The Worlds First Non Chaotic Economic Structure

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During the last few chapters, I started to put together a non chaotic economic system, based on the Mandelbrot set (2) fractal which most beautifully duplicates it shape each time it contracts. The part of its equation (z=z2+c) what got me thinking was this, if a calculation can equal infinity, its not a part of the Mandelbrot set. So if we made an economic system where no calculation could reach infinity, it would be non chaotic, as there are no rounding errors.

I’m really excited as this takes “The Spartan Theory” full circle and brings Sir Richard Branson and the VIRGIN business model firmly into the equation.

VIRGIN has approximately 16 different brands in different industries and a further 300 or so sub companies.

It’s a brilliant model, each company helping each other where possible, it just exists and makes profit, it was the foundation for New Sparta “Science City” the BIG 16 and “The New 21st Century Ecological experience Economy” (EEE)

The one trouble with the VIRGIN model (no offence) is that each company is structured in such a way that if one falters or flounders, the rest of VIRGIN is protected. This of course in current economics makes perfect sense; in fact it would be ill advised to do otherwise, so no offence.
The model I have sees companies formed for $4Billlion for which as well as trading rights in any industry they see fit, they also receive self taxing land to base their operations (No VAT or Payroll tax, rather 25% of company profit goes to the upkeep of land and elderly or disadvantaged citizens, and a further 25% goes to the university and special projects), and so each new company becomes an fledgling economy.

Dividends are pegged at no more than $4Billion in a year, when dividends reach $4Billion the overflow is allowed to build up in what I call a “bucket” until it reaches another $4Billlion, at which point it purchases another Sub City and starts another company/economy.

As this process repeats, more economies are created which create more excess dividends and a snow ball effect starts to build up. I call this effect. “The Pressure of Profit (POP)

The Pressure of Profit (POP)

The foundation of this project was getting rid of humans error in admin, financial, auditing and tax positions, this was first described in March 11 for VIRGIN, then touched upon in July for facebook, described in more detail in August again for facebook. In its basic form the “Sienna.Gov” financial/business software links directly to the bank, audits and pay’s tax, so removing human error in financial systems.

The “Sienna.Gov” software turns an extremely chaotic economic system, into a far more manageable system.

Rounding Errors
The Base of Lorenzian Chaos Theory

“A Note on Lorenzian “Chaos Theory” : The first paper on “Chaos Theory” was written by Edward Lorenz in 1972 to the American Association for the Advancement of Science it was titled "butterfly effect", which is covered extensively in previous chapters.

One day in 1961 Edward Lorenz mathematician and meteorologist, was working on a weather sequence. To save time, on one run of the program he started in the middle of the sequence, instead of the beginning.

When he came back an hour later, the sequence had evolved differently, ending up wildly different from the original. Eventually he figured out what happened. The computer stored the numbers to six decimal places in its memory. To save paper, he only had it print out three decimal places. It should have worked, he should have gotten a sequence very close to the original sequence, but it presented a very different pattern.

Wikipedia say’s: Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general”

I say: The global economy is an complex chaotic system, rendering long-term prediction impossible

“Repeat a complex system long enough and eventually, something surprising may happen” (BSG)

Until recently I’d never really considered the rounding errors within the software as such a problem, not compared to human error. This said the more I considered “Chaos Theory” and, I guess respected it, even understood it, all be it in an unconventional way, I started to think more about the rounding errors.

Until recently I’d never really considered the rounding errors within the software as such a problem, not compared to human error. This said the more I considered “Chaos Theory” and, I guess respected it, even understood it, all be it in an unconventional way, I started to think more about the rounding errors.

I wanted to solve the problem, another item was added to the “What I wish to achieve” list. At first I wondered if it was already possible, then later thought, no, if they could calculate to infinity, that would have made the news, then I wondered if Mark could do It, and for a while, I just thought, the problem would soon be in his capable hands, but then the contemplation that its simply cant be done, Mark Z or no Mark Z, infinity is infinite, by its very definition it can not be calculated.

