The Spartan Theory” book Two, Chapter 3 “The Rise of Sparta”
“Chaos Theory for Dummies” (like Me)
How to
Change the Weather

“Is not just about the Science, rather what we wish to achieve from the science”

As far as I can see, the greatest thing that could be accomplished by “Chaos Theory” is changing the weather, the most practical application of which would be to make it rain across the Africa and Middle Eastern deserts, at the time first read about Chaos Theory and its potential to do Change The Weather” I did not immediately know how to do it and certainly did not thing I’d have worked it out within 3 months.

Luckily I was already working on an economic solution for Greece involving building a large ecological city “New Sparta” and so it made a lot of sense, to dedicate the City to Science, that way, I would have the best chance, of changing the weather, not by doing it myself but by making it possible for someone else to.

Much in the same way if we consider, a butterfly flapping its wings could make it rain across Africa, I would not be the butterfly per say, rather the rain cloud the butterfly moved.

So let’s see what we wish to achieve.

“Science City” New Sparta, Laconia, Greece

For bigger pictures and more details

“Science City” New Sparta, Laconia, Greece.

I’ll not go into to much detail, just now as this is not actually the objective, more one objective of many that needs to be accomplished to can make the project work, at the end of this paper, I will list other objectives which, involves getting a group of countries and companies working together, they all have there part to play, all are useful, none are essential. More details will be given at the end of this paper.

“African Rain”
This is what we want to achieve.

I’d better start at the begging.

A few months ago, I knew as much about “Chaos Theory” as the next man, it had a cool name. I was interested in theories since Anthony Rauba introduced me to String Theory Id asked “Would mathematics in whatever form predicting future events partially validate the theory?” His reply:

Some but not all the math is, thus theory, but as to predicting the future? I refer you to Assimove's ''Psychohistory'' from Harry Seldon of the ''Foundation Series''. Re: You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future. This led me to write an amusing but pure paper on both “String Theory” and “The Theory of Everything” in part for Mark Zuckerberg the creator of facebook entitled “Spiritually Inspired Software

Let me introduce you to Chaos, Sahara Farez,

I have had the privilege of seeing Sahara grow up for the last 10 months or so. When she hit two (A phenomenon often described as the terrible two’s) she became hyper, and we called her Chaos, so one day, for fun I looked up “Chaos Theory” I immediately saw it giving credit to financial software I was designing called Sienna .Gov which is now a part of the only solution for Greece defaulting. A week or so later I mentioned “Chaos Theory” in a tong in cheek paper called facebook members business software, which is further described in facebook travel financial software and Sienna.Gov

Getting back to Sahara, Zenda and I noticed that after she went to a Montessori school, she was no longer Chaotic. And I stared to observe, more closely, at the same time, I was trying to work out how that butterfly cold change the weather on the other side of the planet, I considered the journey of the wind, being similar to the journey of Sahara and how so many different events shaped if not predicated her life,”

I read up on some of the mathematics of “Chaos Theory” and one part of the butterfly effect is something that happens on earth could make an effect happen on the other side of the universe.

How can you personally change something on the other side of the Universe?

The answer…..

Simply call someone on the other side of the universe and ask them to do something. We cant do it yet, but we can call someone on the other side of the planet, which not so long ago was more than the known universe, its been 14 Billion years since the creating of the universe, and we have had cell phones for 30 years, we have billions of years to improve cell phones and some bright spark has just broke the speed of light.

I’ll tell you how I got there, Zenda, Sahara’s mother is happy chilled person, but if person X 2000 km’s away has a fight with person Y 2000Km’s, the usual chaotic effect, is for person Y to upset Zenda. No man is an Island, no woman is a rock, when someone C***’s on you it lowers your mood, and when you have chaos around, chaos is not as bearable, and at some point when say, Sahara throws baby food across the room, Zenda will be upset.

The trouble with this is, it’s often after the event, so Chaos does not know where the negative vibes come from, all she know is Mummy is not happy and so she cries, the cries further exasperate Mummy and a chaotic state exists until the cycle ends, the usual method Mommy chilling out just being really nice.

So in this instance person X from 2000 miles away has had no communication with Zenda or Sahara, but has made her cry, and has no idea what he has done.

I believe every time a baby or child is in discomfort, it has an effect that will change the course of their lives, just a little bit in the bigger scheme of things, but like the butterfly’s tiny flap, can cause a hurricane or African rain, every time person X rows with person Y, Sahara life, her future, who she will marry, who her children will be, what she will achieve changes.

