“The Theory of Everything”

On the 4th May 2011 “The Spartan Theory” was sent to Cinzia Busi, National Chairman, Mensa, South Africa.

Two questions were asked.
1. Please try your best to find one single flaw within the Spartan Theory.
2. Please consider my request to have the Spartan Theory made an official contender for, “The Theory of Everything”.


Darwinism’s version of the evolution of mankind it is believed by many. Amoeba into plants, plats to dinosaurs, dinosaurs to apes, then apes to man.
Within Science Fiction the evolution for Man to Software is often considered.
But much like String Theory this has yet to be proved and as such is only considered “Theory” not Science.

Evolution does not only apply to Darwinism, please consider the evolution of language:
Basic grunts and cave drawings, to basic language, to Latin, to English, English to Binary, Binary to Machine code, Machine code to “C” to HTML, ASP & PHP.

Please also consider the evolution of communication: Hand gestures to language, language to the written word, written word to radio, radio to network television, network television to satellite. Then the Internet to My Space, FaceBook, Twitter and soon S-World.

The point is, by the layman evolution is probably the most understood Science.

If evolution is Science then by applying evolutionary Science to “The theory of everything” then, I suggest the following possible evolution of

“The Theory of Everything”
“The Theory of, everything”
“The Theory of, just about everything”
“The Theory of, most things”
“The Theory of, a lot of things”
“The Theory of, a lot more than we now know”
“The Theory of, more than we now know”
“The Theory of, just a little than we know now”

And so within this logic I ask for scientific or at least economic recognition that “The Spartan Theory” could be considered “A little more than we know now” and hence is a contender for a possible early evolution of “The Theory of Everything