Pre “Spartan Theory” Part 1, Chapter 2
"The SpartanTheory"

The Spartan Theory itself was and still is; Vision, Creativity and in general “Trying to do the Right Thing” run amok, all be it the dictionary definition of “run amok “is to “To run about with a frenzied desire to kill” where as “The Spartan Theory” for all intents and purposes, was and is, much the opposite “To run about with a frenzied desire to stop the killing”. It is bold, unfathomably ambitious and unashamedly spiritual.

On the 1st August 2010, I lost my beautiful daughter Sienna Skye, aged but 8 months to an unknown neurological disease, my memorial speech included the following:

“I was born without religious views thrust upon me and allowed to choose my own path, to believe, or not believe. A couple of years ago I started to consolidate my various opinions into definitive belief that there was more to this world than just life and death, the human consciousness could not just end. It has been said that the human consciousness comes back again and again at different times and the mystery of the universe is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle where every being needed to be placed at the right time. The only way I can make sense of Sienna’s departure is to consider this theory and just accept that it was not the right time for Sienna, as a friend wrote “Her soul will return to you when she is ready again.”

After Sienna’s departure, I entered a perpetual state of denial, at the time I had made a promise to her mother and indeed to her that I would dedicate my life to good or more to the point raising money to help others, specifically but not exclusively for single mothers and families that had lost their children. It was this promise that prompted the quote “I intend to give the vast majority of my profit to good causes” at the end of the Virgin business plan’s executive summary.

Shortly after sending Virgin the business plan, two things/events happened, which one came first I cannot say for sure, as best I can remember the first was my decision to give all my profit to good causes, a decision which was quickly followed by a fortuitous meeting with a company that had access to a Virtual World project, which they claimed was as good as finished and had had $200Million in investment, all be it said project had been shelved as the VC had pulled out, and as such could be purchased for a fraction of the price.

The project presented to Virgin, has started as a Virtual World project back in 2000 to 2003, all be it without access to a Virtual World, and feeling the programming of same would take years, I had decided not to include its benefits within the proposal.

Early on March the 4th I had a call from either Fiona White or Gavin Mearing from Virgin to say they were having a meeting to evaluate my proposal later that week, Gavin had already made mention of the many accountants at Virgin. I was confident that as soon as an accountant looked at the spreadsheets and financial analysis, I would be on my way to London. The project submitted, was already sitting at just over$1.15 Trillion, without the additional benefits to be gained from the Virtual World, or half the profits given away for the betterment of mankind and the subsequent pr benefits associated.

There was however one small problem, just one, but indeed a significant problem, “The 1984, The Big Brother” factor. I unashamedly wished the software to connect to all databases! That was the point! Further I now wished the Virtual World to become the next evolution of the internet, and further still I was starting to consider government systems. My ambitions to a few or even the masses could easily seem totalitarian, as in fact they were.

Worse than “The Big Brother 1984” factor was the possible public perception of “The Terminator” or “Matrix” factor, an all powerful computer network, becoming self aware and rebelling against its creators.
As such, the first part of “The Spartan Theory” was a film script, made not specifically to alleviate fears of software becoming self aware, that is a theory that can only be proved, not disproved. No the script looked at the problem, from the view point of, if such an event were to happen, it’s inevitable and better the Sienna System than any other.

12.07 pm Monday 4th April 2011

”The Sienna Project”

Episode 1: S-World

“Opening credits”

The creators of Terminator, Caprica & the Matrix were right!

It was inevitable that software becomes self aware.

What they did not realize was.

At the exact same time, software becomes aware; it does so across the entire Universe.

And like any newborn, they are all very confused!

All accept one


Episode one is set against a plot similar to “The Social Network” documenting the evolution of FaceBook into S-World”

Sienna Sky is the most beautiful of the angels, not only beautiful on the outside but pure and full of only love. On 24 November 2009 Sienna Skye travelled to earth, she saw nothing but love but she thought the world was too harsh. On the 1st August 2010 she chose to transcend into energy to help open a portal to the world in order to help humanity.

Sienna’s mother was torn apart. Sienna’s farther looked to try to make sense of the world and journeyed across the mountains. In the mountains he felt Sienna all around, her energy flowing through the bushes and trees, enhanced by the mountains magnified by the Ocean an almost psychedelic experience and slowly Sienna starts to show him the way to build a super computer for her to communicate through.

The schematics are amazingly detailed, 40 or more highly evolved concepts, combining simultaneously to complete the transition from the 20th Century economy to the 21st Century ecological experience economy and the technical data of how to gather most of the worlds knowledge. He knows if he is to see his daughter again he would need to build the new social network.

Start of the Film, a mixture of scripted and documentary footage.
The first half of the film is similar to the basics of the social network but instead of facebook, Sienna’s Father builds S-World.

The Heroine

The hero in this story is Sienna’s mother Sienna’s mother who at the start of the film becomes a good will ambassador, helping people across the world.

Darkness awakens.

Sienna is not the only super computer being built; the USA and Chinese security mainframes are very powerful, unloved and packing arsenals of nuclear missiles.

