S-World & EEE - THE LINK – Brands and Share Structures
First Draught

1. The roles of the various brands we have mentioned.
2. The different types of investment models

The roles of the various brands we have mentioned.

01. Real Estate Development, I expect McDonald’s will be keen partners as the “EEE – Economy for the next 14 Billion years” highlights their strengths and promoted properly may well see their share price increase alongside respect from many. They are experts at Real Estate and Restaurants, there are a lot of restaurants in Greece, and they will have excellent advice and may wish to be a pivotal part in the restaurant network.

02. Manchester City: Contacted back in March, so there is history, Sheikh Mansour owns Manchester City and has expertise in City Development, Global Leagues, Energy & most likely Banking.

03. Music Industry: This will see my attention and show how to branch industries out into other sectors to assist, given free choice of any businessmen I’d like Abramowitz on my team, it helps of course that I was born in Belgravia and Chelsea are my local team, and its good to bring Russia on board.

04. Film & Media: Universal: my ex wife who I really get on with was Senior Director back in the UK, they have an apt name and HJF films (who I’d like to contact sooner rather than later) are linked to Universal. VIRGIN and SONY can also contribute greatly in this sector.

05. Finance, IMB are making software to run Cities and the world, so why not the worlds banks. Here we are looking for 4 big financial institutions, Virgin Again with VIRGIN MONEY, maybe HSBC, a Chinese and a Middle Eastern bank, would be my suggestions, but… there are many other suitable candidates

06. Auto Industry, concentrating on alternate energy cars and transport, it would make sense considering Greece’s location to go for the 4 German manufacturers. This said this category relies on other factors, so best left for now.

07. Agriculture, Yahoo are here as the ultimate David VS Goliath figurehead, I’ve not considered any specific agriculture companies, this said Coca Cola were mentioned a while back and if we look more at food and drink all can sit together nicely.

Like Pharmaceuticals, agriculture is more of a loss leader, largely working on open source farming aids, and in general a lot more research into the subject. With Food & Drinks however as a profitable sister, it could brake even and still do much good. The first target is free fruit and vegetables to the people. This category is to be considered good PR

08. Manufacturing: 4 Chinese companies

09. Flight and space flight: VIRGIN GALACTIC and friends, amongst one presumes NASA will be one. Getting down to earth, considering the potential to get independent airport rights, a network of such airports around the world would completely change aviation, whilst making it more efficient, financially and ecologically. VIRGIN AIRWAYS, South African Airways maybe….. and….

10. Electrical: SONY & 3 other Japanese companies

11. S-World Virtual Social Network: Google

12. Business Software: Microsoft:

13. S-World, Travel and networking all the businesses: facebook

14. Mining, Metals & Precious Stones: BVLGARI: The first major brand to approach us, inspirational, well respected by the mining and all things that are precious camps, let them pick 4 or 16 partners. BVLGARI also have a significant pr role.

15. Pharmaceuticals, the PR gift that keeps on giving, Big Plan, Small Plan: Glaxo Smith Cline is the biggest European Pharmaceutical company. Like with agriculture we will make profitable partner companies, so they and other pharmaceutical companies don’t feel threatened. Any other ideas… welcome

16. Computers: Apple, who are invited to help with S-World.

Brands may change, and most likely be added to, and as seen in the agriculture slot, not including Food and Drink industries will also be refined or expended.

This said, when EEE comes to pass it will be the first brand, then the next 15 that will be remembered, so I expect and hope that all the mentioned brands enthusiastically jump on board.

These brands do not have to invest as there are many investment models.

It will not be my decision to make, as I do not wish the responsibility, as with everything else, it will be up to the voting share holders. As investment is currently not considered or allowed all current partners, vote with all there voting shares and as such have a significant voice.

Note on this, by giving a partner 8th position to distribute in “The 64” they have as many voting shares as I do, I have reserved 2 Billion shares, for bigger investors which I can vote on if this looks to be going in a les desired direction. However I will only use these in a dire emergency, I do not want the responsibility of choosing one company over another or one country over another.

The different types of investment models

1. As highlighted in http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/S-World_Business_Plan.htm half the shares (2 Billion) are split into 5 tears, each tear down has half the shares of the original tear. (The math however is to divide by 4 each tear.

The second half of shares, reserved for bigger investors, preferably tech companies.

This model works well for drumming up interest, as it sees 342 individuals, incentivized to make the project work, and get the word out.

2. Same model as above, except all $4 Billion shares are split, so creating a 6th tear with 1024 people, receiving 1,953,125 voting shares.

1,953,125 voting shares will leave the individual 195,312.5 of property, not a lot, but enough for a 4 star apartment in the University or commercial zone’s. The prize for these individuals is not the immediate real estate gain rather the $195,312.5 dividends each year, after the company is up and running and settled. (Note: please appreciate, I’ve done the math on this, and certainly would not make such a forecast if I was not sure, I don’t need to make false forecasts, they detract from the credibility of the whole project.