We will call this “The Sahara Effect” the name, most relevant to the “African Rain” objective.

A lot of my recent work has been based on Good and Positivity, my preemies simple, “If a baby or person knew nothing but love. They are more likely to do something amazing.

Right so, we can see how, every action no matter how small will shape a persons life, now imagine, everyone on the planet, and how many trillions of trillions of interaction, shape the future of humanity, go further and consider every ancestor you have ever had and the apes they evolved from, consider the dinosaurs, the ameba, the creation of the earth and before that the creation of the universe, every action causing another action.

Now imagine your at the very beginning, from there to get to where we are now, shaping all the events would seem as impossible, but, we are not at the begging of time, we are here, right now, maybe this is the turning point, we can look to EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) projects like “African Rain” and Science City” or we will fall into economic chaos.

Sienna Mountain

My daughter Sienna left this earth in the way we know it, on August 1st 2010, Sienna is the inspiration for everything, this is a fact that no one can deign, she inspired be to be better at the same time that VIRGIN Brands SA approved my software plans and the financial forecast of $50 Billion, she inspired me to give any money I would make to good causes, it was her inspiration that saw me blow that deal, for the faintest of chances of stopping the fighting in Libya, see “What happened with VIRGIN”. These events saw the journey to Microsoft, Apple, then papers to, Google, Mark Zuckerberg and facebook, The Citizens of Greek, and Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Man U Football Club, China and most recently back to Libya and the rain in Africa project. All of these events were contained in the original “Spartan Theory” papers 30th March 2011 – 3rd May 2011

This sequence of events, I now consider to be progressive” Chaos Theory”, intrinsically linked to Good intentions and a truck load of positivity.

At the same time I was working on saving the world, I made a garden for Sienna on a sand Dune on Hout Bay Beach.

This place has special significance for me, as it was where I held her for many memorable photographs. At first I just went there and buried, jelly tots and sweets under the sand, then some roses and more sweets, then more roses. The Rouge a curious spiritual fellow from California, advised me, I should not lay dead flowers, rather plant a garden.

I went to the garden centre bought a small cactus, similar to the one above (centre) a cute little sign that said “Angels Play Here” and 4 pink crystal rocks.

It was very beautiful, and the next day more so, but the day after the sign and rocks were gone and the cactus was unearthed laying helplessly on its side, I was at first deeply upset but I considered the homeless of Hout Bay, and the bread they probably bought with the $1 they probably sold the rocks and the sign for. I know, I sound like Mother Teresa, it was not really like that, I’d been so used to kicking into positivity no matter what life threw at me, which was useful as life was throwing a lot, that after 10 seconds or was it a minute, I cant recall, I simply said to myself, “I must double my efforts”

And so, I came back this time with 3 big bags of soil, a rose bush, a big Allow, some spiky plants that I called defenders and some Power flowers, which I thought would have instant impact but would get blown away in a few days. I surrounded the garden by a circle of glittery pebbles, given to me by the nice lady as the beach house I was staying at,

This time it stuck, no one disturbed it, all be it after a few days, the power flowers looked a little sorry for themselves, a few weeks later, I added some water plants (they retain water so live well in deserts). To my surprise, the power flowers were still doing well a month later, and so two days ago, I came back with another bag of soil, a cactus and many pretty flowers. If you look at the picture below, you can see them, the thing to note is the lavender flowers on the right are the flowers from 2 months ago, still as perky as the day they were planted.

What does this tell us?

Two things, first if you keep going no matter what, and each time the world knocks you down, and you double your efforts, eventually you will succeed. As the doubling of effort continually applied one way, will be more powerful, that the randomness of bad luck, statistically speaking.

And it’s pretty easy to make things grow in sand, so long as you have a little earth, some worms a bee or two and an awful lot of water. My conclusion,
I decided when had enough influence I would seek to lay irrigation and make a botanical garden across the dunes and Hout Bay beach.

Mean while back at the ranch, err the beach house, work was coming on well the “New Sparta” Science City project, my assistant Mike stared looking into desalination, Mike had already contributed the automation for the facebook gifts idea, an idea so simple anyone who looked at it would agree it would make them billions, if only they did it, or more to the point, if only the facebook ranks would show Mark Zuckerberg the website.

