“The BIG 16 Conglomerates”

1.      S-World    50% strategically distributed
2.      PR (Press and Film) 50% strategically distributed
3.      Real Estate and Land 10% Selling strategically
4.      Travel & Tourism 10% Selling strategically
5.      Retail 5% offered to Sir Richard Brandon
6.      Software Developement  -
7.      Oil and Transport -
8.      Science & Ecology -
9.      Sports – Health - Pharmaceuticals 5% to be offered to FIFA
10.  Precious metals, Stones -
11.  Financial Sector -
12.  Open -
13.  The Americas (not Alaska) up to 25% offered to USA democratic families
14.  Russia, China & Alaska -
15.  Europe, Africa, Arabia -
16.  Rest of The World  -

Consortiums may merge, to make way for new industries.

How Much is a share worth

Well before S-World and then S-World.TV, VIRGIN New Brand SA approved the Solid Luxury Travel plans and detailed financials (Attached) for: £122 936 828  The full Business Plan is found  up until March at

VIRGIN Brands SA can not dispute that they approved these plans for the ‘London Virgin Big Ideas committee” Gavin.Meiring@virgin.co.za  and further that “The London Big Ideas committee did not find fault” negotiations simply broke down over our public insistence that they to pay $1,000,000 to “The Nelson Mandela Foundation”.

So it can be assumed the £122,936,828 is correct, hence 1% in the Travel consortium is realistically valued at £1,229,368
These figures were calculated before S-World and “The Sienna Foundations” full potential was realized, the real value is far higher.

On the 1st of June 2011 the first 50% of Shares in S-World are being strategically offered to
·         Google
·         FaceBook
·         Twitter
·         Microsoft
·         Apple
·         Adobe
·         The thought Factory & VC Backer.
·         HJK Films
Allocation as follows:
1st to accept             10%                 $0
2nd to accept           7.5%                $0
3rd to accept            7.5%                $1,000,000
4th to accept            5%                   $2,000,000
5th to accept            5%                   $3,000,000
6th to accept            5%                   $4,000,000
7th to accept            5%                   $5,000,000
8th to accept            5%                   $6,000,000

Acceptance is a simple letter of interest from the CEO, Chairman or any Senior Director of the group.

The Action of “THE BIG16”

With the exception of S-World and the PR consortium, it is expected that 90% of the shares in all other consortiums are reserved and sold in an auction over a 24 hour period see (“The 24 Hour Stage spectacular”)

However, money is not everything, For instance, Automobile companies that pledge to only produce “Greener” cars will pay less for the same shares than its rival who did not make such a pledge. I’m sure by the time we get to the auction there will be a lot more such examples brought to the attention of “The Board”

The Board:

Each big 16 will have 16 members of the board, who will discuss where they feel it is best to allocate their consortiums funds.  They will be left to their own devises, their decisions finite unless questioned by BIG 16 founder “Nick Raymond Ball” or whoever inherits
his VITO.


For his efforts, Nick Raymond Ball will be given a carte blanch VITO over the “Sienna Foundation” spending decision over $10M. He will not own any shares in any company and is currently adopting a life without assets approach, in part as an example to others that money does not buy happiness, but also to protect the foundation, in case of slander accusations.
For all appeals during the auction, as well as the auction for shares, there will be a public appeal, led by any Celebrities and Royalty that are linked to an individual BIG 16 Consortium.