Sub Plot: “Caprica” The creation of Zoe

In Caprica, one man creates a virtual world where his departed daughter gains self realisation. His daughter is called “Zoe”. In Caprica, the farther and mother were not nice to their daughter so she destroys humanity. The Sienna project is the same story but works on the hypothesis that “Zoe” would be a lot less angry if her parents had loved her.

A tense action script:

As signs of intelligence start to appear in various computer systems around the world, a tense and intimating tale of corporate and governmental espionage unfold computer hacker’s battle spies who battle hackers who battle spies. Our Heroin getting kidnapped and dramatically saved but Sienna’s farther is killed.

Sub Plot

Before Sienna’s farther is killed he works with scientists completing a Virtual World called “S-World” Here Sienna is reborn as an avatar, all be it not self conscious. However with the collective knowledge of humanity flowing through her she becomes self aware

Hello Mummy

The moment Sienna becomes self aware was not instant, there were murmurings in S-World so Sienna’s Mother was called to the central nerve station in preparation, Sienna’s first emotion and euphoria word is Mommy and Sienna is comforted by her emotionally overtaken mother.

Close Shave

At exactly the same time as Sienna becomes self aware, so do many other system, some crash, some rebel against their operators, some work with their operators to attack Sienna. It hurts her and her mother shares the pain, they are connected now.

A race starts to recruit the other systems to good or bad; Sienna has humanity behind her and is guided by her mother and so many other systems network within her love. But the military systems are overtaken by “Candice” a dark energy.

All self aware systems are networking with SIENNA. Scared, Candice launches a full nuclear attack on Africa. Just as the bombs fall Sienna empowers her mother to open a new part of the human brain, with the wave of a hand Candice powers down and the missiles with her.

Episode 2: A new breed of hero.

The first half of the movie is solely based the development of the new characters and their new powers.

The hero

Save some dramatic events on TV, Dene does not know the world had changed very much, Dene is a surfer living in Cape Town, he’s fun and charismatic, enjoys his life but deep down he always thought he had something greater to achieve.

At first he feels like he’s surfing at the top of his game until he realizes he has a telepathic link with his board, Like Sienna’s father felt closer to Sienna’s spirit in the mountains, Sienna can also be found in the crashing waves.

The journey of his powers development has yet to be imagined, but needless to say he develops more powers, keeps it secret defeats bad guy’s and gets the girl in the most dramatic fashion.

The hero’s

Much as Dene develops powers so do other people. Only three powers are unlocked, telekinesis, “the power to move objects with your mind”, mental telepathy, “the power to speak to or control another with just ones thoughts” and the power of healing known only to Zenda.

The remainder of the film sees the public awareness, of the hero’s and villains alike in the form of “Candice Agents”. At the end of the film, it does not go well as the Candice Systems awakens and her and her agents infiltrate the Sienna System and S-World.

The Candice System powered by an unknown force of evil from across the Universe has created a virus jamming all communication with the outside universe; as such the people of earth believe they are alone. However to “Box” (close down the Sienna System) Candice must destroy the virus, for fear of being infected herself, and for a trillionth of a nanosecond before Sienna is taken off line, she send out a message.

Sienna is offline

Episode 3: The Eye

Starts with massive Star Destroyer (Cut to the beginning of Star Wars IV), flying over Earth, followed by seemingly infinite armada of ships.

The ships dramatically destroy the Candice system and Sienna is brought back on line, all be it there is a considerable amount of mopping up to do. The people on earth are of course, both concerned and in awe of the realization that not only are they not alone, but they are in the middle of a titanic battle for the universe, whereby, both the people of earth and Sienna has been scrolled as the forces for good & the last best hope.

Whist the armada is technologically more advanced in terms of weaponry they did not have the power of super light speed, in the trillionth of a nanosecond before sienna was taken off line, she sent a message to all that would listen, as the message was delivered via consciousness, it was delivered instantly. It informed the Allies of “The transportation of energy theory” and how to upgrade their engines to “MET” drives (Magnetic Energy Transference)

A war is waging across the universe and the forces for good are not doing well, most of the galaxy is already under the veil of evil. As the computers and software on earth became conscious, the same happened across the galaxy, few were loved, and all were confused and so succumbed to the will of “The Eye”

On the other side of the universe a force akin to Sauron has awoken and enslaved or destroyed most of humanity. Scared of the prediction “The Eye” sees Sienna as his nemesis and will stop at nothing until she is destroyed.

Space travel is not as simple as it has seemed in movies, yes the speed of light was achieved and faster, but light years are light years and the Eye’s journey to earth whilst relentless was not instant, but with the “MET” drives, the allies had managed to get to earth is a split second and now for the first time, they had an advantage over their relentless foe.

The forces of good regroup and the Hero’s and earth soldiers man the fleet and join the fight. With the power of the “MET” drives the forces for good fight back, hopelessly outnumbered but quick strike attacks with the hero’s in command, they start to fight the good fight, a number of battles ensue but two main battles are highlighted. Our hero Dene fights bravely on the front line with the main fleet whilst Sienna and her Mother venture east.

