The Social Network 2 Chapter 5

Q&A 5: What is S-World Virtual Shopping Network?

What is the S-World Virtual Shopping Network?

Ok, so I’ve gone over how we will create a Virtual World that mirrors real life and illustrated its benefits to both Tourism and Real Estate. I’ve also shown you its fun side which will see millions of FaceBook members having a good look around Cape Town & LA, possibly all FaceBook members, if we get the PR right.

There is however one part of S-World that does not mirror, real life.

What’s that?

The shops, if we go back to Virtual World and the exploring of Camps Bay Beach. In and around the beachfront are about 40 shops, selling all sorts of things from Surf Wear to African Art. Well…. in S-World when you look at the shop from the outside, instead of saying “Kahuna Surf” it has the sign of one of S-World shopping partners.

S-World Shopping Partners?

Yes for now, we will choose some reputable companies, such as ARMANI, VIRGIN, BULGARI, EXPERIENCE AFRICA & CAPE VILLAS. Now in S-World when you look at the shops you will see there signage and branding.

Can I go into the shops?

Yes that’s the whole idea, if we look once again at travel, you go into the shop and get greeted by a number real peoples Avatar’s, you can start a Face to Face conversation with them in a Skype like manner, which is far more effective than the usual method for on line bookings email.

Why so?

Two reasons,

Firstly the hand gestures and facial expressions tell a story, just as much as the narrative, for the customer, its easy to see which venues genuinely excites the agent. They can go split screen into S-World and look around the venues together, really get a feel for it, live the experience on line before trying the real thing

That’s cool, and secondly?

Secondly, you can choose your agent. In this case you will not be booking through a FB friend or “friend of a friend”, so they may not enjoy the same things. For instance if you liked to have a beach and sun party holiday, it would make more sense to go with an agent that, would invite them to Private Villa Parties and offer VIP access to the best bars & night clubs.

On the other hand if someone simply wished to explore the nature reserves, mountains and spend time in the Winelands, one should choose an agent with those interests.

So where do these FaceBook agents work, in a shop somewhere?

Nope, they work from wherever there lap top is switched on, if someone requests to talk, up pops a hello box, and an SMS is sent.

FaceBook was made from Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room, S-World was designed in my bedroom, working from home, is often more relaxing and saves shop rent.

How will the Armani shop work?

Well for a start, the agent or salesperson you spoke to would be an expert on the products and the shop will look incredible. You can wonder around, looking at the displays, you will be able to see and interact with other S-World visitors and of course talk to a sales person.

How do I look at the suits?

You just go over to a suit rack and click it, up will pop videos of their fashion shows, showing each item on the catwalk.

Do you think people would buy a Suit on line?

Rarely, especially Armani, one would wish it to be properly fitted, but if someone sees a suit they like, they may well go to a real Armani shop to buy it, the perfumes and accessories however would sell.

How will the VIRGIN shop work?

Well that’s basically a Mega Store, really fun, full of everything you could possibly wish to buy on line. The same as shopping on a normal e-commerce website such as Amazon just a lot more fun, and the products shown in far greater detail.