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New product Ideas

This page is a good overview of my new product ideas. I have simply taken the most relevant
paragraphs from the pages in the Product section.
23rd Aug 2011

Product 1 - A demonstration of “The FaceBook Gifts Idea” 22nd June 2011

“If everyone one on FaceBook sent just 10 Africards a year, 6 million African Children will enjoy a much better life.”

“All told, each year, you estimate, FaceBook will make a profit of US$ 25 Billion, double their membership and help many African Children. Plus FaceBook will donate US$25 Billion to charity, ecology and global economic stability; this is just the tip of the iceberg welcome to S-World.

Product 2 - About the “The FaceBook Gifts Idea” 20nd July 2011

“Sending gifts via FaceBook is also meant to open the door to wider e-commerce, and this has proved to work already, as a number of people who we have pooled have asked the question “Can I send a gift to Myself?”

“Sending gifts via a reminder, is useful and will make money, but setting up a year planner of all friends and relatives birthdays and other events, greatly increases the amount of money that will be spent on gifts each year.”

“This function has a high chance of dramatically increasing FaceBook membership, I have 20 or so relatives I’d like to send cards too, but less than half use FaceBook. I for one would certainly encourage the rest of my relatives to join FaceBook, simply so I can use the gift service, I’d even go to the trouble of setting up there accounts for them.”

Product 3 – Q&A Part 1. So what gave you The FaceBook Gifts Idea? 8th July 2011

“Well it started with a simple business idea, or philosophy that it’s 10 times cheaper to retain a customer, than get a new one. Never is this more true than in the travel industry, a happy guest will return and tell there friends.”

“We all wrote good ideas on post it notes, stuck them on the whiteboard and voted for the best initiatives, the idea to send flowers to clients on there birthdays, or at least a card, was excellent.”

“I was having dinner with my best friend Zenda, we were talking about new ideas for integrating S-World into FaceBook, and out it popped, a $30 gift times 500 Million users, made a ridiculous amount. “

“I made a mock up of the gift devise and showed “Andrew Lee” he was gob smacked, he said it’s the most amazing thing he’d ever seen, I went to the office showed Mike and he suggested the automated gifts section. Then we started work on the web demonstration.”

Product 4 – Q&A Part 2. Friends of Friends New Business Opportunities 8th July 2011

This again works on the keeping the customer philosophy, via excellent customer service. Again whilst originally created for the travel industry it works for many other businesses.”

FaceBook Travel Agents?

The trouble with most travel agents is they have never been to the country they are booking, let alone have local knowledge of what to do in a specific Town or City. By offering a FaceBook member in Cape Town, a kind of franchise to represent FaceBook Travel, one at least knows the person they are booking with, knows the location and accommodation well, and their local knowledge of what to do, adds to the customer experience.

By asking guests to simply rank the customer service, “Could Try Harder”, “I Had a Great Time” or “I Felt like a VIP”, FaceBook will force agents to give excellent customer service”

At first I’d suggest letting a new agent only represent there FaceBook friends, if they get lots of good feedback, they can sell to friends of friends and so on.

Friends of Friends?

Yes, FaceBook averages 130 friends per user, this said most of my FB Friends hover between 300 and 2000, I guess the stats take account for people who start an account but then don’t really use it much. So I’d say for people that regularly use FaceBook 750 friends is usual, by allowing your friends of friends to see your Travel Agency, you expose yourself to half a million or so clients, and if you go, friends of friends of friends your looking at 40 million odd.

What about privacy?

Well it’s an optional service, and you’re looking at them, they are not looking at you.

Product 5 – Q&A Part 3. What is, S-World Virtual World? 8th July 2011

The idea of S-World is an on line 3DVirtual World that mirrors earth, a less advanced version of V-World if you have seen Caprica, a more advanced version of the Simms if you have not.

First we add a FB/S-World tab, somewhere under your Profile pic, when it’s clicked, within the FaceBook page, a map of the world appears, showing you where all your friends are or groups of friends if you prefer.

How is that possible?

Simple, we make an application for Blackberry and other phones that turn’s on the GPS so it can be displayed in S-World. So it shows exactly where you are.”