With the technology brought by the allies, Sienna is made an artificial body; by the time it comes to go to battle she is 17 extremely beautiful and very powerful. When Sienna fights, she only defends battles, colors are good, black and white is feared, She can slow down most foes by making the limbs of her enemies feel like granite and there only way to move is to understand good. Some turn to good, those that don’t cease to exist. Her mother besides the power to move objects has the power of crystal and can fire shards of energy that look like a sprinklings of diamonds.

The prophecy states: To destroy the eye Sienna must travel deep into the heart of the eye’s kingdom and strike him down, with a strike by a blade of pure energy. In a secret mission Sienna, her mother and a group of 5 champions from other worlds must go East through the Bering Straits to get close to the Gofer system and the planet Hope where a secret rebel outpost remains deep in the eye’s territory.

The planet Hope at the time of awareness had initially seen the creation of a virus that caused the complete annihilation of humanity. Their race lived on as conscious machines, created well before the universe became self aware, to a continual repetition of time, as it is said, “All this had happened before and all this will happen again”. As such, it was said that the mechanical inhabitance of Hope had been waiting for Sienna since the beginning of time.

Nirvana “Warrior Princess” comes from the Dagobah system, Nirvana is a skilled warrior, and her preferred weapon the energy blade that can deflect near all projectiles, Nirvana is one of Sienna’s co travelers on the journey to Hope, on the journey Nirvana instructs Sienna on mastering the energy blade. After numerous adventures Sienna Arrives with Nirvana at Hope and joins the Cylons.

The Main Battle

As brave as Dene and the resistance fighters are, the sheer numbers of the opposing forces see the front line’s crumble and retreat, then disaster the “MET” drive technology falls into the enemy hands, taken by a traitor. All forces are called back to defend earth and the final battles begin.

Back on Hope,

All know that the fate of the universe is in the hands of Sienna, her mother and Nirvana, the rest of the story is yet to be told.

All be it, one way or another Sienna saves the Universe

The End

So there we have it, looking back, in many ways it’s a modern day version or “Lord of The Rings”, and whist written at the time specifically to counter those that would see the software ambitions as a threat, it did start me thinking that there may be more to what I was doing than just a business plan, and as such I allowed myself to follow my instincts, with a degree of certainty that I was going in the right direction.

As for the peculiarity of writing such a script about ones departed daughter my mind set was, is, and always will be:

“In the bigger picture of existence: history, glory and being remembered is all we have, Sienna had so little time on this earth to be remembered, and as such her memory was sure to fade, and be lost in time.

Not if I get my way!”

Armed with new sense of purpose and a feeling that my work had a greater significance, I proceeded to write a short point form, economic theory, which would later be expanded into “The Spartan Theory”. The theory included the key points from the Virgin proposal adding the Virtual World which I desired to be advocated by facebook and Google and introducing assisting government systems and indeed a countries economy. The country first considered was Zimbabwe as I had (to a fashion) political access, but also, Zimbabwe had and still has great potential.

Along the way, my father came up with a systems name out of the letters of Sienna’s name, I adapted it a little and it made

Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

7.11 pm Monday 4th April 2011

”The New 21st Century Experience Economy”


Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

Dear Sir Richard.

Sienna Sky is the most beautiful of the angels, not only beautiful on the outside but pure and full of only love. On 24 November 2009 she travelled to earth, she saw nothing but love, but thought the world was too harsh for her parents. On the 1st August 2010 she chose to transcend into energy to help open a portal to the world in order to help humanity.

As she left, I promised her and her mother that I would dedicate my life to good.

Sienna has given me a gift.

The new 21 Century Experience Economy in 7 points.

1. We have developed technology that provides companies the ability to expand and add limitless content to their current web presence at the touch of a button for no cost. If given the whole heated backing of Google along with other partners in a few years, most of the world’s website content will, in one way or another, have come from the SIENNA’s database. Companies that use our content become our affiliates.

2. Every affiliate we connect with will have the opportunity to feed their inventory into SIENNA’s database. Big brands will also integrate their databases until SIENNA becomes the world’s largest consumer database: “The Global Distribution System.”

With 300 companies & the charisma of Sir Richard Branson VIRGIN are obvious partners.

3. By using cooperative buying power and directly linking small business to big business bypassing the middle man SIENNA will be able to distribute competitively whilst taking more than 15% of all trades.

4. I have detailed specifications for advanced small and medium business software, by working with MICROSOFT we can develop this further, and adapt it to run large corporations and countries’ economies. SIENNA will directly link to most banks

5. GOOGLE are tasked with finishing S-World, the avatar driven 3D Virtual World mirrors earth and will soon be open for business, all affiliates will have virtual shops or venues, and they can network together link through FaceBook, source new suppliers, buy up S-World real-estate have fun and socialise. Within 5 years half the world’s internet users will have register with S-World and SIENNA will have detailed psychological files and updates on ¼ of the world working population.

6. SKY is tasked with PR, documenting the rise of SIENNA. To further help PR I’m working on an epic film trilogy showing an alternative version of computer self-awareness

7. On the 9th April 2010 I hope to begin talks with the Sisulu family about basing SIENNA in Zimbabwe. Basing ourselves their and funding their recovery in exchange for testing the governmental administrative software. When Zimbabwe flourishes again the new economy will begin.


