S-World: 99 Questions & Answers.

1.      What is S-World? An avatar based Virtual World, E-Commerce shopping network, business communication centre, social network & broadcasting company.

2.      What? Well I need to break it down.

·       An Avatar based Virtual World
3.      Like the SIMS? Similar, but the towns In proportion to a real place

4.      Where will you render first? The plan is to first render 3D Village & parts of Cape Town

5.      Why Cape Town? I know the best locations

6.      What is 3D village? Please read the attachment. J

7.      Have anyone done this before? Yes a few times, I saw one on CSI and heard of another where virtual property was actually bought and sold and recently a futuristic version V-World appeared in the Caprica series.

8.      Futuristic version? Yes users are submerged within a hologram and they can wander around without moving but feeling real.

9.      Do you think S-World will develop to this level? Ask someone in the 1920’s if they thought in man would land on the moon?

10.  Did you name S-World after V-World from the TV Series “Caprica”? Kind of.

11.  So what Does it stand for “Sienna’s World”

12.  Is this just an idea you thought up recently then? No I’ve been working on it since 2000

·       Development of S-World

13.  When was S-World started? 2000

14.  Where? London

15.  What gave you the idea? I went to a Macromedia Lecture

16.  Macromedia? Web development and Film editing Software. Adobe bought them

17.  Why did you go to the lecture? I was trouble shooting bugs with the US development team, they accepted the errors but explained for what I wanted to do I should try their new Flash program, so I went to their lecture

18.  And what did you see? A very advanced good looking Virtual Tour

19.  What’s that? http://www.capevillas.com/CTG.shtml

20.  So you leant how to do this at the lecture? No when I asked them, the visuals were displayed in “Director” only the music was compressed in flash?

21.  What was wrong with “Director”?  It was made for film editing, huge file sizes.

22.  When did you start programming? 1987

23.  What program did you use? Drum Machine

24.  So how did you make the “Virtual Tour”? Well whilst Macromedia said It could not be done, they also said it’s possible it could be simulated.

25.  So what did you do? Look up open source flash action script sites and found an early spinning example, got a Java Script programmer to adapt it, then made it look pretty.

26.  When was this? 2001

27.  Was it the first? In flash, with a map I think so?

28.  Was it the best? Map animation and e-commerce wise yes.

29.  What did you do next? Took it to Multi choice to air on their new digital channels

30.  Multi Choice? South Africa’s only Satellite TV network at the time.

31.  What happened? They said yes, but then we got side tracked making a travel program

32.  How would it have made money? Make it cover all of South Africa then link it to a GDS to make on line bookings for hotels and Safari’s

33.  GDS? Global Distribution System, Galileo.

34.  On line bookings, nothing special there? It was in 2003

35.  So what happened? Ran out of development money

36.  What happened then? I Concentrated on generating development money through Cape Villas.com

37.  Did you make much money? Not a lot

38.  Why? Development of www.ExperienceAfrica.com and bad financial control

39.  Bad financial control? Yes I went trough a number of very expensive very experienced financial managers and accountants, all of whom tried to adapt the Pastel Financial software package to the travel industry, it simply is not meant to do that and we lost many millions.

40.  Is that what gave you your ideas for the Finance and Administration software you want to develop? Yes

41.   Were the business lessons you leant over the next 7 years useful? Yes

42.  So when did your virtual tour turn into the idea for S-World? It was considered within the early planning of the VIRGIN proposal

43.  Called S-World? No

44.  Was it then the priority like it is now? No

45.  What Changed? A programming company I was interviewing to make a demo of the financial software has worked on a Venture Capital project gone wrong.

46.  How much did they spend on it? $200M

47.  Really? I have no idea, but it looks good

48.  Why did the VC project not work? They did not know how to market it or make money from it?

49.  So how will you market it? Amongst other things link it to FaceBook and Google Maps

·       Shopping in S-World

50.  Shopping? Fortunately the current version of what will be adapted to S-World already has a shopping network; you can walk into shops and look on shelves.