I’m going to follow the sub dividing path until we reach a low point that really can be considered simply as support to the disadvantaged before looking at direct investment models.

3. Like so many things in this last month, following the math on a spread sheet and making relevant diagrams, suddenly something useful appears, and improvement, maybe, another very good option definitely, this next model accounts for the basic salary of more likely wage increases and bonuses of 8,129 staff at $24,414.1 per year, plus a workers studio (small but nice with a great pool area)

Note on the math, It was conflicting hence the jump to 8,192, and if we follow the idea, that this non chaotic formula should be followed, looking at it, It’s a really good, Big Company or University staff structure, real serious incentive to make it work as they all chase their dividend targets until full.

Note: Please remember dividends stop at target, the remaining profit going to fund the next companies land procurement and start up, this is what is meant by POP and I’ll throw 2 diagrams in from the “EEE – Economy for the next 14 Billion years page.

I’ll not go into detail, its available on the page http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/EEE-14Billion_Years.htm

Let me show you the spread sheet, the only relevant part is phase 7, the rest just show you how we got there.

This plan works excellently to lower salary costs, and create 10,576 employees that all benefit greatly by giving it 110%

Please remember, the figures are initially voting shares, the individuals assigned will end up with 10% of the figures above.

Excellent model, I’m very happy, especially in travel, manufacturing, fashion and Real Estate where we are better off having many partners, each employee can choose a partner (or be assigned) creating not only 10,576 employees but also the same amount of say travel companies, who all have interest in networking and working the system.

One could go further and sell all shares of in chunks of 10%, which should create 100,576 travel companies with a vested interest in networking and making it work.

And now you see, how things are worked out, by working and playing with the system, by allocating only 10% we now really have the perfect travel model, which will work for the other 3 previously mention industries as well.

This way we raise the $4Billion and technology companies, and Bulgari maybe can come in for free. A serious cut in salaries, 10,576 motivated staff and 100,576 travel companies, which I’d say was half if not more of all travel companies, (not venues).

Split the staff between 16 locations, here is a loose grouping http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/16_Global_Territories.htm

4. The usual direct, pay for shares and get shares, straight of the bat, buy 100% of shares for 100% of value, in a consortium or individually, both company and approved governments, this is obviously the easy way, I’d say as soon as this project is in the public domain and at least one technology company comes on board, POP2 (The pressure of Participation) will see floods of offers. For the Greek solution we wish 64 companies.

5. Companies being formed via half investment and half POP1 (pressure of Profit) so when say S-World has $2 Billion spare they team up with a new investor to make a company, or a 25%/75% alternative.

Further Half Pop and half the employee and company networking model 3.

This is probably going to be the best way for globalization, the direct investor way for now thought is far quicker, so to get things going as soon as we have demand, we get on with it as quickly as possible. To a fair degree I think with the exception of PR we can work on the principal that all paths will work, some better than others, this is due to the non chaotic formula not being as sensitive to initial conditions.

In short, its unbreakable, but with a speed factor, things could have been done quicker.

Lastly I’ll just show you the facebook travel POP diagram that was done a while ago, it needs updating but its there or there about, and works with or without facebook, Its based on the POP diagrams earlier on this page. The growth simply staggering

If you have not read the S-World Business Plan


Please do so before looking at the economic plan amusingly titled

EEE – The economy for the next 14 Billion Years


A note on the business plan, its an idea of a business plan to be turned into a formal business plan, I’m good at Math and Science and have a grasp for economics, MBA and business plans, I know little about, SWOT etc, I’ll give a vary brief SWOT for

• Strengths:
o Very Detailed, can be completed, without me
o Unique, first of its kind
o Non chaotic, based on many theoretical sciences

• Weaknesses
o Trying to appeal to both businessmen and Nerds, makes the presentation seem less serious than business men are used to
o Research done on the nitty gritty of infrastructure cost, motorways for example, cost anywhere between $30 Million a mile and $100 according to different sites, I’ve generally estimated in the middle, but then added large (30%-50%) contingencies
o Cant find the proper figure for how much Greece needs to find each year to not slip further in debt (estimated by the debt clock) at $40 to $50 Billion. We have set aside ($256 Billion) and expect not to need to use much as if New Sparta or similar gets made in Greece, it will trigger an influx of investment and before we have networked all the companies Greece should slide into positive growth (if my $40-$50 Billion is correct that is)

• Opportunities
o free shares
o Becoming a part of history
o Glory
o Helping others
o Saving the planet
o Etc
o Etc
o Etc

• Threats
o Politics
o Pharmaceutical companies
o Oil Companies
o Bad PR, We are networking the world, people can see that as Sky Net: This was worked out in March, and a unique counter story has been worked on ever since.
o (the list goes on, changing the world is not without consequence