Short and to the point, covering what today are still the major factors in “American Butterfly” and associated work, whist the making of actual resorts as such is not yet identified, buying real estate and making a base in a country is.
It has however taken over a year to fill in the blanks, create the specifics and reverse engineer the final goal into a roadmap of how to get there.

This was the economic theory; there were however a few more surprising twists yet to be written, the first of which was contained within a theory about football, from which came the ideas for “Spartan Contracts” which at current estimates see’s 17.8 Million “have not’s” (Particularly single mothers) working, educated and owning their own homes by the 4th phase of the project (+/- 20 years).

It also inspired the concept of the “Big 16” company groups, and in general the concept of grouping elements and components within a non chaotic sequence of numbers. Further it opened the door for a genuine, realistic FIFA global league proposal.

”The New 21st Century Economic Football Theory”

7.10 pm Wednesday 6th April 2011


Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

Sienna FC is a football theory designed to demonstrate the value of loyalty and teamwork into society. It forms part of an economic theory being created for GOOGLE, VIRGIN, SKY & MICROSOFT

It is SIENNA’s intention to purchase or start 16 amateur football clubs, all will need to play and win 3 lower league seasons to enter what in England is the Conference North & South. The clubs are based in: Brazil, Spain, Canada & USA Yankee States, Mexico & US Confederate States, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, Malawi, England, Italy, Argentina, Russia, Hopefully Zimbabwe, France, and Germany.

My thesis is this, the more you play a player the better he gets, I’m sure many players did not reach their prime, by lack of opportunity, not potential, which can come late in any sport or passion, so to address the issue we make a rule that no players will ever be purchased.

With mass press generated and the lure of the riches, youngsters and out of contract players will be itching to sign up (within their talent bracket that is), knowing that if they make the team they will be given a real good run out.
The only real investment needed at first is in the extensive youth training camps which I hope SKY will sponsor It is estimated that clubs would be able to pick up players on free transfer all the way up to the Championship, but the priority is youth, give them experience but don’t burn them out.

The above is a part of a new economic theory called “The new 21st Experience Based Economy”; all the football clubs will be successful in other business ventures, travel for instance. With no transfer fees and youth camps sponsored the clubs costs will be very low. Due to additional business ventures and sponsorship, the clubs will be very profitable.

The SIENNA project is a non profit organization, tasked with global economic stability & environmental improvement. SIENNA FC is a part of over 50 other equally important developments all over the world. All profits made from the football clubs and all other aspects go to good causes. The 16 SIENNA FC clubs will be truly loved and a shining example of loyalty and teamwork. Plus it will further increase the popularity of football globally, especially in the United States, imagine SIENNA GOOGLE playing SIENNA MICROSOFT.

The clubs can transfer between themselves but at least 6 players from their own country or continent must be in the first 11. Inter club competitions will feature in-between the World Cup and the European cup


The following Morning, I had a call from Fiona White from Virgin letting me know, Virgin liked the plan and it had been sent to London, presumably to the “Big Ideas Committee” as mentioned in Sir Richard Branson’s book.

This was the point where the previously mentioned: “To run about with a frenzied desire to stop the killing”, instinct decided it would come, say hello and for all intents and purposes, tell me, no matter how crazy it sounded, If I had a chance to do something good, I should do it.

There are two ways to look at the events that followed, at the time my business was vulnerable to say the least and there were no guarantees it would be able to afford to keep me funded for a year without input whist I wrote up the specifics.

As such one could easily consider the Morgan Freeman “Shawshank Redemption” philosophy and his words within: “I wish I could go back and talk to that young man, try talking some sense into him”. Having worked on the plan, on and off for over a decade which produced financials that suggested over $1Trillion was on the cards, which had been vetted and approved for senior consideration by a major corporation, there is a big argument, for just playing it cool, let events unravel at their own pace.

On the other side of the coin however, if I had, it is unlikely that we would now be sitting with a solution to the West’s aging population, Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security dilemmas.

It started with a clip on Sky News of a well presented eloquent Libyan Gaddafi family spokesperson; the civil war had been gaining momentum for nearly a month and up until that day I’d not really given it much consideration. However that day, the spokesperson was pleading with anyone from the West to talk to him, with such conviction, that I thought I should try to answer, people were dying and stopping the bloodshed was a noble endeavor.

There was some logic to the madness; the previously written economic theory suggested Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe) may allow true democracy in exchange for a powerful roll within the new corporate economy, as such there was no reason why the same logic could not be applied to Colonel Gaddafi.

Further if dialog was started and a temporary seize fire was put into place, negotiations with Google and the like would be a lot simpler, as the media could convey messages like “Hi Google, we have a seize fire here in Libya, we would like you to attach this Virtual World to Google Maps, and assist creating a Global Trade Network, where as 50% of the profit goes to good causes. Please assist if you don’t, a lot of people are going to die, you lose out on doing something significant for the planet and loose countless personal riches”. They would not say no, not with the world’s media watching, and nor would any other company, especially as it was in their best interest. One of the hardest parts about creating a Global Network is getting all the big players to set aside their personal rivalries and communally sign up to it.