51.  So people just walk into shops and buy stuff? Well that’s the basics

52.  So what’s the not basics? Well how long have you got? Ok so you walk in and get greeted by an assistant.

53.  A real person controlling the assistant?  That’s the idea if someone from the real office is at their computer they will get a note on their computer and an SMS

54.  What about time zones? Well eventually people will be able to work for companies from home or dedicated offices specifically made as kind of call centers, but the call centre representative will have to have expert product knowledge, sometimes having to pass Psyche test’s to first find out what their best career is, then passing exams on product knowledge.

55.  What do the avatars look like?   A character rendered to your specifications, for instance avatar character in “The Sims”, “Lara Croft” in the Tomb Raider, or a character made to look like yourself in a game such as “Tiger Woods” Golf.

56.  How can they communicate? Though keyboards, phones, Skype, TV….

57.  What next, give me an example? Ok let’s say Une Lottering’s fashion boutique?

58.  Une I thought she was a model? Yep whilst she does that as a sideline, she is also doing a degree in business marketing and has a small but successful clothing company, she goes to the East and buys in bulk then sells them in Cape Town

59.  So how will the customer see her clothes? They can click on various photos and videos.

60.  Videos? Yes, Catwalk and locations, beach Mountains etc

61.  Won’t that be expensive? Does not have to cost much, Une can get her friends to model the clothes in various locations and we can attempt to integrate the project within our BULGARI Book’s, Magazines and Art Films.

62.  Could Une’s shop be adapted to a much larger film database created either by the retail consortium of the Far East companies as mentioned in the BIG 16? Yes but big business will have to have good customer service and an oversight committee to answer customer complaints.

63.  So will Une be able to approach big Far East companies with a proposal from S-World? That’s the current plan.

64.  What will they get out of it? A share holding in the specific Big 16 consortium. Under the condition that when the business becomes very profitable, half the profit will go to the Sienna Foundation.

65.  Can we buy shares? If invited yes for a negotiated price, plus pay for the salary of an employee of their choice representing them or we will supply CV’s / Portfolio’s.

66.  Portfolios? Yes, glamour girls and guys make for good TV and increase the general desirability of staying within 3G/3D villages. Thailand

67.  Any other investment opportunities? Yes if you can afford to pay one of our starlets (Une Lottering) $5000 per month, you also receive 7% within the talent agency contract as outlined in “THE AGENCY CONTRACT”. As well as a BIG 16 Consortium 1% share.

68.  How many shares are available? 80 Shares, being 5 shares available in each Big 16 Consortium. This when sold adding to the free share distribution, leaves 90% of shares left for sale.

69.  When & how will these be sold? These shares will mainly be sold during a TV and stage auction however the shares in S-World itself will have mostly gone to key strategic partners, Google and FaceBook.

70.  Mostly gone? Yes, Google and FaceBook are very important to this operation however it is our goal to connect to all major search engines, e.g. MSN, Yahoo, and Bing. But leaving Google and FaceBook majority shareholders.

71.  Why are Google and FaceBook so important? We want to combine S-World with Google maps and integrate our database web content within the Google search engine results were insured content is given a priority similar to Google’s original ODP.

72.  ODP? Open Directory Project. “www.dmoz.org” I was an editor in 2001. The ODP appointed editors in different search categories.

For instance, I was in charge of Bars and Restaurants in Cape Town, and simply added my favorite. I would have preferred travel, so I could promote my travel business, but that spot had already gone.

Whist there was an obvious opportunity for editors to promote their own business, on balance, as ODP results were generated by humans, they were a more reliable source that Meta tags and keyword.

73.  So what did Google have to do with this? Quite simply they gave ODP results a higher position in their search. Often ODP websites appeared at No1.

