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In Brief: This Business plan initially highlights a Real Estate development which serves at the very least to give a capital Real Estate asset equal to investor’s investment, in truth it’s probably double but the jury is still out.

We later show, the development plans for a New Virtual Social and Business Network, and end with an industry example Travel.

This is by far, the simplest and effective business plan ever created as its fundamental core is based on a non chaotic economic structure (more on this)

No one has ever done this before.

Throughout the entire www.s-world.biz website many industries and profit centers are mentioned, not all will be specific to this company. Enough money will be made in dividends however, within two maybe three years to give investors 87.5 cents for every $1 invested each year for 64 years.

The extra 12.5 cents go’s to the 21,072 people we wish to assist who get their names onto the list. (See List)
The basic principal here being, 21,072 people with a vested interest in making this project a success, will be more effective than, the handful of people that are currently assisting (23 Nov 2011)

And so, we are issuing what we call Voting Shares, which gives everyone a voice, when the time is right, companies that we choose will purchase 87.5% of issued voting shares for 100% of there value, so leaving those that are on the list, 12.5% of real shares.

The spreadsheet below, indicated, the US Dollar value of shares that assistants will retain after the 87.5% has been purchased. Remuneration comes in 2 forms, 1st Real Estate to at least the value shares, and 2nd dividends to the same value each year for 32 years.

(To see the a larger version and how we got here, go to the end of this chapter).

Tear 1 & 2: Chief Executives & Figure Heads, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan are desired.
Tear 3, is for Members of the board.

Tear 4, Executives.
Tear 5, 50% have been split into 4 groups of 64 and reserved for Nick Ray Ball’s: 1: Family, 2: Friend’s, 3: BSG Cast, writers, fans and producers & 4: the preferred S-World Music Artists, most noticeable Ghost Dance & The Mission UK.

Tear 6, 50% have been reserved for the Citizens of Mandela Park Township, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Tear 7, 50% has been reserved for the S-World Virtual Social Network “New Ideas Committee” called “Fox Force” In brief, it is in my humble opinion, that the people most qualified to think up new and exciting ideas for Social Networking, are not people with PHD’s in computer science, rather people that enjoy and use facebook, Google Plus, My Space etc every day. And so we are choosing 16, fun loving girls and offering them the opportunity to prove me right. Each member of Fox Force has 512 spaces.

Each is asked, (at the appropriate time) to contact their facebook (or other) friends, letting them know, that if they write between 1000 & 2000 words on the new S-World Virtual Social Networking ideas. http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Product.htm or the travel concept http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Travel.htm then they will receive the real estate option worth over $15,000.

This will produce between 8 and 16 million words of ideas from all kinds of people with all kinds of life experiences, full of ideas to further extend an already amazing plan.

This is just an initial ideas pull, contributors may contribute more and more, we are looking to narrow the playing field by 4, so creating a team of 128 people per fox force member. These people will see $61,035 per year. So there is a huge incentive.

Within a month maybe two defiantly 4, we will have the entire future of Social Networking, off to the patent office, and…………

We have held back 1,750,000,000 Voting Shares, at a forecast cash value of $218,750,000 for opportunities, one was seen yesterday, and Thomas Cook UK was offered assistance. If they are grateful, good for them, if not, I think we need to accept… they simply can’t see the wood through the trees and bail out money is best given to those that can embrace opportunities.

The Clever Bit

Whilst this particular, business plan has many profit centers in Social & Networking, Travel & Real Estate, the Clever bit is the land development which give investors a capital asset alongside projected future profits, no risk. The above brands are not specifically being asked to invest, rather contribute intellectually.

I appreciate $4Billion sounds odd as a Micro plan, it is however the correct amount. The clever bit that really makes a difference is how the initial $4 Billion is spent. Don’t be concerned with the map and measurements, this is from the economic plan, this business plan however follows the same principals, just on a smaller scale.

Three quarters of all money is put directly into land procurement and the building of large resort town, the balance is used to further increase the value of the Real Estate, whist creating an operations base and a living university where the software and S-World Virtual social and business network will be developed.

Land $500M University/software/networks $500M
Infrastructure $1B PR (Media/Films/Series) $250M
Building allowance $1.5B Operations $150M
Charity Donation $100M    

Villas, apartments and commercial property will be rendered in 3D, and divided into 4 Billion $1 units. Then one can choose property to the value of there voting shares. Let’s have a look at what 1,562,500 shares get you, just under a “HT1” (House Type 1). A1000M sq luxury beach villas, with a direct see views, in a desirable new funky resort.

At the very least the real estate value will be worth more than its $1 starting price, this is usual for such developments. However due to the additional measures we are taking to further raise the desirability of both the resort and its location, we feel few would argue that when the project is popularized Real Estate prices will double to standard holiday resort prices.