A non chaotic fractal economic structure

I’d like to point out that this structure, is not the complete answer, rather a step in the right direction, an idea for the world’s economists and scientist to consider,

After completing, a general fun introduction and a technical example facebook travel, it was time to move onto, the company structures and the investors.

The basic structure was 16 industry Conglomerates, 4 companies or sub conglomerates in each with a 25% stake view map to see Conglomerates This was based around VIRGIN company structure, initially the number 16 picked simply as it the perfect number for a knock out competition, specifically a FIFA Global Soccer League, this would have obvious commercial gains and create further interest in the City, The concept to then create another City so making a 2 leagues, then doubling again to create 4 leagues, much like the popularized English football leagues, the number 16, picked would doubled and re double perfectly and would sub divide into 1.

This decision, however is looking more and more like Chaos Theory, as it created a company structure than if doubled, and then doubled again, and again and again, its will be calculable and so un chaotic as there can be no rounding errors.

Not my calculating to infinity, which had seemed the only solution for perfect economic calculation, rather constructing the mathematics is such a way that rounding errors can not exist or more to the point in this example are put in nice little boxes which are filled and filled until they are full. This process repeats itself

NOTE, fractal circles, outer rings are the battle lines between, chaotic and stable economics, as new advances that lower the price of living come about, a ripple spreads throughout the whole organism pushing out, and gaining ground.

, by making it impossible to get to Infinity, or at least if the mass became infinite, it would be organized not chaotic.
Which if added to our human-less financial system, creates a non chaotic economic structure that can be predicted?

Are you with me??? Stay on Target,

What we wish to achieve over time is all the companies across the globe eventually entering into this structure, and here’s where I’m at the moment,

What I’m looking to do is to work in such a way, that when a company’s profit reaches $4Billlion, there dividends are capped.

Companies will see value in investing in small countries, as the purchase price maybe be just $1B for 25% a total investment of 4B x16 x 2 $128 Billion. This build a far smaller city, but it gives the chance to start another company, which depending on the industry could be just as successful as a company in a large city.

Now there are two companies adding there excess profit to the pot, until there is enough to buy another sub city share, or alternatively until a 50/50 deal is made with an industry specialist. This is encouraged.

Each time another company is created whilst the original share holders are pegged at $4B from Company (A) they start to receive dividends from Company’s B&C.

This model is I believe the opposite to VIRGIN where all companies are insulated from each other, rather all companies insulate each other, as a bubble of companies surrounds and protects the first 16, then another surrounds and protects the second as so more protecting the first, much like a elastic band ball.

I suppose a good way of describing it would be the reverse of a pyramid, a small ball that over time gets bigger, the centre of the core so insulated that in creates a stable environment. If we look at this structure over time, maybe 1000 years, in 1000 years due to the structure, all save the outer layer of companies, or countries, or worlds even are contained within a mathematical structure that can not reach infinity. And so Rule 101 of Chaos Theory, being that rounding of numbers creates a chaotic state, is illuminated, not because the software can count to infinity, because infinity never need be counted.

As any more that 4 gets siphoned into a pot and only used when it reached 4 Billion, and again and again, after the 4th overlap, there are 3 sets of insulated companies feed the next.

This is what makes the math simple, every year the company makes $4Billionin dividends, any more goes to making the next equation, and so on, every company

This very safely stimulates investment into other countries until every country has a City, (plus a few more as we will work on 208 different cities, It may have some significance at a later point for now, its simply in respect to surer dudes TOE (And I’d like to point in the film script “Sienna The Movie” it was a surfer who first gained powers!!!

Point, in the Mathematics, Removing Humans from financial positions, assists a chaotic economic state,, greatly, but to build for a truly stable economic model, where if one can not predict the future one can effect and shape it “ one has to use the fractal economic model, some thing or everything like the one mention above.

If we take VIRGIN, and I know no disrespect, your business model is the inspiration, if VIRGIN was a new economic system that eventually everyone would use its 300 or so companies in the future linked with all other companies, it would be utter chaos, no real structure, not a controllable one.

If we apply the “Fractal Bubble method, all would be in nice well organized compartments, all protecting the core, and considering the science and new advances, no matter how big it gets, it will be predictable, it will grow and grow but at a sustainable rate, and the way to figure out what the sustainable rate is, is to have a measurable economy.

Now I’m really not 100% on this yet, it looks right but I feel there’s something missing, and maybe something not in the “for Dummies” book, so if anyone has any ideas, that’s great.

