S-World.TV - Executive Summary


S-World is the common thread in a larger business plan aimed at the creation of “The Sienna Foundation” a non profit ecological and global economic improvement group


Forthcoming Channels:

1.      S-World Avatar driven Virtual Worlds

2.      Preparation for the “24 Hour TV Stage spectacular”

3.      Preparation and filming of 90 minute art film in protest of Shell’s illegal Fracking in the Karoo

4.      Cheetah outreach program. (and other endangered animals)

5.      Sienna Foundation work in the Hout Bay Townships

6.      Documentaries on the creation and development of “The Sienna Foundation” a non profit, ecological and global economic improvement group.

7.      Documentary footage of S-World creator, with a view to asking the makers of “The Social Network” to make a follow up film.

8.      The creation of “Sienna Starlets”

9.      Footage of a 90 minute Music/Art Film, called “The Easter CD” dedicated to Sienna Skye

10.  Debates on String Theory

11.  Ko Samui Entertainment Channel

12.  Ko Samui Travel Channel

13.  Ko Samui Documentary Channel

14.  Live 3D Village channels
a.     Glam Camp
b.     Geek Camp
c.     Goth  Camp

15.  S-World and Big 16 documentary, research and information channels

16.  Sci-Fi Channel

17.  Various news channels

18.  Various Foreign language channels

19.  Global sports leagues

20.  Other channels.