For an expert evaluation we are seeking council from Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and his family, who in my opinion are the most experienced family in the world at Modern Land Developments, being largely responsible for the vision & success of Dubai.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been allocated 31,250,000 10% of which he will receive, freely, to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan this is not a lot of money, however the bigger picture, energy and Global League plans will I’m sure be of interest.

A quick look at the share structure, we stated at 4 Billion then divided 7 times.

As mentioned at the beginning, usually this model and the $500 Million will usually be an Incentive for staff, management and senior management, $500, maybe saving the company $250 or so whist effectively paying staff $250 Million more than competitors.
Just one of many advantages adapted from the larger EEE economic system.

How popular and profitable will the resort town be?

1. Due to the economic crisis large plots of prime beachfront land in a number of popular tourist destinations are available at lower prices than usual.

2. Construction companies are currently willing to work for no profit, just operating costs.

3. We will choose a destination where flights are not overly expensive.

4. The university (covered next) will hold over 10,000 people, this creates demand for 5,000 or so houses.

5. A university that proudly claims to be a “City of Science” employing the best and brightest in the world will see parents wishing there children to go. If 8,000 students pay just $20,000 a year, it makes a profit of $40,000,000 each year.

6. Having a film studio that is sponsored by the larger company, has a serious competitive advantage over Hollywood. It will continually produce quality films and TV series which will raise public awareness of all our endeavors, the celebrities who work there in turn increase the desirability of visiting or living in the City. It’s much like the Spanish Government sponsoring Real Madrid promotes their capital city.

7. The charity donation, and the Social Networking gifts concept returning 50% of profit to charities, will see our project loved, especially with our own Media company promoting it (part of PR)

8. In time, 3 maybe 5 years, we desire the entire city to be run on alternate energy, (this is not actually so expensive)

9. The City design will pay respect to “Chaos Theories” findings on and about nature, respecting the point of great innovation “The Edge of Chaos” but not stepping over it, in other words, it will be a lot of fun to live there, and the university will be hyper creative.

10. It’s also worth noting via S-World Virtual World, you can completely design your own home, or make adjustments to one of thousands of pre designed Villas, Mansions or Country Estates.

Each of these points, raise the desirability and value of the real estate.

Hence I feel it’s fair to, (like other developers) put a 100% mark up on the land & real estate, and so: If an investor (or consortium) spends $15,625,000 they receive 14,062,000 shares and +/- $30 Million of Real Estate. Immediately they can happily sell off half of their real estate to cover there cost and still have +/-$15 Million dollars worth of Real Estate.

Whist retaining 14,062,000 voting shares which we will show later will soon yield $1 per share each year (This is covered later.)

The Real Estate Development plan is our deal clincher; it needs no particular partners and can be understood by all as an amazing risk free investment, the next part however “The City of Science” is what will be remembered. Plus it’s profitable in its own right

The University & City of Science

This Science City model, is the primary objective of the economic model http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/EEE-14Billion_Years.htm

All we are doing in this specific business plan is starting with a smaller version and then growing it.

Like the larger EEE economic model 50% of the university time will be spent on software & networks. The other 50% into theoretical science, economics and pharmaceuticals, researched and taught by some of the finest minds in the world.

Before looking at additional funding (50% profit from the Social Networking Gifts concept goes to pharmaceutical research http://www.s-world.tv/Facebook/home.html . Or profit in general made from the university.) The initial investment has covered the following salaries for 4 years.

600 General Teachers $35,000 each
400 Computer Science Teachers $50,000 each
100 Economist Teachers $50,000 each
400 Graduate Scientists $30,000 each
100 Theoretical Scientists $80,000 each
16 World leading scientists $1,000,000 each
400 Masters of Business $50,000 each
16 Worlds leading experts $1,000,000 each
  Outgoing $120 Million  
10000 Students/Interns – PAY $20,000 each
  Incoming $150 Million  

With the buildings covered by the infrastructure, and $30 Million over per year for expenses, we have a teaching complement to match the world’s finest scientific collages & Universities.

The student price $15,000 is less than half that of Harvard and other universities that attract the best teachers, and little more than the new standard price for University education in England.

This serves two purposes, firstly, it adds credibility for my forecasts, but also, by keeping it low and exclusive, we will get to choose students on their strength, these are not only students, they are our co workers in the software & networking projects.

This may sound like cheating but.

1 Practical teaching in computer science is an excellent way to learn and gain experience.

2. If they come up with any excellent idea, they will get paid

3. In many ways S-World is non profit, (all be it often reinvested to make more profit, like the Bill Gates Model)

4. Students will be offered jobs when possible, possibly always.

The first project of the City of Science is to create the next generation of social & business networking: S-World.