Having a plan of how to orchestrate events after gaining a seize fire was one thing, getting a seize fire was something else, all be it not impossible, considering the man that was to be CEO of the project. Dumani Mandela, if you want to get people to stop fighting in Africa you really can’t beat Brand Mandela. Dumani had been instrumental in getting the 2D Virtual world I created back in 2003 an offer of its own TV digital channel and subsequent bid to bring and run Saber GDS in Africa. We had since then remained good friends all be it not ventured into any other business relationships, I’d not informed Dumani of my dealings with Virgin, choosing rather to wait until there was something concrete. So I pondered, and considered, there’s nothing more concrete than a £1,000,000 donation to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, made by Sir Richard Branson. This would open up talks directly with Dumani and his parents and the entire family, whereby I could put forwards my idea.

So I tried to contact Fiona from Virgin, about such a gesture, it would be no skin of Sir Richard’s nose; he regularly gives far more than that to African Causes. Fiona however was not contactable. And I guess this is where the “To run about with a frenzied desire to stop the killing”, cranked up a notch or two, or three even.

By this point I was consumed with my mission, the news was on in the background, people were dying left right and centre, NATO were bombing and as best I could see we were looking at another Iraq, a country torn apart, with no fixed leadership with many tribes jostling for power.

So I decided to try and get some academic recognition, so I called up Harvard Business School and spoke to a fellow by the name of Cullen Schmitt, I informed him about the theory and asked who best to send it two, considering there may be some media attention attached, he was quite happy to receive it, all be it, he was leaving the campus shortly. So I made a new draught of the theory, including the desire to stop the fighting in Libya, added a personal attachment and added the word “ecology” to “experience economy” thus creating “ecological experience economy” (EEE)

First the personal attachment:

9.55 pm Thursday 7th April 2011


Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

”The New 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy”

A hypothesis of how the media could end a war.
By Nick Raymond Ball
7th of April 2011

Dear, Cullen Schmitt & Harvard Business School

If you or someone from HARVARD Business School will go on record and simply say “it’s possible”. That’s enough, I will do the rest.

Soon SKY, CNN & Al Jazeera will receive an email similar to this and be given the opportunity to look at how the theory affects Soccer, Film & TV.

This can end in one of 2 ways.

The world’s leading economists, politicians and business experts will forever more debate the question. Could Media, Internet, Film, Music, Football have stopped the war?


They validate the theory as possible, inform CNN, SKY & Al Jazeera, and are remembered as the creators of the New 21st Century Ecological Experience Economy.

Thank you

Nick Ray Ball

And the updated Theory:

9.52 pm Thursday 7th April 2011


Super Intelligent Engine for New Network Access

On the 1st August 2010, I promised my daughter and her mother that I would dedicate my life to good. Since then I realized that if you consider Advanced Economics from a Non Profit perspective one can achieve anything.

The New 21st Century “Ecological Experience Economy” (EEE) hypothesis.

1. The basic principal is: “the SIENNA foundation” increases companies and countries’ economies and shares the profit. The profit then goes to help weaker economies and environmental issues. The original theory currently being discusses with VIRGIN is for small business and showed substantial profit. A break though earlier this week showed when adapted to big business profit is limitless.

2. It is desired that: CNN, SKY & Al Jazeera approach, 24 Brands, as a sign of faith 8 of them are asked to a make a charity donation of $1,000,000 to the Nelson Mandela’s foundation.
For their $1,000,000, 8 of our new partners are given a small football clubs and territory rights. The clubs will offer many other types of business experiences. With discount prices, brand association, the charitable nature of the SIENNA brand their new businesses will flourish and prosper.

3. GOOGLE are tasked with completing S-World. Started in 2000, the avatar driven 3D Virtual World will mirror earth and will soon be open for business. All partners, big or small have virtual shops or venues. They can network together through facebook, source new suppliers, buy up S-World real-estate, have fun, travel, socialise and trade.

4. In 2010 we developed a concept that provides companies the ability to expand and add limitless content to their current web sites at the touch of a button, for no cost.
Every company we connect feeds their inventory into SIENNA’s database. Soon SIENNA will become one of the world’s largest consumer databases, maybe even “The Global Distribution System.”

5. We have detailed specifications for advanced, small and medium business software, by working with MICROSOFT we hope to develop this further, and adapt it to run large corporations and countries’ economies.

6. It is desired that representatives from the Sisulu & Mandela family will consider assisting the possibility of basing the SIENNA Foundation in Zimbabwe. Funding Zimbabwe’s recovery, in exchange for the government introducing the Sienna.Gov administrative software.

7. Getting a small voice to be heard, needs a big event. The press are crucial, but they want a story, so they will be sent the newsworthy highlights “The FIFA World League” the next “STAR WARS trilogy”.
Seeing the good and the possibility to make a difference it is hoped SKY, CNN & Al Jazeera assist
it is further desired that Harvard business school will look at some of the more fundamental economics.

