The Celebrity Agency

The original idea behind “The Celebrity Agency” came simply from the desire for Sienna Foundation representatives, to love their jobs.

If you have seen the film “Catch me if you can” with Leonardo De Caprio, where he pretends to be a pilot and hides behind a group of beautiful air hostesses.

Well these Air Hostess loved their job, why? Because it was glamorous.

So it makes sense to make our public face employees jobs, glamorous.  

Well, skip 3 months and we own “www.S-World.TV” what will soon be a flourishing, Virtual Social Network, TV Network linked to strategic Film and Video production companies and networks. 

The contract idea is simple and as always we work in a syndicate of 16 owners of the contract.

The basic philosophy of it is, if you don’t like the terms, just move on with your day. But with an annual $1,000,000 basic salary many will be very tempted.

The contract is 16 years, you can retire and take holidays

By working as a “Sienna Starlet” featuring in affiliate’s movies, catalogs, and being patrons to certain charities donating money, making films about donating money, it all works.

Needless to say, Sienna Starlets are going to get a lot of very positive exposure.

So we simply split the $1,000,000 salary between 16 strategic partners.

$5208 per month each

So that pays the salary, it will take a year maybe more before all 16 Syndicate slots are filled.

The real money comes from the endorsements of the BIG 16, which will be large

The profit made from endorsements is divided in the following way.

50% “The Sienna Foundation” This actually increases your contracts net worth, as it increases your personal brand love and It may well have tax advantages.

25% goes to “The Starlet”

25% goes to the owners of the contract.

The net result, The Starlets get ridiculously rich, and when it balances out they help pay for their own productions. And at the same time everyone makes a huge amount of money for *charity.

* Unlike other Sienna Partners, all money raised will go to the chosen charities of the contract owners and starlets, not Ecological Studies and Economic Stability.