74.  So why should Google consider giving web content provided by the BIG 16 consortiums priority? 2 reasons

1. If someone buys a product from a BIG 16 website that was found via Google, Google will get a commission on each sale.

2. “The Sienna Foundation” will provide enough resources for an extremely competent but fair complaints department, carefully monitoring all complaints for any associated BIG 16 company.

75.  Like insurance? Yes exactly. Much in the same way as membership of ABTA “Association of British Travel Agents” If you book any holiday through an ABTA agent, if the company fails all clients get their money back

76.  That sounds interesting, any other thoughts? Well yes as we will be insuring our client’s purchases or travel arrangements and providing a well manned complaints burro, I hope Google will rank Insured monitor results above others.

77.  What is the “Sienna Foundation”? The Sienna foundation is a nonprofit group aimed at Ecological research and Global economic improvement.

78.  How will the Sienna project be able to afford to monitor all those complaints, it would cost a fortune? Well The Sienna foundation, whilst not a share holder of any BIG 16 consortium, receives half the profit/dividends of all money generated by eachBIG 16 conglomerate.

79.  Half is a lot? Not when you think of it as money they would not have had in the first place. The various tax implications of working with a nonprofit group, plus the intention, not promise to invest in companies within our group that are struggling.

80.  Any other advantages? Well there is one big big advantage.

81.  Wow, what’s that? Well when word spreads, clients will have the choice of buying the same product for the same price from none “Sienna Brand” associated company. Or buy the same product that not only offers insurance, but further soon all the world will know that when you buy from a brand associated with “The Sienna Foundation” half the profit goes towards saving the planet.

82.  Wow, that’s really good, so you will play on both people’s common sense and decency? Yep, I hope that within a few years most of the population will see buying from a none “Sienna Foundation product” not only plain silly, but I hope they will see purchasing from our rival  as simply stealing from a Non Profit organization, created solely to improve the planet and the imbalance of wealth.

·       S-World Virtual Real Estate

83.  How will people find Une’s Shop? Well firstly you will find one in 3D Village.

84.  3D Village? Yes please read “3D Village-Base Camp Ko Samui”. We will also be rendering Camps Bay, in Cape Town and putting Une’s Fashion Boutique on the beach front

85.  Where? Where the Raj Indian Restaurant is on Camps Bay, Beachfront Strip, Cape Town, South Africa.

86.  But it’s a Restaurant? No, in S-World its shop front is a designer clothing shop. The only similarity is the size and dimensions of the interior.

87.  Why the Raj Restaurant in particular? Well they need more customers.

88.  Really? No, not really. It’s a big shop in arguably the best position on the Strip

89.  Camps Bay Strip? http://www.capevillas.com/CTG.shtml Click on the Camera under Camps Bay.

90.  I can’t see the shops? There across the beach on the other side of the road.

91.  How many? 30 or so, and in the rest of Camps Bay? About 7

92.  So there’s not a lot of Virtual Shop frontage in Camps Bay. No

93.  So will Camps Bay be the first place realised to the Public on S-World? Possibly, more likely the Base Camp.

94.  On balance it sounds like a good idea especially giving Google and Other Search Engines a commission on every sale. What about FaceBook? Besides obviously giving them a commission we have many plans, which are confidential until we speak.

95.  When will that be? Soon enough, they will hear of us, or one of our share holders will set up a meeting, there is no real rush, I’m hoping they will come to stay with us in Thailand for a while, or we will meet them in the USA.

96.  And Google? Same, I’m really looking forward to meeting with them. They have been instrumental in making our companies  profit for over a decade, without them we could not have paid for the last 10 years of development that led to the creation of

“The Sienna Foundation and The BIG 16

97.  The BIG 16, you keep mentioning this, what is it? 16 consortiums, Some Science, some Geographical, some industry related

98.  Have you exactly picked the consortiums? No we will be taking advise from proposed board members, some may have to merge to allow for other industries to join, precious metals for instance

99.  Can I see the current BIG 16 to get a general idea? Yes, please see:

“The BIG 16 Conglomerates”