And if so, there is no way to ever create a non chaotic economic system, as there will always be rounding errors. This was annoying as EEE (Ecological Experience Economy) could not be “The Economy for the next 14 Billion years”. I did however start to think “I bet if that was worked out, something really cool would happen.”

There have been 5 pointers in the same direction, all saying the same thing, but in a different way

Count in doubles
4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096,

And divide in doubles. No rounding errors! (Note to Math Dude’s: if another net of numbers works better, awesome, this is not set in stone, rather a stepping stone)

1. Q Bass & Music timing, in sets of 4, 8 or 16 Bars
2. Western Economics according to Nick Barton “Make a partnership, nurture it, and prosper, 1+1 =4
3. VIRGIN & The Big 16 industry consortiums and investment methods
4. The FIFA Global League... 32,16,8,4,2,1
5. TOE/8 -32 = 32 PPG


C-Energy is the working name for the second, industry consortium, it will be comprised of 4 Energy &/or Oil companies.

As seen on the New Sparta Science City map, there are 16 separate Cities representing different industries, each City is split into 4 Sub-Cities

If we consider one 25% partner in C-Energy, and call it Company “A”

Company “A” invests $4Billion, receives 4 km sq of C-Energy City plus real estate options for a further 12 km sq for $12Billion spread over 8 years, half of all investment goes to building and infrastructure, so making the real estate and options worth +/- double what has been paid.

It is desired that (given time to set up) all new EEE Cities & cars be powered by alternate energy, I’ve run the math and it’s doable and whilst expensive is possibly the greatest gift EEE can give to the world. As such Company “A” has substantial orders for alternate energy projects and free access to every technological, ecological or economic advance made in Science City.

Company “A” will do very well, very quickly,

But Instead of growing the company in the normal way, one limits the yearly dividend return to $4Billion.

In 2013 as soon as dividends reach $4Billion the excess overflows into a fund to create a new company, (“Company “B”)

This creates a stable (non chaotic) economic building block, its dividends predicable always $4Billion, the unknown (Chaotic) factor “Excess profit” is squeezed out, and placed into a safe container (Bucket). This container is chaotic, but this is of no significance as it is not being used, rather it just sits there until it is full. Until it has over $4Billlion in it, at that point the $4Billion is exchanged for Real Estate (as before) and in 2015 company “B” and a new Sub City are born, and another fledgling economy created, and the cycle continues……

Company “B” still has Company “A” excess profits flowing into it, and so is instantly profitable, but as its profit can not be calculated it is still “Chaotic”

In 2016 Company “B” has nearly reached $4Billion dividends for its shareholders.

(The share holders of company “B” are the same as the share holders from the original company, this way, share holders do not mind Company “A” dividends being capped, as they will soon receive dividends from Company “B”)

In 2017 Company “B” dividends are $4B and so it becomes stable, and so, once more the excess profit overflows into a “Bucket/Kitty”, this time for new company “C”

This time however Company “C” has both profits from companies “A” & “B” double the force, we call this “The pressure of profit” (POP)

As the years go on, the “pressure of profit” (POP) increases and more companies are created, this model is similar to Macdonald’s (I am over simplifying it, but this is the basics)


Besides making burgers the McDonald business model is to reinvest their profits into real estate.

Most McDonald’s stores are franchises from which McDonald’s corporate takes +/-4% of turnover. In a similar way as described above, after dividend payments they let the money accumulate until it can buy a plot of land, which will have been well researched and considered an investment in itself. McDonald’s builds a new restaurant and another franchise is born, and their POP (Pressure of profit) increases each time this occurs.

Over time, it’s the value of McDonald’s land, plus its dividends that dictates its share price hence making it’s economic model more predictable and as such, less chaotic.

