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"American Butterfly"

This website serves/served a number of purposes
1. It becomes a quick reference guide to some of the more professional presentations, which are presented below.
2. It becomes a general reference guide for research and development for the project “American Butterfly” from March 2011 to May 2012.
3. At times it tells the story of S-World development in at times an entertaining manner.
Section 1:
"S-World" March 2011 to August 2012:
Deals largely with the development of S-World VSN (Virtual Social Network)
Key chapters:
The VIRGIN Business Plan: Describes business software and an affiliate network, contains an 11 year project development history and presents a $1 Trillion plus financial forecast.
The Spartan Theory: Describes a period of heightened creativity which turned the project into a global economic initiative with ecological and philanthropic intent.
The Google Business Plan: The first description of S-World VSN.
Facebook Product Presentation: S-World VSN, Facebook gifts and travel concepts prepared for Facebook. Click here to play the Facebook Gifts Profit Forecasting Game
Section 2: “Sparta Rises Again” September 2011 to December 2011:
The focus moves towards economics and a property development in Laconia Greece. Chaos Theory entangles itself within the economics. Key chapters:
Key chapters:  
EEE The Economy for the next 14 Billion Years: First scientific presentation, introducing the “POP Investment Principle” entangled within a Greek and Euro zone recovery plan.
Cities of Science: Euro zone economic recovery plan incorporating the “POP Investment Principle” presented to UK Minister for Justice Chris Grayling.
Section 3:
“American Butterfly” December 2012 to May 2012:
The Greek and Euro zone plan adapted to the USA. With a wealth of statistical data available, the project gains momentum, Super String Theory is introduced, alongside the economic black hole origins of the RES equation. In April 2012 the “Baby POP” spreadsheet indicated the work would need to be re written, around the spreadsheet.
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American Butterfly