So what happened with VIRGIN?

20th Sept 2011

So what happened with VIRGIN?

Bad timing, I was on another planet.

I’d sent the proposal to Gavin Meiring and Fiona White VIRGIN Brands SA, about 2 weeks later, I’d had a meeting with a company called “The Thought Faqtory” They had access to a $200 Million Virtual World, a bust VC project.

This changed things dramatically, and inspired the first document in “The History of the Spartan Theory” - “S-World” written on the 30th March, it was the beginning of the idea to buy land, popularise it and sell it alongside the software, all be it at the time, I was thinking Virtual property, not Laconia Greece.

On the 4th April shortly after writing “The Movie Scripts” I wrote “The New 21st Century Experience Economy in 7 points” Now my business plan had become a fledgling economic theory,

I’m pretty sure it was the 7th of April when I got the call from Fiona telling me the plan was good. The affirmation really helped, I went into a hyper creative state.

Somewhere along the way, I’d worked out that the Virtual World and Real Estate plan’s added to the $50 Billion projected for the software was equal to so much money, I could not keep it, and so came the opening line to a letter to Sir Richard Brandon.

"I promised my daughter I would dedicate my life to good. Since then I realized that if you consider Advanced Economics from a Non Profit perspective one can achieve anything."

If I let everyone else trade as normal and I just gave up my share of the money, and my money went to charity, ecology & global economic stability that would make excellent PR for everyone involved.

The plan was now very doable; excellent technology, the worlds largest property development and excellent PR
I just needed to speak to some clever people.

Unfortunately I saw the Libya war worsen on the television, and when a Gaddafi family spokes person pleaded with the west to talk to him about a seize fire, it caught my attention. And I thought an adaptation of my theory could help.

My logic was 3 fold.

1. I had the political mechanism to be heard should I have a credible plan, through Dumani Mandela, to the ANC.
2. If I could get to speak to Sir Richard Branson, and explained my ideas for New Sparta, his approval and the simple suggestion to the media that if the Libyan’s made a solid cease fire, we would consider Libya the base for the City, they may listen.
3. The plan offered a possible peaceful solution of what to do with Gaddafi, let him have a type of Royalty position in the new City.
And if we look at part 3, its actually probably better, that the war did not stop, as it seems Gaddafi was a problem, but it does pose the question, would such a system work in other Middle East and African states,

Have a look at my top 16 suggestions for New Cities

South Africa/Zimbabwe Mozambique/Malawi borders, would Robert Mugabe step down, to live in utter luxury as a kind of Royalty in this city? Maybe, maybe not, but it putts something on the table.

Egypt, this type of offer may be welcome, there is certainly strain between the people and the government, and whilst The West are sticking their heads in the sand, the situation’s not getting any better. Maybe somewhere a solution could be found within these parameters. Maybe, again, at least it putts something on the table, gives the people hope, and when “New Sparta” that hope will build momentum.

This is obviously getting into politics, and I’d rather leave that to others, it does however give one something to consider.

It certainly gave me something to consider at the time, and if you wish to look into the psychology, please consider, 2 days before, I’d written a film about how I would link my software to facebook and it would bring back the sole of my daughter Sienna, and suddenly in real life VIRGIN were going to back the idea, things were extremely spiritual, and in such a spiritual plane, you do what you can to help if you can, so I had to try and get someone to talk to me quickly so I could see if my theory could help Libya.

I thought the best route was not to try to get directly to Sir Richard, rather try to get VIRGIN to donate US $1Million to the Nelson Mandela foundation in Sienna’s name. This would have got me Dumani’s full attention and I could speak to the family, then.......

I did not think it too much of an imposition, Sir Richard is always giving his money away, especially in Africa. I’m sure I read a month ago that VIRGIN HOLIDAYS & RAILWAYS money goes to alternative energy.

At first I sent the renamed The New 21st Century “Ecological Experience Economy” (EEE) to Colleen Shmidt At Harvard Business School, with a cover note, “hypotheses of how the Media and Big Business could stop a war” Then I sent the theory to everyone I possibly could for 2 days running.

No one responded, which was annoying, but looking back at it, not surprising, what really got me was..... The war stopped, and by an African Consortium. That’s a way out there coincidence.

This was the event that inspired my papers on “String Theory

The bottom line was, I was on a completely different planet that week, on the Monday Fiona called and informed me politely enough that we would not be proceeding, and considering that weekend I’d unwittingly found a way to genuinely claim my economic theory was “String Theory” and as such, “a genuine contender for the theory of everything” I just accepted her words, and turned towards Google. I was hardly fazed, which looking back at it was crazy, as it was a 50/50 that I’d have enough money to get through the winter.

To make sense of it, I just consider, it was the wrong time, more research needed to be done, and probably I needed to do most of it myself.

Well now it’s at a point where I’m happy to represent to VIRGIN and I hope this page explains to Fiona, why events went they way they did. I should have mentioned the deeply personal nature of the project. Its my opinion, the plans are just to good for me to have thought them up alone, I still feel this now, I just handle it in a much more professional way. That’s why now I call it “Spiritually Inspired Software” Because at the very least, when the original “Spartan Theory” was written, I was deeply spiritually inspired.

So that’s what happened with VIRGIN, my bad. OOPS!!!