If McDonald’s stopped making burgers, its real estate is worth a fortune and (under usual economic conditions) it would continue to grow, as its real estate price increased.

I expect very few if any McDonald’s restaurants have ever foundered, as McDonald’s Corp has the power to lower the costs to their franchisees by 30% or so, by not charging rent or the franchise fees.

The other thing to consider is the systems, McDonald’s have a way of doing things, including procedure and software, it has worked and been adapted steadily for 71 years, because of this, its near impossible for a McDonalds to be vulnerable to bad accounting or fraud, with so many satellites seeing unusual behavior in one satellite will create questions. It works superbly; the company/economy is protected by the real estate.

This statistic says a lot about the McDonalds business model: McDonald's has increased shareholder dividends for 25 consecutive years.

EEE (The Ecological Experience Economy)

“Perfection that's what it’s about, it’s those moments, where you can feel the perfection of creation, the beauty of physics, the wonder of mathematics, the elation of action and reaction, and that’s the kind of perfection I'm connected to". BSG

In EEE we have the business foundations of the MacDonald’s Real Estate Investment model, intrinsically linked to the VIRGIN business structure, both boosted by POP “Pressure of Profit” & the advances made in Science City/Cities, all contained within a stable (non chaotic) economic structure.

So far we have looked at the POP effect to the Energy consortium C-Energy, one of the 16 industry consortiums we desire to be formed in New Sparta. Why did we choose to use Energy/Oil as the example, is it the strongest model?

If so how will the weaker industries fair?

Energy or more to the point Oil was not chosen because it was the strongest example, quite the opposite, it was chosen as it was the weakest, well not the weakest, the least relevant to the original business plan.

Oil, was originally chosen back in April 2011 as it was the industry that seemed least related to travel, real estate, software and networking, which were the building blocks of EEE. Before EEE and the theoretical side (“The Spartan Theory” + Chaos Theory”) there was a business plan made for VIRGIN, that showed a modest $150Million 5 year return in the travel industry, with a claim, that if software and networking aspects were adapted to any business it would generate far more.

VIRGIN had a look at the foundations and was pleased, but then by my own making something odd happened. Something odd aside, a simple challenge was set. I said to myself, “If I can make the model work for an Oil company, people will more likely accept it will work for any industry”.

Let’s have a look at the bigger picture, all 16 new Sparta
industry consortiums working and growing together.

Above, we see the structure of the 16 New Sparta EEE Companies/Economies.

It’s beautiful; this is the EEE economic structure in its purest form, the pressure of profit expanding outwards pushing the chaos further and further away, leaving a predicable, solid, stable economic structure. The Chaos contained in the outer rim.

According to lee Chazen’s Paper: “Chaos Theory, Self Organization and the Role of Government “.

The greatest creativity, evolution and progress appear to take place at the “edge of chaos.” And if we look back to last century, few would argue that WW2 was one of, if not the most chaotic period, this said few would argue further, that those 5 years were the most innovative, seeing the creation of the computer, the jet engine and atomic power.

However due to said atomic power, earth can not afford the luxury of indulgence of another world war, however, just because we can not go to war with each other, does not mean we can not go to war, I have a list of wars I wish to fight, I’m sure it will be added to.

The enemy in the 21st Century “Great War” will be. Finical inefficiency, Negativity, Hunger, Disease, Environmental Damage, Pollution, Homelessness, Corruption, Poverty, Racism, Religious persecution and human rights.

For dramatic effect we shall collectively name this enemy “The Eye” the character Sauron from lord of the rings.

“The Sauron Scrolls”

My premise is this, if the world has a common enemy, backed up with practical science that dictates the objective is winnable, and we see victories year on year, it will become a rallying call that unites and focuses the planet. To this end, the media play an extremely important roll as was predicted in the early writings of “The Spartan Theory”

To this end I advocate an accelerated global space exploration/defense program, it is noted that during the 1960’s in the USA, an employee of NASA who’s job it was to sweep the floor, when asked “what are you doing?” did not say, “I’m sweeping the floor” rather “I’m helping to put a man on the moon” This was shown to me in a branding lecture and I believe it highly relevant.

