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  6th April 2011 - 8pm GMT
The new 21st Century Economic Football Theory.

Sienna FC is a football theory designed to demonstrate the value of loyalty and teamwork into society. It forms part of an economic theory being discussed with GOOGLE, VIRGIN, SKY & MICROSOFT

It is SIENNA’s intention to purchase or start 16 amateur football clubs, all will need to play and win 3 lower league seasons to enter what in England is the Conference North & South. The clubs are based in: Brazil, Spain, Canada & USA Yankee States, USA Confederate states and Mexico, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, Malawi, England, Italy, Argentina, Russia, Hopefully Zimbabwe, France, and Germany.

My thesis is this, the more you play a player the better he gets, I’m sure many players did not reach their prime by lack of opportunity nor by lack of potential, which can come late in any sport or passion, so to address the issue we make a rule that no players will ever be purchased.

With mass press generated and the lure of the richest fiancés, youngsters and out of contract players will be itching to sign up (within their talent bracket that is), knowing that if they make the team they will be given a real good run out.

The only real investment needed at first is in the extensive youth training camps which I hope SKY will sponsor in exchange for sponsorship of said camps, and on the subject of sponsors, all partners will sponsor one nation. “It’s going to be a race for England”

I’d estimate you will be able to pick up players on free transfer all the way up to the Championship, but the priority is youth, give them experience but don’t burn them out, the talent of all clubs should be enough to easily get to the Championship, and then it gets interesting.

The above is a part of a new economic theory called The new 21st Experience Based economy, all the football clubs will be successful in other business ventures, travel for instance.

With no transfer fees, no need for a stadium, (when in the premiership just play at Wemberly) and all youth camps sponsored the clubs costs will be very low, the ability to sell players, additional business ventures and sponsorship (we have already offered VIRGIN HOLIDAYS $30,000,000), the clubs will be very profitable.

The SIENNA project is a non profit organization, tasked with global economic stability & environmental improvement. SIENNA FC is a part of over 50 other equally important developments all over the world. All profits made from the football clubs and all other aspects go to good causes. The 16 SIENNA FC clubs will be truly loved and a shining example of loyalty and teamwork. Plus it will further increase the popularity of football globally, especially in the United States and SIENNA GOOGLE play SIENNA MICROSOFT.

The clubs can transfer between themselves but at least 6 players for their own country or continent must be in the first 11. Inter club competitions will feature in-between the World Cup and the European cup