At the Nerve Centre The Central companies, which will I suppose be similar to the IMF will have huge powers to protect the economic structure, the power to raise or lower the price of just about everything across the globe, that combined with the orderly structure

Start with 4 from there expand, countries can start planning cities, and wowing investors, companies
Rounding takes place in a controlled manor, all above the $4B squeezes into a ring fenced bank until it either by itself or with others makes $1B or $2B or $4B or $8B, keeping the first 3 companies profits perfectly predictable
Plus if the economy contracts, adjustments can be made, raise or lower house prices, increase charges for software, etc etc.

Imagine safety compartments on ship if one or two flood, the whole ship including the safety compartments survives, and the compartments can be mended.
We really have to look at what we wish to achieve, a reasonable or good standard of living for all humans & and a happy ecological planet, this may take 16 years it may take 64 when equilibrium is reached, we will head on mass to the stars.

Back to the Rain Africa project, a little detail on the New Sparta

I was looking into infrastructure for New Sparta, first the power of wind turbines, and how many you would need to run 2,000,000 houses, then the rods and motorways, the question, what could you build around a town of 200,000 people for $4Billion and $16Billion, and if you wish to see where the money comes from, this page tells the broader story and this page the specifics. The most recent practical and logistical pages are in my second Book/Journal on “The Spartan Theory” “The Rise of Sparta” which is available by email on request, as is the first book “The Social network 2”. We will be uploading it as soon as we can, but there are only two of us, and with me averaging sometimes 15 pages a day, there is more than we can publish.

It turned out $16 Billon buys you a lot, the essentials at $6Billion leaves room for luxury projects. The first luxury project I consider was called “The Rain forest Theory” Creating a rainforest, or at least a sizable botanical garden in Greece, would make both an excellent tourist attraction, and help the environment, and so along with the other attractions, not least living within a City of Science and business networking push the price of the land up.

Id priced the “The Rain Forrest Theory” at $6 Billion (I’m sure it will cost a lot less, but I always overestimate costs for the sake of credibility, under promise, over deliver.)

$3 Billion for the alternate energy desalinization plant, and upkeep for 8 years.
$1 Billion on pipes and water sprinklers
$1 Billion gardeners and horticulturists
$1 Billion on plans fertilizers and soil

When Mike read the plans, he commented, “Like the hanging Gardens of Babylon” Awesome, we had president! If they could do it 2600 years ago, they could do it now.

Last week, I worked out the land value of such a town, in comparison to current Dubai prices, and all together it came to more that the $32 Billion target and settling around the $64 Billion target 2. (Please note this is one of 16 sub city Industry consortiums, achieving either $512Billion or $1.024 Trillion.

It was time prepare an approach to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the fist person on “The Sienna Invitation” written back in March, a part of “The history of The Spartan Theory”. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan owns Manchester City Football club, he was chosen as the first theory I developed was entitled “The 21st Century Economic Football Theory” which highlighted, youth development as well as reaching potential at a later stage, if only one was given the chance.

After a quick Wikipedia on him, it turned out that half Brother is current President of UAE, Emir (ruler) of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

There could be no better person to advise on building a modern day city, no better expert no better advisor, if he says it will work, the game is well and truly on.

Climbing Mountains

I climb or walk Chapman’s Peak mountain range every dry day, It was here where I first felt Sienna’s energy, or was it the energy of the universe, same difference. All the plants, all the bushes all the rocks and cliffs, and a path that for the most part is easy to follow. No better place can I ever be, this energy was noted in my first film script:”Film Scripts ”, which starts with my journey, across the Mountains, then to facebook, then to Caprica, Star Wars only to end up within the intergalactic Lord of The Rings.

An extract

“Sienna’s mother was torn apart. Sienna’s father looked to try to make sense of the world, and journeyed across the mountains surrounding Cape Town. In the mountains he felt Sienna all around, her energy flowing through the bushes and trees, enhanced by the mountains magnified by the Ocean, an almost psychedelic experience. Then slowly, Sienna starts to show her farther a way to build a super computer for her to communicate through.

The schematics are amazingly detailed, 40 or more highly evolved concepts, combined simultaneously to complete the transition from the 20th Century service based economy to the 21st Century experience based economy and the technical data of how to gather most of the worlds knowledge. He knows, if he is to see his daughter again, he would need to build, the new social network.

And now you realize where the facebook influence comes from.

Needless to say, I still get some truly inspirational thoughts in those there hills.

