The 24 Hour TV Stage Spectacular

The date of the auction for the remaining shares in the BIG 16 is not yet set. It will however start on a Saturday at 3PM GMT and finish 24 hours later.

Each BIG 16 consortium will be geographically assigned a proportionally equal region. For Instance “The British Isles & Viking Nations” or “The Arabic States” 16 such regions will cover the globe and these will be the homes of the “Global Leagues.”

At least one stadium per region will stage its own “24 Hour TV Stage Spectacular”

For regions where there are different countries, languages, religions and cultures, we expect a number of different events to take place in different stadiums. Shown in their own languages highlighting their regions arts culture and spiritualism.

For instance: “The British Isles & Viking Nations”: England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

There will however be 2 focus points.

1.    The Main Channel for other broadcasters (Sky, NBC, FOX, Multi Choice, Virgin etc): will see announcements of Global Leagues, Huge Charity Donations, Economic Bailouts, alongside the world-s most famous and popular artists.

2.    The Main S-World Channel: Will see (With permission) a 24 hour Music Concert akin to Star Wars meets Wood Stock vs. Glastonbury 1990, staged on the Sand Dunes of Hout Bay.
The music on the main stage will (we hope) feature artists from The Cult to The Doors, sung live by a combination of the original artists and “The Sienna Starlets”

For those that could get a little tired of the same style of music, on the other side of the beach will be an Early 90’s Dance music tent and a number of fair rides that will play, Reggae and other styles off music.

All through the night 1000 fire dancers will spin and fire fight along the seafront.
Entrance will of course be by invite only, plus township folk, and with really a 5000 capacity at best but it will be an exclusive guest list.

Cruise liners and Super Yachts however will have 2,000 passes, to come in from their yachts. We will at times perform from these Yachts.

We are approaching HJK Films, to create a 90 minute film of how it will look, including the new buildings in (we hope) the rezoned land below Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay, and Cape Town.

HKL Films, CGI unit is amazing equal to any other. So combining that with live footage, this film will be popular with Art Cinema’s and Network viewers alongside S-World Viewers.

There will be a number of dedicated S-World channels documenting this Exciting Art Film.