s only Satellite broadcasting company Multi Choice, and they were very keen to include it in there new bouquet of Digital Channels.

Dumani Mandela, any relation of Nelson Mandela?

Yep, his favorite grandson and good friend.

Cool! So How would modern day S-World Virtual World Interface with TV?

Ok, well let me give u an example in the form of the U2 concert that was recently held at the Green Point, World Cup Stadium, Cape Town. Instead of just watching it on TV you can interact with the event, not just during the concert but before and after as well.

OK, will U2 be keen for this?

Of course, half the S-World money goes to good causes, and Bono is a big fan of Africa, and its good PR.

Of course, carry on.

Well lets start the day of in the morning, and take a little leap and say U2 are ok with having there FaceBook GPS’s on exact positioning. For a start you can follow the band about all day in S-World VIRTUAL WORLD seeing where they have breakfast and seeing where they visit. Roben Island, a little climb up Lions Head then maybe they Cable Car up Table Mountain and have a look around, all day you can be with them in the VIRTUAL World and see everything they see.

Wow, that’s awesome I love U2.

I think everyone does, it was the first concert I ever saw, and for that matter the first time I’d considered God, it was raining all across London except Wembley stadium, he informed us of this and said “Who said God does not love Rock and Roll”

Cool, I see following U2 around Cape Town would be fun, anything else?

Yes for Special Events and in ceratin locations in general, there will be S-World Camera crews available for total interaction, following U2 up Table Mountain, so you can switch views, S-World Virtual World to S-World.TV and really get the complete picture, alter the experience to a cross between the real world and our virtual world.

And if the bands are in a sociable mood, they can chat with Fans, face to face.

That’s Awesome, and the build up to the concert?

Ok well now you have a choice, you can continue to follow U2 or you can interact with the crowd arriving and entering the stadium, if you have a FaceBook friend in the audience who is near one of six or so S-World camera team, you can chat face to face about the experience, the excitement, all be until they put cameras on TV’s for now you will need to be on a Lap Top for this.

Will they do that?

For sure someday, it seems to be a part of Chris’s Cox’s vision.

Who is Chris Cox?

FaceBook’s Vice President of product, quote “Were so far, far, far away from the vision of what this can be. Everything you interact with, all the websites you use all the devises you use,”

Wow that’s ambitious.

Yes its good to know FaceBook like me are reaching for the stars.

And for the concert itself?

Well then you have the choice, you can just watch it on normal TV, or you can switch back and forwards. Go to different parts of the Stadium to where the normal TV cameras and see the concert from that Camera, go to S-World camera teams, and chat with friends or see other people chatting with there’s, but most exciting you can get on Stage! And have your Avatar dance, or play backing guitar alongside the band. Now that’s an experience most would dream of.

So my Kangaroo Avatar can bounce all over the stage, And sing with Bono.

Yep if you’re still feeling bouncy.