But first to understand where we are with Investment, its 16 Sub Cities, one to each of 16 Industries each Investor, pays $4,Billion with 12Billion in options, for which they receive both land and buildings as half the investment goes to building the town (that’s the clever bit) So making the land worth more than the investment. In reality the land is just a bonus, as the investment was initially in the software, networks and new companies that would excel due to the university and general public approval.

It adds up to $1024 Trillion, and we may have room to double it, depending on the valuation of the land, and the partners that join.

Whilst walking away puzzling at the extra money but considering the Motto, we only take what we require, The concept of allocating $100 Billion to Libya to start desalination projects occurred. Libya and The USA were/are considered for the next 2 two proposed Ecological City’s. Allocating $100 now would raise awareness and with the Libyan Desert turned to lush pasture, the land value would rise by far more that the $100B investment.

After this came to ask China to buy the spare land in Network City for $1Trillion. (Ideas come thick and fast on that mountain, and often at first they seem unrelated)

And let me go into a little detail about Chinese economics and Chinas current dilemma.

Economists and the government in China know, investing in Europe is a good idea, it’s as good or as bad as any other investment, unless there is a complete melt down and the very fact they would invest will most likely stop that melt down, so as I said, it makes sense for China to invest in Europe.

This said

If you don’t really have a home, you’re sometimes cold and sometimes hungry, and you live in China, you would have a fair right to say, errrrr whatttt!!!!!

The reason the West in a mess is because they have spent too much on social security, giving thousands of pounds a year to the unemployed, who because they are unemployed have no stimulus hence they riot. And on the other side, in Greece lower retirement ages.

Why should China help out?

We can go around in circles

Because Europe accounts for 60% of China’s exports, if Europe goes into recession for an indeterminate amount of time, China will loose far more that the Trillion dollars, so it makes Economic Sense to invest in Europe
But I’m cold and hungry and if you’re not careful you will follow the British yobs and the Libyan Hero’s and revolt.
That’s not a good idea.

So on the mountain, I simply thought. “Sell half of network City to the Chinese, I did the numbers and if current President of UAE, Emir (ruler) of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan approves my estimates, its worth about $1.7 Trillion.

But then, wham, guarantee China along with the already included Libya Greece and The USA would get a guaranteed next City “New Hong Kong” The objective for China has always been to house half the people, I set my standards high and apply the theory.

One more time, “It’s not just about the science, economics, code……… It about what we want to Achieve.
Well I did the numbers and an 8 year $32Trillin budget; you could build enough homes for half the Chinese Citizens.
This is something the Chinese people would agree is a long term investment, and so China acts as one, invests the money, makers a fantastic return and everyone at the university has another project, building economics, the practice study, lowering the price and the planning of “New Home Kong”, or what ever name they wish to use.

The $1Trillion goes directly into EEE alternate energy construction projects, mainly Dams in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, which stimulate the economies.

Then again Bang, why not also join the Libya project early, put another Trillion into the desalinization, have loads of land, and in time, charge for the water, last year water was more expensive that Petrol in Libya, this sort of investment done the right way, could make China many Trillions in return, which could go to paying for half of there houses, while we sold land in the new City to raise the other half. This is something worth investing in that the Chinese people would back.

Then Bang, Why stop at Libya, lets look at Africa, we could pump it across the land add a little earth and some plants, a lot of worms and bees and truck loads of water and you can make anything grow, I’d already done it.

I got back home from the Hike, and I started on the logistics, the cost of Irrigating Africa, first I needed to see the size of deserts, and that brings us back to the introduction and this map.

Using current economics each, Blue Square represents a $ 3 Trillion investment, same for the Green squares, there is no difference between Green and Blue Square; it just looked pretty that way.

So using current economics, we are looking at $ 48 Trillion.

My journal records that using EEE economics, or if you prefer “the Chaos Theory inspired “Spartan Theory” we are looking at $16 Trillion investment, something which is doable over the next 16 years.

Having worked out how to pump water across Africa is was time to apply some more Theory to make the process cheaper, there were a few, lower building costs, Science City would work on that, increasing water out put, Science City again, increasing power from alternate energy stations that would have to be spreading across Africa to power the pumps, Science City again,

And its that simple, by investing in Science, economics and practically applying on mass to one big project, the price will drop and that’s EEE economics The experience keeps the people happy and the ecology keeps the planet happy.