A big point that I can not stress enough is that it is my desire that we join with: facebook and Google. However for this business plan, I need to deal with absolutes, so I need to describe how to create the next generation of social & business networking without their assistance. Not the least of which would be to simply make the order of acceptance in S-World future projects being in order of those that sign up to S-World Virtual Social Network

Think what you may of the EEE – Economy for the next 14 Billion years economic plan, its purpose is to make everyone on earth a partner, and as detailed later there will be an awful lot of PR pushing this point, so we are already off to a flying start, if its worth buying a lottery ticket, its well worth opening a free S-World account.

I will need to touch on some patent issues, this is not aggressive rather just showing the people who read this that the homework has been done superbly.

A large part of the process is detailed in a 400 page book called “The Social Network 2” It shows all the workings in great detail so there can be few if any arguments as to the authenticity, originality and intellectual property ownership of the following ideas for S-World.

S-World – The Social Network 2

I have adapted the Virtual World concept I started in London in 2000 to the social networking site facebook. however It seems if you don’t know someone at facebook and live in a sleepy beach village in South Africa its very difficult to get in touch, but eventually via an employment application, I have it on record that they received my business plans, all be it I doubt it was shown to either Mark Zuckerberg or Christopher Cox .

To really get the idea of S-World go to the page http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Product.htm
It describes the gift automation idea, teleport to GPS and the virtual e-commerce business network. It has been written in an easy going question and answer format. It was made in July.

Its also worth looking at the Google presentation we made in May, it really shows how the S-World and Resort development plans became intertwined http://www.s-world.biz/Google/Original_Google_Proposal.htm

Since neither Google nor facebook have used or mentioned any of these ideas, it’s reasonable to assume, they did not read my work and have not thought of them independently. At the very least we can freely use them and be known as the innovators, it is also possible that no company can use the ideas as they are clearly my intellectual property.

If it does however pass that no company can use them without my permission, they are open source to all that would follow the “Give Half Back” EEE way.

Again we really want to make my point, that it really is best for everyone involved with both facebook and Google on board.

If however Google and facebook do not jump on board, I doubt we would need go it alone Apple for instance would I’m sure like the opportunity to start the next evolution of social networking, everyone loves Apple, their development team could get it up and running in a few months, and by networking with all the on line gamers, the world will be mapped in no time.

Yahoo, they are looking for an idea, they have no cash, but they have huge experience and everyone loves an underdog, rags to riches recovery story.

IBM, are making software to run a City and Planet, we have a single resort City, and the Macro plan to build an entire city, then lots of cities. IBM could be extremely useful, especially if mixed with Google GPS car technology.
Later in this chapter we shall also look at the travel & real estate plans I created for social & business networking. Again, here we have 25 or so ideas and concepts that are clearly my intellectual property. Which ones however can be patented I can not say. http://www.s-world.biz/FaceBook/Travel.htm

Before we go into detail however we need to look at the PR and consider the PR effect of on S-World social and business networks, one question to consider, can all the positive PR , charity donations and free research into medicines promoting the ingeniousness of S-world Virtual Network reach 500 Million members by say 2017?

Public Relations:
Free Medicine, Gaming, Film & TV Production, Media & TV Networks, Music, Charity & Global Sports Leagues.

PR 1: Free Medicine

I heard a ridiculous statistic on Boston Legal (series 5 ep 2) the other day; Pharmaceutical companies in the USA spend almost twice as much on TV advertising as they spend on research and development, the average USA TV viewer sees 16 hours of pharmaceutical adverts each year, more time than they spend at the cinema.

That’s not clever pr, that’s just spending a lot of money, and as no one publicly loves any particular pharmaceutical over another is not clever branding either.

It is our noble ambition to dedicate from 10% to 25% of Science City University time on medical research, not at first looking for cutting edge cures, in time yes, but at first, the masses are best served by making copies of existing drugs, not the chemical formula, simply what they can achieve so creating anti malaria drugs, HIV, psychiatric drugs like Seroqual & expensive cancer drugs that most can not afford.

Once we have created an alternative that does the job, we release the formula open source (free) to national government health offices for them to make and distribute for free, if the government is not capable, we will get them made in China, and have them distributed, 1,000,000 small pills probably costs less than a dollar in the real world, I really cant see why we can not make free drugs for the entire planet.

Free drugs and medicine to the world, millions, over time maybe billions of lives improved, governments across the globe save much money. It’s the PR gift that just keeps growing and giving and growing and giving etc……

PR 2: Gaming & Tutorial Gaming.

I’ve recently been giving more thoughtful of the already extensive gaming plans, as tutorial gaming has now been advocated by Lee Charez. http://theglobalchallengeproject.blogspot.com/

Considering we have a virtual world, we can adapt many games, for instance Call of Duty can be played within S-World, the difference being, they can play the game in their own street and town. The real point to the gaming section is the Tutorial Game, best described at part 1 of the facebook travel section.