I’ve spent a long time, tweaking and modifying the job specifications of construction workers in EEE, I’ll not go into to many details, but I have it at a point where I would like to work construction myself.

I’ll give the 4 main points and then move back to our pretty EEE diagrams.

1. Construction workers are known as “The Spartans” Spartans are either professional or amateur athletes, working 3 days a week on the sites, these 3 days are considered “conditioning or practical” training. If a Spartan wishes to become a professional Athlete, they spend two extra days training in sports or a specific sport, if they wish to retain their amateur status they will spend their remaining 2 days at the University, studying. (Premise: It is as likely for a construction worker educated in science and building economics to come up with an idea to reduce the cost of building as it is for an academic who has not laid a brick)
2. Spartans salaries will be reduced by ¼ to pay for rent, however this rent will be a contract (mortgage/bond ) at the end of their tenure (8, or 16 years) they will own their own apartment or home. It is desired that the first site all Spartans work on, is “community housing” (They build their own homes)
3. Spartans, who choose “Amateur Status” and study, will be given the opportunity to change their contract work in the new field they have mastered.
4. Spartans can apply to work in different EEE Cities all over the world, and can practically spend 8 years traveling the world, for some just following the Sun.

I could write, and probably will write an entire book on what I call “The Happy Worker” If EEE comes to pass, I can assure all, so long as I am physically able, you will see me in along side many others, laying bricks for fun.
Back to our pretty EEE diagram.

The companies in blue in the centre are the companies created in New Sparta, The rest are based in new Cities across the world.

EEE is not designed to make partner companies (or countries) stronger at the hands of non partner companies, of course it is very important to have the worlds strongest, and most innovative companies at the centre of the structure, but the idea is for every company and country macro or micro to join, and as such (outside) companies will often join with the new companies being formed. Instead of waiting for the $4Billion to be collected by POP maybe a 50/50 will take place, $2B POP and $2B (outside) company.

The model below also needs to be considered, where competitive companies expand at a fast rate, and experience companies like Music, Film & Pharmasticals grow at their own pace

Either way, what we see on both models is an unbreakable core, with layers of protection like bark, where each layer is in turn protected, all pushing POP outwards increasing every year, expanding and expanding.

Having seen what can be done in the energy sector, let’s see the power of EEE within the founder industries, specifically travel & social networking.

I need to do a full chapter on this model, showing and explaining what happens each year, whilst cross referencing it to the original facebook travel profit forecasts.
This model sees growth that can only be described as “A Golden Age”

The profit is so large that it’s difficult to write down without drawing skeptical opinions, so I’ll just say, consider that Mark Zuckerberg and facebook will not need to invest, as travel companies and venues will be cueing up to partner with them. When I am given the opportunity to talk to Mr. Zuckerberg and Christopher Cox, I am confident of their participation.

All be it, I believe it will be the excitement of the project, rather than the financial gains that will not only see Mr. Zuckerberg s participation but his “A” Game. I have after all made it easier for him to save the planet by getting rid of those pesky rounding errors

With facebook in, the POP starts to work again but in a different form, “Pressure of Participation”. If facebook are in, Google will be in, if Google are in, Apple and Microsoft will follow.

With the 4 most famous technology companies all involved in a City of Science and Networking, every company on the planet will wish to participate.

“Network City.”
North - New Sparta

Network City is about 700 sq Miles, but it’s mountainous at the top and on the sides, and we have to account for settlements that are already there, not least of which is “Old Sparta” population +/- 16,000

The idea behind Network City was simple, to increase the business opportunities of “The BIG 16” industries in Science City, by creating a networking city/hub in North “New Sparta”, where every country has a small base, and a voice. We split the land up into even sizes (about 1 sq mile each) and then further split that land into 4. Give one quarter to the country to build their embassy, and then give them another quarter mile to sell to developers, the proceeds from which can pay for their embassy and the infrastructure, the remaining half mile, to be parkland.