Then I considered building a forest around a mountain, water taking plants, totally unsuitable for arid areas as they consume so much water and take over, a plan bully if you will, but with unlimited water, so what. I also considered building a string of Dams up the mountain, slowly pumping the water to the top then just letting it run across the mountain, where it came down build some more dams with all the water life will grow on the mountain, this will help the mountain retain moisture, that’s what mountains do, there is often a layer of cloud over the mountains here, so the principal works, all be it the hotter the harder I guess. All around the mountain in a short time due to hyper photosynthesis of extreme heat and lots of water will be lush, and as the trees grow an ecosystem will develop under the shade, moisture from the water the sun and all the plants doing there photosynthesis so creating lots and lots of oxygen, which combines with the Nitrogen and the air becomes humid, and it wells on the leaves and creates moisture, and so it starts to become self sustaining,

As it is self sustaining it will need only half the irrigation, from here a town could start to spread out around the rain forest that surrounds the mountain slowly and in the same tradition as New Sparta large well manicured large gardens, lush and photosynthesis crazy, over years and years the town grows, and when it reaches a certain size, and all you can see for miles around is gardens surrounding a rainforest surrounding a mountain that has been flooded with rivers of water for years, which have themselves turned into rivers. Then



It will Rain, and even if it does not, the mist counts.

Either way it occurred to me.
Hmmm that’s changing the weather, I proved “Chaos Theory” from a certain point of view. Maybe not in the way, people thought Chaos Theory would but “It’s not just about the science, rather what we wish the science to achieve”

If this is simply a work around, who really cares, it works, and its good and it’s in the nick of time.

Guys girls dudes and dudesses geeks nerds scientist surfers and mountain people, look for any excuse to call this science, and we win, we get our City of Science, we rescue the economy and most likely bring about a golden age, we really takes strides an global unity, we house billions and we make it rain in Africa.

“It will work because everyone will want it to work”

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/8 -16 = 16 PPG

The first TOE is “The Theory of Evolution” The M is “Mass of consciousness, the 16 is the purest form of economic progression, for 5 companies, countries or positive good theories.

My personal interest in all this is making friendly self conscious software, so maybe that’s where it going or maybe it’s a way to send conscious thought across the galaxy, like a long range cell phone. I’m not sure, I only worked it out two days ago, maybe it’s nothing, but you know, there are a lot of coincidences going around nowadays so maybe it’s everything.

Oh, I nearly forgot,

E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/8 -512 = 512 PPG

The beginning part is conjecture, what is most important is the number, the higher the number the better.
Even if don’t know the right question, if we know the answer, we are more likely to know then we have found the question

I wondered when philosophy was going to occur; it is mentioned as a part o Chaos Theory

So to the 10 companies and countries that gives us the 512 model

In order of appearance,


Look up order of appearance in

Dedicated to Anthony Rauba, I hope you made it. If not< I Know you will be fine on your journey, you were so deeply involved in Sienna’s string theory

“If I have a fate, then it is set, and thinking about it is not going to make it happen any faster”, “I’m not scared!”
“What so its err, Kara Thrace, the fearless warrior, right” “dud a daum”, (laughter).
“ I know fear, and I get scared, just not of dying”,
“ So then what does scare you”?,
“Being forgotten!”


I love you Sienna xx

Show desalination projects,

Mention 4 types of “Chaos Theory”

Say my chaos theory, or the most important simply being when it is applied to The Spartan Theory which shows the most important factor “How to raise the money.

The “Chaos Theory” is not just about changing the weather by, geo engendering, if it was I’d not be the first.
The Chaos theory is the million of trillions of trillions of actions that have happen to first put me here in the first place, and more to the point, the fact I’ve applied “Chaos Theory” to the economical model EEE the result of which is simply working out how to pay for it.

And now it has come full circle and made a double plan to change the weather, as well as many other wonderful things.

As side earlier I believe we are at a pivotal point in the journey of the universe, we can put out efforts and money into making projects that will in our lifetimes, double then triple the effectiveness of money, make us understand what it can do. Or we can fall into utter economic chaos, as everyone has little choice but to be in it for themselves, back to the dark ages.

Help me with “The Spartan Theory” it works, but I need clever people to give it some time, I firmly believe it is intrinsically liked to “Chaos Theory”. And if one disagrees, one can not deny at the very least it was certainly inspired by “Chaos Theory” alongside, “String Theory” and “The Theory of Everything”