If considering the “EEE – Economy for the next 14 Billion years theory”, we have a lot to add to the original game idea. The bonus of course, the game shows people what we want to achieve and how we are planning to get there and teaches them to use our systems and become a part of the team. The ultimate recruiting tool and considering Charez’s work it may well be a part of the perfect educational system.

PR 3: Film & TV production,

Creating a new mini Hollywood, will attract celebrities and in general lots of glamorous would be stars who could study at the same time, just in case that brake never comes. Celebrities and glamorous people create the Bridget Bardot, St Tropez effect, the desirability to visit or live in the resort increases and the property value increases once again.

In the infrastructure budget a large film studio and hospitality village has been accounted for, and a $250 Million start up kitty is available. Not to be spent frivolously, rather working with existing excellent but lower budget Film and Series professionals like HJK Films with studio costs free and a little more cash than they got before, they will be able to compete with the big boys. And we get to place our products, ideas and dreams within the productions.

PR 4: Media & TV Networks: S-World.TV

The idea for S-World TV was at the very beginning, a host of reality TV shows about the project and a number of science fiction & action series. Now we have a university and a TV Studio we can also make many programs of the research going on at the University. The Tutorial game also becomes its own show, following the gamers turned to entrepreneurs is a priority, as it shows people the benefit of S-World and how to easily make money from it, as such we wish to recruit 16 top business or IT leaders to play the game against each other.

All in all we can fill maybe 20 or 30, 24 hours TV channels without to many repeats. Note that our preferred brand partners include, Universal, Sony & Virgin, all have there own TV networks, and if we end up working with these companies we can combine networks and offer a world class selection of programs.

PR 5: Music

My favorite industry, no one makes money from making and selling records, even when they still had records, music publishing is where the money is. Think about the USA public watching 16 hours of pharmaceutical ads a year, then work on $100,000 for every minute. That’s how much it costs to play a popular song. That’s 96 Million dollars, just from the pharmaceutical industry.

The best way to popularize songs is for people to here them a lot, so it makes sense to give the songs a way for free. It makes sense to buy up excellent back catalogue and create a cross between record and publishing companies, where the publishing companies are in charge of the business and the record companies just do A&R and PR. Once established one can look to develop new artists

We will always use songs from our own publishing company in all our media companies.

This has the effect of lowering the music costs of the media company and guaranteeing income for the record and publishing companies. So come the pop and rock stars to record in the special Music Villas and once again, we make another income stream and further increase the desirability of the town this time due to the Rock Stars.

PR 6: Charity

Have you noticed on the news that there’s not a lot of good things happening, or is it there are not enough good things being reported, never mind, when we do good things and charitable deed’s there will always be a camera there and a team to really make a meal out of the happy moment.

PR 7: Global Sports leagues.

This section deals more with the macro plan so I will not go into detail other than to say there are some excellent plans for Global Sports Leagues.

Experience Travel

I’m not getting overly into detail here as there are 30 or so pages to read at this link.

I’ll go straight to the finances:

Travel makes +/- US $900 Billion each year

1. Direct booking with the hotel, airline etc 45%
= US$ 405 Billion
2. Booked through a high street Travel Agent 35%
= US$ 315 Billion
3. Booked through Internet Tour Operator 20%
= US$ 180 Billion
2017 Predicted turnover
1. Direct booking with the hotel, airline etc 45%
= US$ 30.75 Billion
This figure has been reduced by 10.75 Billion to account for a lower commission on direct bookings.
1. Direct booking with the hotel, airline etc 45%
= US$ 20.00 Billion
2. Booked through a high street Travel Agent 35%
= US$ 17.30 Billion
3. Booked through Internet Tour Operator 20%
= US$ 13.70 Billion (down from 22.50)

Of course its incredibly hard to accurately predict anything like exact turnover, however with a social network of over 500,000,000 members, I’ll stand by the above figures, and others are yet to disagree, rather concur.

Total Experience travel 2017 forecast turnover. $51 Billion.

One beautiful part of the Experience Travel plan is the running costs, save an operations center and software and networks development team there are no costs.

I’ll over allocate at $6 Billion per year, leaving US$ 45 Billion pre tax profit.

The Real Estate plan, whilst not complete makes nearly as much.

50% of profit is paid to shareholders as dividends.
25% is returned to the University and “Special Projects”
25% is reinvested into the Real Estate projects.

Dividends however will never be paid out more than $4 Billion, the excess following the path outlined in the economic theory (which I fully expect to soon be considered science) outlined in http://www.s-world.biz/Sparta_Rises_Again/EEE-14Billion_Years.htm

Before going there however, please look at the (to finish)

S-World & EEE - THE LINK – Brands and Share Structures


This is very much a work in progress but provides useful information, which links this bunnies plan to the larger Global Economic solution