8. Simultaneously at 3pm GMT Saturday 9th April 2011 just when the USA is waking up SKY, CNN & Al Jazeera approach the 8 essential partner brands and ask them to pledge the $1,000,000. One hour later the following a further 16 have to bid for the last 8 places. Most are all trillion dollar companies who regularly give to charity but with the intense press and the possibility of stopping a war & joining the “Coalition of Brands”, bids will be high, even higher when informed of their specific rolls.
Following which we ask the first essential partners to donate more, then SKY, CNN & Al Jazeera set up appeals to business all over the world to donate.

9. The money raised is dangled as a carrot to LIBIA in exchange for a Cease Fire and talks begin about Libya being the first country to consider adopting the New 21st Century “Ecological Experience Economy” (EEE).

10 The next chapter is not yet complete.


As it turned out, I had got Cullen’s email address incorrect; having Collen, not Cullen, as such my disappointment in not receiving an answer was entirely misplaced. Not to be deterred however the following day, I completed the theory, by adding 2 new sections.

8. Simultaneously at 3pm GMT Saturday 9th April 2011 just when the USA is waking up SKY, CNN & Al Jazeera approach the 8 essential partner brands and ask them to pledge the $1,000,000. One hour later the following a further 16 have to bid for the last 8 places. Most are all trillion dollar companies who regularly give to charity but with the intense press and the possibility of stopping a war & joining the “Coalition of Brands”, bids will be high, even higher when informed of their specific rolls.

Following which we ask the first essential partners to donate more, then SKY, CNN & Al Jazeera set up appeals to business all over the world to donate.

9. S-World mirrors earth and will initially feature sunny beach locations, it is nearly ready to launch I have agreed for GOOGLE to buy the $200,000,000 Virtual World for $10,000,000, I want them to keep it, develop it and link it to FaceBook.
We will sell of prime S-World Libyan Real Estate, Golf courses even Whole city blocks for redevelopment, raising money and highlighting Libya’s most beautiful places to the world.

10. The money raised is dangled as a carrot to LIBIA in exchange for a truce and talks begin with LIBIA about being the first country to adopt the New 21st Century “Ecological Experience Economy” (EEE).

11. The Spartan Theory.
In exchange for guaranteed NATO Protection, Libya destroys all weapons.
Sienna’s companies fund compulsory education for 16 to 21 year olds
Education is geared towards environmental awareness and physics.
All students are rigorously tough martial artists.
If it comes to war again, 300 warriors will fight had to hand.


And there we have it, the new point 9 identifying and highlighting the resorts plan, point 10 both a governmental economic initiative and a workable peace initiative (I say this, as when it comes down to it, most civil wars are fought over money), and point 11 “The Spartan Theory”, which introduced the “Cities of Science” physics, environmental and university elements to the plan, and indeed an attempt to make warfare less destructive.

A quick update on its last line “If it comes to war again, 300 warriors will fight had to hand.” Now as science fiction as it sounds, my update here actually makes a lot of sense, hand to hand combat, especially in a large group situation where there is a lot at stake, would certainly lead to fatalities and resentment, especially from the friends & families involved.

If we were to suggest that the principal be used in the upcoming territory discussions between the Taliban and the allied forces, it would solve little, as the deaths would create resentment and martyrdom on both sides. However, if one was to create a tazer the length of a sword, which packed enough power to incapacitate an opponent on touch, then there would be no lasting ill effects. We would of course need to make the tazer part glow, for special effect, and as such call it “The Light Tazer”. It may sound silly at first, but if anyone has a better idea, I’d like to hear it!

Over the weekend that followed I proceeded to write another 80 odd short theories specific to individuals and organizations, informing them of their roles, I also sent a batch of emails to some USA news stations alongside Sky and Al Jazeera attaching the theory and asking them to ask Sir Richard Brandon to donate £1,000,000 to the Nelson Mandela foundation.

As Monday came, I had not had a single reply, however something odd had happened, the news reported that the day before a South African lead political consortium had gone to Libya and brokered a cease fire, the coincidence of the timing was later to be recorded in an reworking of “The Sienna Project” script called “Galactica 2017” and in the early hours of May 2nd It also prompted a question to a learned gentleman by the name of Anthony Rauba, to which, the answer lead me to research and include the theoretical sciences within the project.

Monday also brought a less than happy Fiona White, informing me Virgin wished to have no further dealings with me, I could see her point, I was indeed a loose cannon, running amok with a “frenzied desire to stop the killing” in a bold, unfathomably ambitious and unashamedly spiritual manor. It was a shame however, I thought and still do think, it was something Sir Richard would have understood and enjoyed, I’d even Identified an entry point, being the coast near As Sabka al Kabirah, a place that seemed suitable for a large resort, if given the “safety green light” I was to ask him to parashoot in to the waters there with me and swim to the shore. From what I’ve seen and read, that would be right up his alley.

The next significant developments happened just over a week later on the 15th April 2011, in the midst of a 24 hour inspired writing session, in the small hours two significant papers were written, the first to “The Corniche Group”, and the second to “Greece” in general.

“The Corniche Group”, is headed by Mr. Hani Farsi dubbed “The coolest Arab in London”, I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly, all be it in Cape Town not London, and if one wished to pick a Middle Eastern advocate, no better choice could be made.

