Global Sports Leagues

The Idea of a FIFA Global League was developed very early in the business plan, as it adapted itself well to the Global Travel Franchises being prepared within the Travel Consortium.

Indeed it was actually the early notes on the Creation of the “FIFA Global League” That was the sole reason for the name The BIG16.


Simply - it was the correct number for a knockout tournament.

Despite having credible FIFA contacts, it was decided S-World was the priority.

This said we have showed draughts to representatives within the UFC “Ultimate Fighting Championship” (The world highest pay per view sport) and the plans looked credible, if the BIG 16 were created and there was adequate TV interest.

To glamorize the idea of Global Leagues and to give S-World a home. A huge city will be rendered to represent all sportsman and athletes. With Colossus for Stadiums, Dedicated race tracks, Car, Bike and Horse built within the cities infra structure stretching into the mountains under the sea and back.

We have picked the name and the location.

“New Sparta”

The location will be rendered around the southern Greek province of Laconia, the home of the Spartans.

When S-Word launches “New Sparta” many exciting gaming functions, both business and sport will be built as applications to S-World. Visitors will even be able to apply for Real Jobs, representing the Shops found within “New Sparta”

Back in the real world.

Within each BIG 16 geographical group. (e.g British Isles and Viking States) 16 stadiums will be approached to host the various Global Leagues and Tournaments. Each year one stadium will be designated to hold the finals.

Proposed Global Leagues

1.      Soccer
2.      American Football
3.      Mixed Martial Arts
4.      Cycling
5.      Motor Sports
6.      Ice Hockey
7.      Base Ball
8.      Rugby