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In Tourism and Real Estate, clients love floor plan's and quality Virtual Tours. Back in 2002 when Cape Villas was launched it was this Virtual Tour that gave us a competitive advantage http://www.capevillas.com/CTG.shtml (This was the worlds first significant MAPPED VIRTUAL TOUR created in Macromedia/Adobe Flash, now an industry standard method)

The tour however does not include a Floor Plan, something that is requested more and more nowadays.

The very basic principal of S-World is to give the public not only a Floor plan but a complete in scale 3D rendering that one can walk through on line. For examples see: http://www.s-world.tv/3d_virtual_worlds.html

We are approaching companies that have developed this technology, particularly "The Thought Factory", as they claim to have access to a $200Million bust Venture Capital project. Alongside them, we will soon approach The Simms. Combining the advanced graphics and e-commerce functionality of The VC project with the ease of use and fun Game Play of The Simms computer Games. It may be useful to them, that the Simms starts with and S: S-World. If they create a dedicated "Simms's World" game for instance.

Once the technology is customized to S-World, the exact cost to render an individual property, will be cheap, far cheaper than a Virtual Tour.

For instance a 4 bedroom villa like "3b Finchley" or "The Rocks", (Cape Villas ID's 557 & 464) first the measurements are taken with a laser measuring tool; this will take +/- 3 hours and can be done by any clever but unqualified person. Rendering the house in 3D, wall cladding, furniture, fixtures and fillings will take about the same time, using the simple rendering tools found simply in "The Simms" again this can be done by any clever but unqualified person.

We are looking at a day tops for someone, on a $1,300 a month salary, say 20 villas a month = +/- $65 per Villa. Larger Villas such as: "Carpe Diem" (Cape Villas ID:533) As featured on the Back Page of the "Cape Villas Magazine" would cost closer to $150, still very affordable.

Once we have our 3D house, we make a Virtual Portfolio within it, as one wanders through the house, one see's photo and video icons that show real photo's and videos from the point they were taken. Further to this all sorts of other information can be stored.

1.    Original builders notes
2.    Electrical and plumbing lines
3.    Architects drawings
4.    Interview with the Architect
5.    Interview with owners and agents
6.    Reviews in Magazines
7.    TV features on the home
8.    Virtual Tours
9.    Guest reviews and more

In essence a complete property portfolio, that will revolutionize how properties are displayed on the web, useful for Villa Rental Agents, Travel agents and Realtors alike.

Property Sales:

Well now we have the next evolution in property marketing what are we going to do with it?

Well it just so happens that we have been preparing a much larger business plan for VIRGIN, in fact we are preparing 16 different business plans for different VIRGIN companies, please see: www.S-World.Biz  the business website to S-World.TV, S-World .biz evolves and updates every few days. It is not complete, but it offers some good information, it currently should be considered as an information source, not a complete business plan.

In regards to real estate we will aproach VIRGIN to add their logo/brand to a South African Real estate consortium. VIRGIN only recently attempted to launch an on line property company in the UK, please see http://www.virginmedia.com/homefamily/property/ We don't have any specific details but they have certainly put in the research and will have some management staff, we expect they will be hungry to make a success story out of this endeavour.

VIRGIN stands for good value and championing the consumer. Sir Richard loves South Africa, and it's just been too long that Estate agents have got away with marketing in the form of one piece of paper with 3 pictures and charged 7%, ridiculous.

We will propose a lower percentage, which works for VIRGIN's core values, add that to the unique marketing platform S-World and the joint portfolios of Moonstone Investments, Dogon Group, Razor, Nox, Cape Villas and others. Together we have something very special, played right we could collectively gain 75% market share of all property sales within 2 years.

Of course this plays into our larger ambitions of S-World property consortium as when set up, I'd expect VIRGIN to re enter the UK and maybe even consider the US and Australian property markets.

Real Estate Developments:

To start with, and I stand to be corrected but Moonstone Investments (potential partner) are in the middle of developing a large apartment complex in Cape Town at a cost of over R100M.

Fully rendering this development in S-World will of course give a competitive edge, clients can wonder through the lobby and facilities and have a look at the layout of all the rooms, but moreover, each room can have a portfolio of different furnished layouts, 20, 30, 40, 100 different basic templates, then of course the potential purchaser can have fun re arranging the room, an L Shape Sofa or two strait ones, etc etc. Wives of investors may spend hours and hours playing with the furnishing of different apartments, and one thing we all know? The more time someone invests into a project the more likely they are to buy or rent.

We also quickly wish to approach The Solomon's Brothers, They own The Camps Bay promenade. When fully rendered to include the beach and surrounding attractions this will be an excellent starting point for S-World, highlighting Tourism & commercial letting all in one. 

Plan: Purchase our own property development.

Please have a look at


The Thai base camps concept is a lot of fun and highlights how S-World.TV will make interesting TV Footage to display in an "on Demand" format on the website. Further to this along with a further 10 or so reality TV show and TV series concept's, we will be offering the footage to Virgin Media to air on their UK television platform, an equivalent to SKY or Multi Choice covering 200 odd TV Channels.

As fun and entertaining as this all is, there's not a lot of money in The Thai Base Camps, the literature is really an example of what can be done. The money comes from buying a bust development located in a good Tourist location? Mauritius, The Caribbean, The Maldives, Thailand, Europe, USA

By the time all this happens it's most likely VIRGIN will have got on board, and maybe FaceBook and Google.

Millions upon Millions of people will visit our development on line and watch the endless party on TV. There has never been a property marketing idea this good, and we will do it again and again.