Infrastructure Costs
  16th Sept 2011

Ok so we have to do 2 different forecasts here, one for the smaller investing consortiums and one for the larger, one point to note is infrastructure will be created over a number of years, and profits from “Give Half Back” (Company tax) will also contribute to infrastructure costs, I have used a ratio of approximately 66% initial investment 33% “Give Half Back” funds.

Just to explain why different consortiums have different investment prices please consider what we are looking to achieve; technological and network superiority in that sector, internal trade agreements, collective purchasing and excellent PR. Basically the future of every industry.

Now in Travel that is worth under a Trillion Dollars a year, but oil’s yearly turnover will be more, not only this, unlike travel where, there are hundreds of thousands of serious players, in oil there are probably less than 50.

One hundred thousand small players can afford the minimum $16B total industry consortium investment and so $4B infrastructure investment. Oil companies however have a lot more money to start of with and seeing as we are talking about the future of energy, its well worth them bidding higher, not necessarily for what they get now, but what they will receive in the future from Science City.

The Share purchase option prices in will change depending on the path of approach, if an Oil company gets to me before facebook, they will get a cosy $4B option, pro rata land but still 25% of the dividend’s where the others pay at least $16 Billion for the same (all be it they get more land).

This said, if a deal with facebook, Google, Microsoft or Apple is made beforehand, the price goes up, and up and up. See the paper Order of Approach

First let’s look at a $4Billion investment, and then have fun with a $16Billion dollar investment. I’m looking forward to seeing Oil city in a Virtual World, I’m not fussed who programs it or what they call it, if it’s about New Sparta it’s S-World.

Oil City is a good a place to start as any. So let’s get to the basics.

Motorways 23 KMs 920,000,000
Railways 35 KMs 700,000,000
Roads 50 KMs 250,000,000
Water pipes & Sewers 50 KMs 300,000,000
Traffic Lights 250 25,000,000
CCTV Cameras 10,000 50,000,000
Wind Turbines 1 Billion KW 595,000,000
Electricity Grid   100,000,000
Power & Network Cables 100 KM’s 100,000,000
Hospitals 10 100,000,000
Schools & Crèches 16 160,000,000
Colleges 16 320,000,000
Laboratories 4 200,000,000
Sports 4 200,000,000
Water Works 1 200,000,000
Emergency Services   100,000,000
Community Services   100,000,000
Port   100,000,000
Small Airport   100,000,000
Basic total.   4,600,000,000
Contingency (Other)   1,400,000,000
TOTAL   6,000,000,000

$4.5 Billion, but just to be safe $6,000,000,000

$4 Billion from the initial Investment, 2 Billion from “Give Half Back” (50% tax on New Oil City company profits)
Considering travel is conservatively looking at $17 Billion from “Give Half Back” in 2017, I feel confident Oil and energy will make up the two.

Now let’s have a look at the luxury plan.... Infrastructure Budget $16 Billion

1. My current favourite New Sparta luxury city improvement idea is “The Rain Forrest Theory” at $6 Billion. The theory being based on the hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the 7 wonders of the world. If they could create a manmade wonder of that magnitude in those days, what’s to stop us from doing the same now?

We will study desalination and wind, solar and hydro energy and create a self powered desalination plant capable of creating a hundred Giga litres of water, enough to ensure cities like Sydney and Adelaide will never run out of water. That’s a lot.

This is my theory, to make a tropical rain forest you need a lot of plants, rain and heat. I’m not sure if soil conditions are a significant factor and I’m unsure if the tropics play a significant part, but Southern Greece is about the same temperature as the Amazon. So if we add a hundred Giga Litres of water and a ridicules amount of plants we will turn Oil City into either the world’s biggest botanical garden, or possibly an actual rain forest.

This will be seen as a true ecological wonder, and make Oil City very beautiful, and of course we need to appreciate the “Chaos Theory” This single act will increase desirability and so property values collectively will be far higher that it’s $6 Billion and as such creating a rainforest is a big money maker. That’s the theory, prove me wrong....

The only thing that could possibly be wrong with the theory is that one can only make the worlds biggest botanical garden out of what was arid ground, to quote Cinzia Busi “Even In failure we strive for perfection”
The cost breakdown.

$3 Billion for the alternate energy desalinisation plant, and upkeep for 8 years.
$1 Billion on pipes and water sprinklers
$1 Billion gardeners and horticulturists
$1 Billion on plans fertilisers and soil

2. My first idea for real WOW in a Greek City, was of course a big Coliseum and Amphitheatre, huge, but built using largely BC building methods, what ever they used back then instead of cranes, let them use that. This is still great, but what about a large town completely built to ancient Greek and Spartan designs, hand build by the sweat of man, I tell you I’d like to lay some bricks in that town, it will be a sign of respect to all construction workers.

It will of course also become an interest point for visitors, again increasing desirability and so increasing property values, and as such a good investment and I’d hope something the Greek Citizens will be proud of.

Cost from $4 Billion.

3. Artificial/reclaimed Beaches

Costs from $2 Billion

4. Winter Skiing

Cost from $4 Billion

5. University Super Hospital

Costs from $2 Billion

6. An International Airport (Not available in all Cities)
Costs from $2 Billion

7. Underground System

Cost from $2 Billion

Total $28 Billion + 3Billlion (reallocation of infrastructure allowance of 25% on amounts over $4B per partner goes to Network City Infrastructure.)

$31 Billion= Initial investment plus $15 Billion made from “Give Half Back”

This will be the level of infrastructure that will be Oil City in New Sparta; I can’t wait to see it in 3D.