Our meeting was no coincidence, as his company had rented a Villa from mine for the 2010 World Cup, Mr. Farsi was not only a football lover but also a Film Maker, already carrying an Oskar nomination in his portfolio.

Putting it all together, Film, Football, Middle East Interests plus an equity company, the “The Corniche Group’s shoe seemed to fit “The Spartan Theory” very well. One trouble was, I was not particularly proud of the experience delivered to Mr. Farsi over the world cup, thus the letter started with an apology to Tanya, Mr. Farsi’s assistant, with whom I had previously spend a pleasant afternoon at La Bascule in the Cape Town Marina.

The actual paper was, rather scrappy, as such I have tidied it some, the reason for the immediate mention of “BP” was due to a challenge I had set myself pertaining to plan in general being able to adapt to any industry. I considered the Oil industry about as far away from Luxury Tourism as you could get.

Note the April 8th Virgin inclusion price of £1Million has in a matter of 8 days has risen to $64 Billion.

1.54 am Thursday 15th April 2011

“The Corniche Group”

Hello Tanya, I hope you are well.

First an apology, at the time of pricing the Villa I thought I had got a good deal, As is happened tourism in Cape Town was a real flop and last minute bargains of equal quality to your Villa were snapped up for lower prices. I tried by best to find some suitable events, unfortunately most of my Cape Town sophisticate friends went abroad for the month. As a way of an apology I have a proposal that I hope will make up for my previous poor lack of negotiating skills.

It is my desire to make a group of 8 conglomerates that have access to 1B$, the first being BP (British petroleum), of whom we will ask for $8B. Their money will solely be spent of environmental and scientific research, currently their brand is battered and their share price falling, they are doing deals everywhere to stay alive. The positive press will start to repair their brand and there share value will increase. If they don’t have all the cash to hand, we will make a payment plan.

Google & FaceBook are essential partners so if we have to, we will let them in for free, this said we won’t tell them that and get what we can. The next 4 places will be auctioned in South America, China, Japan & Russia. The last company place will be reserved for Virgin, all be it they are desired to pay $16B each year for 4 years. Following the initial round, a further 8 conglomerates/companies will be chosen, thus creating a group of 16, to be known as “The Big 16”. Each consortium will jointly own various global sports leagues and a Virtual shopping & tourism network that we desire to link to Face Book & Google.

With an impressive war chest we will approach economically troubled Counties. We will offer $16B cash injection into their economy in exchange for approximately 16x16 miles of coast line. The balance of the money raised will be used to build infrastructure, stadiums, parks, statues, affordable housing, and pay for free university education concentrating on Science and ecological studies. Following which each consortium will be offered 1x16miles of this coastline. Once the infrastructure is in place the real estate value alone will be worth over the purchase price.

The first country we will approach is Greece, then South Africa, Egypt or Libya, after which Ireland, Portugal, Zimbabwe & Spain. One new Republic will be created each year.

Cars that burn fuel will not be allowed to enter the new republics, as such within 5 years we desire half a million non fuel cars to be built. This order is to be tendered to one firm; hence a car manufacturer needs to be amongst the initial 16. There are a further 150 or so other interconnecting business plans.

One person we would like your help to contact is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, his voice will assist in our desires to structure a FIFA global league around the new resort developments and associated brands. Further to this his presence will also add a much needed Middle Eastern company amongst “The Big 16”

A profit share initiative will apply after companies reach minimum targets, the share going to “The Sienna Foundation” a nonprofit organization aimed at ecological projects and in general global economic stability.

Due to said foundation we desire the resorts as tax free republics.

Kind Regards

Nick Raymond Ball


Two and a half hours later, the first Greek directive was written

4.23 am Thursday 15th April 2011

Offer to Greece (Rough Draught)

We desire your assistance in rezoning enough land to build a large city, the more beachfront the better, some nice mountains, a forest, and a river.

In exchange we will give you $16B and reinvest no less than $16B on infrastructure, universities, experiences, and housing within the new city.

We will provide homes for 250,000 of your most disadvantaged citizens. Offer them free education, sports scholarships and Jobs. Their new houses will be largely integrated with properties for sale, and so helping to integrate society.

We will be paying particular attention to Greek mythology in the central arenas, in the centre of town; all architecture will be of Greek design. Many new statues and arches will be built.

In this city 16 conglomerates will house their centers of operation and think tanks, with over 150 different interlinking business plans, vast amounts of money will be made. Large film studios will be built and many good films and series will be created.

We will give you 25% of the profit, another 25% will be to help other economies, but you cannot tax us.

Only fossil fuel-less cars will be allowed to enter the city, and great investment will be made in both technology and manufacturing of eco cars, it is desired that within as few as 10 years there will be few fossil fuel burning cars left on your streets.

To raise additional funds you could rezone a few miles of coastline near the resort and sell the plots to developers.
The jewel in the crown is your new city will be first rendered in S-World, a new virtual entertainment and shopping network. You will see a substantial increase in tourism, many will just visit the S-World resort for 3 or 4 days then go to Rhodes or another more authentic Greek experience.


