Ecology in New Sparta
  17th Sept 2011

“The Spartan Theory” (The New 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy)

We have seen many, many examples of how the customer experience is enhanced, from looking at accommodation, property and destinations via detailed Virtual Worlds and dancing on stage with U2, to Customer service ratings encouraging vendors across New Sparta and the world to improving service and the customer experience.

So let’s have a look at the ecological advantages.

The first initiative is to make New Sparta a city run on alternative energy, exactly what type of alternate energy will be used or combinations will be left up to the experts. To show a practical example however, I have used wind turbines, as I have cost and output figures.

If we look at the Infrastructure for Oil City (Energy City) a single wind turbine costs $410,000 and provides $750 KW. This article suggests a typical house uses 8,000 KW’s each year, so one turbine powers 93.75 houses. 68,000 houses divided by 93.75 = 725 wind turbines at a cost of $297,000,000, as there is no manufacturing in Oil City, I’ve simply doubled the supply to power the colleges, hospitals and infrastructure equalling $595,000,000. I have added a further $100,000,000 for electric cables and $100,000,000 for the electric Grid

A very simplistic way of working out the electric costs to run New Sparta, Oil City. If it turns out to be more, well that’s what the $1.4 Billion contingency is for.

This said I’d expect it to cost less, for two reasons.


We are in no rush to create a fossil fuel less society, it may take 4 years, in the mean time we can simply buy power from Greece and Europe. Much like the construction of New Sparta will be phased over 8 maybe 16 years to make supply and demand factors make our large orders cheaper not more expensive, we will wait until supply price is optimal.

We will set up a university dedicated to the cause of improving turbine efficiency and construction, whist setting up factories for turbines to be constructed within New Sparta. Before we have added the power needs of Electric Cars, transport & Industry throughout New Sparta we are looking at an order of 46,400 wind turbines, certainly the world’s largest order, possibly more than actually exist in the world today.

Note: we will be looking to make a maximum of 2,000,000 houses in New Sparta.

Obviously, an order for 100,000 odd (including industry and electric cars) turbines, researched and Manufactured in New Sparta will dramatically decrease the unit price of turbines and the universities will improve efficiency on a yearly basis.


We will not necessarily use wind turbines, certainly we will not use them exclusively, solar power could play its part, all be it if we look at the alternate energy production clock we see solar power is not a great contributor to the bigger picture of alternate energy, this said it is probably the Greenest of alternate energy, and considering New Sparta is geographically situated in a high sun zone, I look forward to expert opinions, it will be easy enough to put solar panels on the roofs of houses, one could even make it compulsory.

What is interesting about the alternate energy production clock is that Hydroelectricity provides more power than all the worlds nuclear plants, (we will not be using nuclear power). A Hydro Electric plant costs about $1,000,000,000 but I can not find statistics for energy output, plus there is an ecological problem for amongst others, fish. This said if one increased the amount of Dam’s in the world by 14, you would have no need for other power. This is definitely achievable, its just a matter of money, I cant find out how many dam’s there are in the world, but I expect we could run the entire world on hydro electricity for less money that the USA debt balance, and so research and development of Hydro Electric power, is most definitely desired.

One observation I’ve had, is if dam’s are built high up in mountains, above the nature line and capture general rain and melted snow, we dramatically limit the ecological damage, of course building on slopes and mountains costs more that flat land, possibly twice as much, but if we see creation of environmentally friendly dam’s as something we do, not something we do for profit, who cares, twice the cost is twice the jobs, and what better cause for “Give Half Back” money than Green Power. And of course once it’s built, one can charge for the power, and in time, make profit.

Will this work in Oil City? No I don’t think so, unless they combined it as part of the artificial ski slopes, collecting the melted snow.

But North and East of Network City are high mountain ranges, all be it certainly not as effective for gathering rain and melted snow, than colder and wetter European mountain ranges, so I’ll reserve comments until expertly advised.
This said, whilst New Sparta is definitively a Greek state, that does not mean that if Greece’s economy is steady and there is spare cash “Give Half Back” and New Sparta cant start hydroelectric project’s across Europe, building mini cities and even Ski resorts around the projects

So that’s how we power New Sparta, we certainly seem to be able to afford to create a fossil fuel less society. Now let’s have a look at other ecological initiatives.