A note on population levels and parkland, in both New Sparta Science and Network Cities.

Chaos Theory and plane common sense suggests a balance with nature that needs to be upheld, New Sparta is designed to be an Eco City, and as such in every way possible it needs to adhere to that balance.

In the “Oil City” development plan. We worked on 6595 Houses and apartments in 4km sq. This model was updated to just 4000 in the second set of drawings (not uploaded, only half finished) the second set had a good balance, and by the virtue of large gardens and plenty of park land both appropriately irrigated, we create more Oxygen that is currently being created by the existing arid countryside

The idea to restrict homes also to take into account, electricity consumption, in general the happiness of the people, real estate prices and “Give Half Back’s” ability to pay for municipality social security costs, so it works on many levels, as such it makes sense (until someone has a better number) to stick to a maximum of +/- 4000 homes per 4 km sq

I like the idea, that each of the new settlements in Network City, are surrounded by nature, one would have to walk through 300 maybe 500 meters of trees, or parkland to get to the next. This concept was originally created for old town (existing Laconia settlements) so as to minimize the inconvenience the Laconia citizens who simply “like things the way they are”.

I’d like to go back to Lee Chazen’s Paper: “Chaos Theory, Self Organization and the Role of Government “.

It mentions: Stuart Kauffman a researcher at the Santa Fe Institute concluded (a) sparsely connected networks showed internal order; (b) densely connected networks go into chaos; (c) networks with a single connection tend towards a frozen, dull kind of behavior, and finally; (d) a chaotic system is very sensitive to small changes.”

If we remember the rule that the best innovation appears at the edge of Chaos, and consider each network (country) is (A) sparsely distributed as each is separated or enclosed within nature. At the same time if we consider Network City as a whole having representation for every country on earth it could be considered a densely connected Network (B), or at the least “on the edge of density, and so “On the edge of Chaos”

One is aware and had avoided (C) one is further greatly aware of (D) but combats this via the desire in everyway to make EEE and New Sparta a Stable System, thus not very sensitive to small changes.
When we look at EEE and New Sparta, we do not only need to look at the rounding errors and the software to create a non chaotic economy, we must look just as closely at the design of the Cities, they are in essence what makes the EEE economy (Company + Self Taxing land = economy)

How many countries/territories are we going to include? 248 or 256

Why 248, in respect of Lisi Garret (Surfer Dude) new E8 model for “The Theory of Everything”

256 of course is within our economic system “Count in Doubles” philosophy, either or, you will note we have some spare territories. There are currently 196 recognized countries in the world, all be it there are definitely races that need a place to conduct diplomacy and chill, Basks, Kurdish even the Taliban (shooting at them and hoping they are going to go away is a chaotic solution).

There are also countries that are very large and will need dual representation, California for instance is or was the world 5th largest economy so it makes sense for it to have its own voice.

“New Hong Kong”

If we look at previous examples of Network Cities, I can think of no better example in recent history than Hong Kong. Last centrury Hong Kong was owned by Britian and it became a neutral networking and traiding centre not just for Brittain and China but between the East & West.

If we replicate this example, each Network City, having a larger territory for one country we will see great benefits.

To make things authentic, one could make New Hong Kong, the exact same shape as Hong Kong Island, and build a great wall round it, a wall like the Great Wall of China, that could be seen from space.

Considering China is a cash rich nation, it seems only fair that they should pay for “New Hong Kong” this said, such a bridge between the East and West will surley bring out China’s “A” game in the new war on poverty and the rest of the world’s woe’s, it is in everyones interest that such a networking hub is created, it needs to be easily affordable.