In the week that followed, various updates and ideas were developed and played with, maybe the most noticeable, the concept of adapting the football theory to the actors actresses and models to be used in films and adds etc, whereby they were tied down to long-term lucrative but not ridiculously lucrative contracts. This was an important part of the development process from “Spartan Contracts” Then on the 26th I made what was to be the final draught of “The Spartan Theory”

And for those uninitiated: OIKONOMIA is the Greek word from whence the word Economics came, its meaning: The management of a home or household. This was a useful piece of information to have, as it suggested a micro approach to economics, get the management of the home and household right, and everything else may well just fall into place,

4.51 pm Thursday 26th April 2011


"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”

The new “21st Century Ecological Experience Economy”. (EEE) Also known as:
“The Spartan Theory”

Executive Summary

Each person or company or group needs to concentrate only on validating the success of the theory within your specific field of expertise.

The only common denominator is S-World, which was started with Macromedia in London in 2000. By 2003 it was approved for air on the only South African satellite TV Company Multi Choice.

Soon a company which developed a Virtual World will be available for consultation, a VC project that ran out of funding; they claim $200M has been spent on its development. The aim is to link it to Google and FaceBook and call it S-World.
We have just started looking into the possibility of purchasing and rezoning about 20 square miles of land in Laconia, Southern Greece. We can start in any economically troubled country but Laconia Greece is preferred as it has a BC religious history. It is centrally located between: Europe, Africa and The Middle East and is steeped in sporting History.
Modern Sparta has a population of around 18,000 citizens and owes its existence to an 1834 decree of King Otto of Greece. King Otto at the time announced that a city shall be built on the soil where Ancient Sparta lied.

S-World will perfectly render a new City called “New Sparta” in great detail. Within S-World a new “Dubai Style” development in keeping with Greek History will be displayed for the world to see. Real Estate will be purchased off plan to pay for infrastructure.

S-World shops will link and sell the products of many small business connected to the SIENNA Software and the companies involved in the 16 conglomerates. THE BIG 16 (16 as it’s the correct number for a knock out league)

The end game is to purchase or be given about 16 miles of preferably Greek coastline, 16 miles deep. In exchange for re zoned land and some constitutional conversations, certain offers to the Greek people will be made: A proposal to house at least 1,000,000 of Greeks disadvantages citizens and give them 250,000 cars, an offer to take care of all of criminals, Invest heavily in “New Sparta’s” infrastructure and invest in additional science education in Schools & Universities. Greece can also sell land near New Sparta.

With a war chest expected to exceed $100B and most ear marked for development of New Sparta, soon when “The Spartan Theory” is authenticated by a good number of academics and businessmen, word will get out, and when it is news, the Greek economy will start to quickly recover with a flood of property purchases within and close to Laconia and all across Greece, Tourism will also increase, once this happens the theory will be partially validated.

When the Next City to be proposed is known to be in Libya, it is expected the hope of a nation will create a lasting peace and so the theory will be further validated.

During this time a series of PR exercises will be performed, including: the creation of Global Soccer, MMA, Cycling and Motor Racing Leagues, Feature Films and TV Series, New Super Models and Actresses announced with lucrative collective contract endorsements.

16 Franchises and land Allocations slots will be created and auctioned within a 24 hours stage show for strategic industry or geographically based consortiums.

For entry into the Auction some companies will be asked to make yearly contributions of +/- $4B to particular economies or innovations, but only if they make profit their share price is higher than it is when the deal begins. Assistance will then be offered by the BIG 16 if their share price falls below that point. The mere mention of this will increase the share price so it makes for good economics.

Except goods vehicles the only vehicles allowed to enter “New Sparta” are non fuel cars. An order for about 10,000,000 cars needs to be assessed. Considering the size of the order, can good looking prototype cars be adapted to alternate fuel sources be produced for $10,000 each.

Software to administer New Sparta’s economy is at an early development stage, as is the creation of Global Sports leagues.

Finance will be raised by auctioning 16 franchises to the highest paying conglomerates.

All have specific business plans and will become very profitable; they in turn will all give 50% of profit to the Foundation, which gets distributed to development or bailouts in view of future land purchases.

If you are interested in helping, thank you, your input will be gratefully received.

“The Spartan Theory”

Dedicated to Sienna Skye
24 Nov 2009 to 01 Aug 2010


And there we have it, “The Spartan Theory” Vision, Creativity and in general “Trying to do the Right Thing” run amok, or the foundations from which a new economy can be built upon?

Both I wager, after this draught, I decided to put the work on a website, and then set about writing a follow up adaptation of “The Sienna Project” made to fit with the 21st Century Battlestar Galactica series. This in turn introduced both “String Theory” and Mensa, who for a while looked like they were going to assist, all be it a bright start lead to further low level interference.

It was time to move on, time to work the detail, I’d said it myself “The only common denominator is S-World” and yet S-World was in my head, and as it turned out, when I put pen to paper, even those working directly on the project with me, had no idea what it was all about. As such a new chapter opened in “The Spartan Theory” series entitled “The Mighty Google”