Firstly is transport, we have a good budget for railways, the intention that no one is more than a mile from a train station. If it can be afforded, rail transport will be free, busses and trams as well.

This said, everyone loves their cars, and with the infrastructure of roads and motorways made to handle 3 times more traffic than their actually is, congestion at least will be limited, if planned efficiently (a dedicated university), eradicated.

As soon as we have the power supply points available, fuel cars will be banned. Electric cars can already drive 80KM or so on a single charge, a dedicated university, with access to all the other universities, energy efficiency advances will soon improve the range and performance.

With 5,000,000 people expected over 8 years, we are looking at a huge order for cars, which will again be made locally, 128 km’s square, and substantial money set aside from infrastructure money to build state of the art factories for the Auto and Transport consortium. Cars will be mass produced and available to purchase new from $20,000.

The objective of “The Spartan Theory” is to make cars so efficient that people across the world buy them, not just citizens of New Sparta, certainly as soon as budgets allow, New Sparta will be providing motorways and other infrastructure through Greece, where the new roads, are built (or existing roads improved) power points will be available every KM.

From Greece into Albania and Macedonia, through Serbia & Montenegro to Bosnia and there hopefully connecting to the Motorways starting in Italy, travelling through Croatia and Slovenia.

A Utopian Dream, not really, more a case of improved physics maths and economics applied to a problem that needs to be fixed within 30 years.

Well that’s transport done. Now let’s look at the damage to nature the development will cause

Well first we have the 2,000,000 house building restriction of which leaves a fair amount of room, for large gardens, park land and Nature Reserves. This said restrictions or not, development over nature, even arid nature has a negative effect on the environment, whilst we are not building over a rain forest, developments destroy plants and trees.

So what if in the Green areas we created a rainforest, or at least turned large parts of New Sparta into lush, botanical gardens?

Cant be done?, of course it can, I’m told Johannesburg is the largest artificial forest in the world 1,600 km sq half the size of New Sparta, built on a giant mountain at 1750M above see level. I’ve been there, it’s not a forest, but there are a lot of Trees. Of course this has taken hundreds of years to cultivate, but it shows how it can be done.
If you look at the “Infrastructure” paper you will see the first advised thing for Consortiums to consider building in the “Luxury Infrastructure” list is a Rain Forrest, at a cost of $6 Billion, It suggests, building such a forest or botanical garden, will increase collective property value and as such, building a rainforest becomes a profitable endeavour.

The biggest single problem to the worlds environment, does have to be addresses however, overpopulation.

Overpopulating any area or country is a very bad thing, the fact that Greece has a small population of 11 million or so, is one of the major factors as to why Greece can become a great economy again. 2,000,000 homes five or six million people, that’s manageable, but not if the citizens have to make babies. Logistically any more than 85,000 babies a year is too many, so I suggest we look to the Chinese and see how they address the problem via tax.

Now obviously we can’t impose a baby tax on people who already have babies, that would be unfair, we can however tax new babies, but you can’t tax a Baby!!!!!!

No but you can give tax benefits for those that don’t have too many,

The whole “Spartan Theory” was based on a promise I made to Sienna’s mother about trying to do something to help mothers who had lost there children, and my further experience seeing how hard it is for single mothers in general, leading to my first journal entry about “Chaos Theory” being based on the frustrations of mothers taken out on children leading to problems in later life. Single mothers will be very welcome and looked after in New Sparta, New Sparta needs children to fill its schools and we need people in general to work learn and play in New Sparta.

Single mothers will receive a full tax brake, i.e they don’t pay tax, if they have another child however, they will pay 10% tax, another child 20% and so on.

This rule will apply to all New Sparta Citizens.

It needs work, but it’s a very sensitive subject to consider for me so I’ll just say, this is what we may do, a good suggestion for experts to consider.

Seeing as we are creating a City of Science, largely dedicated to ecology, in time this is possibly the first of a trillion papers to be written about ecology by New Sparta students and scientists, and that’s the main ecological benefit of New Sparta, the things we will discover.