New Sparta

  12th September 2011

Now we zoom into one of New Sparta "Science Cities" 16 industry conglomerates suburb, sector 2 Oil City.

70.5 Square Km's of land zoned "Resorts" "Country Clubs" "Retail" & 'Science and Sport"


Now we see the location of the 8 km2 land zoned for the first Oil company's to bid for, and see its communally valued at $4B


Now we zoom into to "Hotel & Villa Resort" 1 and see how the $1.49 Billion is divided.

If we look at the smallest house being 1000 M SQ directly overlooking the ocean you will see the price is based on prices in Hout Bay,Cape Town, South Africa. If this house was 15 miles up the road in Clifton it would cost 5 times this amount. If it was in St Tropez or parts of California it could cost 10 times this amount

The more desirable and popular New Sparta becomes the more the land value will rise