I suggest, that for New Hong Kong, China takes the responsibility of guarenteeiing Greece does not fall further into debt for the next 4 years, a task currently assigned to Science City, where ¼ of investment is allocated to this task, this sees more money from Science City allocated to the university and “Special Projects”

As best I can work out, by the most rudementory of mathamatics: counting the seconds on the “Greek debt clock” It seems to be about $40 Billion a year. This said, considering the fuss, it may be more, however the good news for China is, if EEE comes to pass, there will be such a huge influx of investment to Greece mainland, Greece proper will soon see themselves in profit. So by China’s very action they achieve the objective, without really having to pay much, they can use the money for infrastuctrure and building in New Hong Kong instead.

With both a City of Science, a Global Networking City and New Hong Kong, within its borders, Greece will quickly make profit, and we will see this.

The Euro Zone

To kick start the EEE model, we could look at further foreign investment in Portugal, Ireland, Spain & Italy, I’ve added Qatar & UAE as partners.

If we follow the “New Sparta prices” to own ¼ of a City of Science, and rights to start 16 Industry consortiums costs $256Billion, paid over 8 years. When the sums have been done and the partners are on board, this will be seen as a “must do” investment, that will amongst other things get the popular vote from the citizens of China and as such China are free to invest in the Eurozone.

Once a quarter of a city is funded, it will not take long to find industry partners, half the cities in each of the 4 most vunerable Euro Economiies will stready all of Europe.

As for the Global picture, within this decade we could see representation in every country, our only resistance will come from our mortal foe “The Eye”. “The Eye” will however take an immense battereing as we will make huge steps forward every time one of the Cities of Science makes a breakthrough. Every breakthrough sees the front lines advance: A cure for Aids - we advance, rain across Africa and the Middle East - we advance, alternate energy cars and cities means Oil does not run out - we advance, advances in agriculture - we advance, breakthroughs in robotics - we advance, free pharmaceuticals to the world - we advance.

The Global Economy

The question, how many cities can be built, in what time frame and where? has been on my mind since May. My best answer for now is, 16 New Sparta type cities with both a Science City and a Network City, spread strategically around the world in a similar manner as displayed below. Timescale +/- 4 years.

16 Cities paid for by…

Direct investment from a company or consortium
Direct investment from a country
Expansion from an existing EEE City/Company.

As for the rest of the world, new cities will not necessarily have to connect, if we look at England for example, there will be an uproar if 3000 sq km’s of green belt Devon were suddenly rezoned, but 16sq km plots dotted across England will be more readily accepted.

If we look at the facebook travel model, this company expanded 61 times by 2019, that’s one sub city, in over a quarter of the world’s countries. It will not take long before the wonder of EEE is fully global.

The universe is 14 Billion years old; so far we can see and have mapped 14 Billion light years.

Its been 106 years since Albert Einstein developed e=mc2 which suggested the speed of light could not be breached, since then, we have invented computers, put a man on the Moon and just last month a team of Italian scientists breached the speed of light.

Over the next 14 Billion years, even if it takes huge space craft filled with living cities that travel for many life times, its more probable than not that we will colonize the universe. I’d go out on a limb and say, over the next 14 Billion years on the balance of probabilities it is more likely than not that we will meet other races on our travels. If such races are as technologically advanced as we are, they will have also developed a non chaotic economic structure, maybe just the same, maybe different, but since both are based on the same principal, they will be able to network , and as sure as an API (Application Programming Interface) connects and shares information between two earth databases, we will be able to use the same principal to connect and share information with our new friends.

And as such we are looking at this model.

Hence the name of this paper “EEE The economy for the next 14 Billion years.

One last thought, and please allow me some creative latitude and a little imagination and say at sometime over the next 14 Billion years someone will not only clone’s a dinosaur, further, said dinosaur develops both intelligence and the gift of speech.

" If you can't explain something simply, you don't know enough about it"

"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother"
Albert Einstein

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Dedicated to “Sienna Skye”