I like it; I can see where my friends are all over the world, What next?

Then, you teleport into S-World.


Yes, say your best friend is in London and they want to teleport to you in Cape Town, South Africa and your FaceBook GPS is set to exact positioning, they simply click on your icon and suddenly on the screen they see a very detailed 3D simulation of Camps Bay Beach, from exactly where your standing, you can walk around, look in all directions, your friend can see exactly what you see, but in 3D graphics. If you walk over to a park bench, you can sit together.

Sit together, how?

You both have Avatars, computer generated figures, like any person or animal, you have seen in any computer game, or animated TV show.


Yes you can look just like yourself, or you can look like a Kangaroo cos your in a bouncy mood, whatever you feel comfortable with, you can have different avatars for your different moods, your friend can say, “I’m glad to see your very Kangaroo today” :)

Cool but how will it make money, give me an example?

S-World was originally designed for tourism; I have made a bold but reasonable claim that by 2017 FaceBook Travel and S-World combined with the travel agents that join us will have 23.5% market share in all tourism by 2017”

Product 6 – Q&A Part 4. What is, S-World.TV? 8th July 2011

“Ok, well let me give u an example in the form of the U2 concert that was recently held at the Green Point, World Cup Stadium in Cape Town. Instead of just watching it on TV you can interact with the event, not just during the concert but before and after as well. “

OK, will U2 be keen for this?

Of course, half the S-World money goes to good causes, and Bono is a big fan of Africa, and its good PR.

Of course, carry on.

Well lets start the day off in the morning, and take a little leap and say U2 are ok with having there FaceBook GPS’s on exact positioning. For a start you can follow the band about all day in S-World VIRTUAL WORLD seeing where they have breakfast and seeing where they visit. Sienna Mountain, a little climb up Lions Head, then maybe they Cable Car up Table Mountain and have a look around, all day you can be with them in the VIRTUAL World and see everything they see.

Cool, following U2 around Cape Town would be fun, anything else?

Yes for Special Events and in certain locations in general, there will be S-World Camera crews available for total interaction, following U2 up Table Mountain, so you can switch views, S-World Virtual World to S-World.TV and really get the complete picture, alter the experience to cross between the real world and our virtual world.

And if the bands are in a sociable mood, they can chat with Fans, face to face.

And for the concert itself?

Well then you have the choice, you can just watch it on normal TV, or you can switch back and forwards. Go to different parts of the Stadium to where the normal TV cameras are and see the concert from that Camera, go to S-World camera teams, and chat with friends or see other people chatting with there’s, but most exciting you can get on Stage! And have your Avatar dance, or play backing guitar alongside the band. Now that’s an experience most would dream of.

So my Kangaroo Avatar can bounce all over the stage, and sing with Bono?

Yep, if you’re still feeling bouncy.

Product 7 - Q&A Part 5 – What is S-World Virtual Shopping Network? 22nd June 2011

“There is one part of S-World that does not mirror, real life.”

What’s that?

The shops, if we go back to Virtual World and exploring Camps Bay Beach. In and around the beachfront are about 40 shops, selling all sorts of things from Surf Wear to African Art. Well…. in S-World when you look at the shop from the outside, instead of saying “Kahuna Surf” it has the sign of either one of S-World shopping partners or a new FaceBook company, FaceBook Travel, FaceBook Realty, FaceBook Drinks, FaceBook Aerospace... The list goes on.

Can I go into the shops?

Yes that’s the whole idea, you go into the shop and get greeted by a number of real peoples Avatar’s, you can start a Face to Face conversation with them in a Skype like manner.

You can choose your agent, for instance if you went into a FaceBook Travel shop and wished to have a beach and sun party holiday, it would make more sense to go with an agent that, would invite them to Private Villa Parties and offer VIP access to the best bars & night clubs. On the other hand if someone simply wished to explore the nature reserves, mountains and spend time in the Winelands, one should choose an agent with those interests.

I hope you have enjoyed this section, please follow this link to go though the “Summery Highlights” of FaceBook Travel, before going to Summary Highlights of My CV and Business Development Presentation.

Nick Raymond Ball